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Minggu, 31 Maret 2013

Review & Swatch :Revlon Colorburst lipgloss `Buff`

Hi Friends, i`ve got three nude lippies from revlon that i have been posted in here (click) and today its time to make a review about one of them. it's the Revlon colorburst lipgloss in `buff`.. here is my opinion about this lipgloss ..

Product name: 
Revlon Colorburst lipgloss in `buff/chamois`

Price : IDR 75k / $7.5

Packaging :
- long transparent tube with a patterned cap
- plastic material
- with a flat& flexible doe foot applicator
- looks like a high-end lipgloss. my favorite drugstore lipgloss packaging so far

Color & Pigmentation :
- a nude beige color, warm undertone with golden shimmer in it
- the color is quite pigmented, i can wear this alone without lipstick underneath
- it has a medium shine gloss
Texture :
- it has light texture
- the lightest lipgloss texture that i`ve ever tried
- not sticky at all
Staying power :
- so-so.. like particularly drugstore lipgloss
- need reapply after eating or drinking
Swatch :
bare lips
with revlon colorburst #buff

my experience :
i`m a big fans of a nude lippies. when i saw this color on a revlon counter, i really can`t deny it. so i decide to bought it and i`m not regret at all to have it. love the feels on my lips, it doesn't make my lips dry and it looks perfect over the nude lipstick. everything is fine, i just wish it comes without shimmer in it.

thx for stopping here
have a nice day..

Minggu, 24 Maret 2013

Makeup i`ve hit pan or finished up

Today i`m going to talk some makeup products that i have used up or hit pan on.
 I have few items on this post. some of them are my favorite products and i definitely will repurchase them.
when i start writing this post, i felt so guilty. i don't know why i always keep buying more makeup stash, if i can use the same product everyday, kinda make me frustrated actually because it's so hard finishing one product if i have a lot alternative for it. but yay, i`m a makeup junkie, i loved to trying lot of makeup stash and i still can finished up some of them. so, no need to worry anymore LOL just let's get started to the product list :

- Essence matifying powder

i never talked about this powder before, i just realize that i`m using this a lot when i look i almost finished up this powder. this is a good alternative for the expensive MAC blot powder and  doing a good job to matifying my face but i`m not gonna repurchase it i think, because i wanna try matifying powder from another drugstore brand. maybe i will give it a try to rimmel stay matte one.

- NYX powder blush peach

i feel like hitting pan on a blush is kinda like impossible. especially when i looked up on my blushes collection LOL but i finally hitting pan on one blush. this is the NYX powder blush in peach. this blush is my 2012 favorite blush. i really love it  and i`m using it on my regular basis, gonna repurchase it soon.

- Revlon color stay Liquid Foundation.
 This is my third bottle that i`ve finished up and i still wanting to buy the new one. it's affordable, easy to find and the quality just so amazing, at least for me. great staying power and oil control, have a full coverage to hide my face imperfection, very blendable, that's all what i need. this is the best foundation i`ve ever try so far..

- Pixy bold to las gel eyeliner
 I have repurchased my second one now and i guess you guys knew why i loved this gel liner so much. so ya, i`m not gonna talking about this gel liner anymore. just click here, here, and here.

- ELF under eye concealer and highlighter.

did i ever talked about this stuff before? i didn't think so. but this stuff is one of my elf favorites. i loovvve this product so much but for the under eye concealer part only, please ignore the highlighter part. it's totally a mess LOL. the concealer feels very lightweight, easy to blend and can covering my dark circle very well. what is the best part from this eyeliner? it doesn't sink into my under eye fine lines & wrinkles like the other brand does. sometimes the other brand concealer tends to cakey after few hours application and it's looks terrible on me.

- ELF regular & waterproof mascara duo
 this is the cheapest mascara that i`ve ever tried. it's only cost IDR 25k / $2.5 and i think the quality is not bad at all for the price, especially for the waterproof side. it's not clumpy, volumizing my lashes but still looking natural. the downside is it's dried fast but i finished up this mascara before its become dry. will i repurchase it? hmm. i don't know.

- NYX round lipstick `thalia`
 NYX round lipstick is one of my favorite drugstore lippies, i have a few colors of that round lipstick but this is the only one color that i have used up. it's a perfect nude pink lip color for my daily basis. this is my second one i think, but i`m not gonna repurchased it again. i don't know, just kinda felt bored with it.. hihi.my current favorite NYX round lipstick is tea rose now, look similar with the thalia but tea rose is slightly lighter.

so, thx for reading..
have a nice day...

Jumat, 22 Maret 2013

Ranee R-Matic Eyeliner (black) Review

Hi Friends,
it's been long time since my last Indonesian cosmetic product review by last year and today i`m going to take another Indonesian local brand again.
before i start, i wanna say thank you so much to all of you my friends who supported me a lot to keep writing a products review, especially for Indonesian brands. it means a lot to me. i feel so honor if my reviews useful to other people to get an information about that product.
so ya, let's get started.
Today is an eyeliner review from Indonesian brand and yes, this is a retractable eyeliner from Indonesian brand.
The brand is called Ranee, sounds so excited right?? this is my first time i found a local eyeliner with retractable packaging, feel free to let me know  if you found another.
so here is my review, not a super long post but i hope u can get the necessary point about this product.

Product name : 
Ranee R-matic eyeliner black

Price : 
IDR 25rb / $2 k

- twisted up / retractable
- plastic material
- nothing fancy from the design just blue stick with product name and logo printed on it.
Texture :
- decent
- it's quite soft and creamy, not over creamy like a gel pencil texture but it's not too harsh like a pencil liner too.
- it's quite easy to lining your eyes without tugging your eyes but don't imagine this liner will glides on smoothly.
- the texture is better than maybelline master liner (click here)

Color & Pigmentation :
- the color is medium deep black. it's deep but not a blackest black like a milani liquid eyes or pixy gel liner.
- the pigmentation is good, you can lining your eyes with one stroke only, it's enough to created an opaque eyeliner

Swatch :
Left 3-4 strokes, right 1x stroke

Waterproof test : 
This eyeliner is quite waterproof. it's not gonna fade until you rubbed it hard. see the pictures below,
before i rubbed my hand- it stays very well
after i rubbed my hand gently
after i rubbed my hand very hard

Staying power :
- really good, this liner stays very well on my eyelid for 4-5 hours and last until 8-9 hours.
- pretty smudge-proof. i didn't look my eyes become a raccoon eyes when i'm using this liner but i still can see a little bit drip of the eyeliner on the outer corner eyes. see the pictures below, 

note : i took the last picture at 5 pm after i get a shower..

my experience :
i'm so happy found this eyeliner. it's totally cheap and the quality is good enough. i definitely prefer Ranee matic eyeliner than a maybelline master liner. it's more pigmented and creamy and the staying power is good. i'm happy too with the retractable packaging. I loved to use an retractable than a pencil eyeliner because it's easier to use and no need to sharpen for every application. So ya, i always keep this eyeliner on my makeup bag. it's very convenience to use it as a touch up purpose. i'm sure to always repurchase it.

thx for reading, have a nice day

Rabu, 20 Maret 2013

Inside My Makeup Pouch

Today's post is not about a product review or an haul but it's about my makeup pouch.
Showing what kind of makeup items that i brought for daily activity.
This is my makeup pouch looks like, the brand is Estee Lauder:
 I owned this pouch over 4 month ago but i didn't use it.
Since my old makeup pouch has broken, the zipper didn't worked anymore, i decide to use the estee lauder one finally. The size is very handy, it looks small but very roomy inside. i can bring lot of cosmetics to make a complete makeup look.

I bring lot of makeup on my daily activity.It's not only for touch-up purpose but i can doing a new makeup look with all the stuff in my pouch, in case i have to go on any special occasion suddenly. I don't rotate the stuff in my pouch very often but sometimes i add some new products that i'm testing out.
so ya, take a look inside my makeup pouch.

FACE products :

  1. Ovale face paper. it's my number 1 emergency kit to touch up.
  2. MAC blot powder : This is my magic powder, keeps my face matte instantly for over 5-6 hours without touch up but since this powder is really expensive, at least for me, i only used it in a special occasion, not in a daily basis. however i always brought this powder on my pouch.
  3. Maybelline clear smooth shine free cake powder.i'm enjoying so much this powder lately. i think this powder will become my new powder foundation HG. i love the texture on my skin, oil free and the coverage is good enough to hide my acne scars. i use is powder if i need some extra coverage on my face.
  4.  The balm down boy blush.i always bring 2 blushes for touch up purpose. this is the pink one.
  5. Maybelline cheeky glow `peachy sweetie`.
  6. Kryolan supra color foundation. i`m depoting the foundation on a tiny jar, this foundation is very creamy, full coverage, and easy to blend.
  7. Unbranded blush brush.This brush is unbranded but it's soft and dense enough and short, so this brush can easily fit into my makeup pouch.

EYES products :

  1. Pixy gel liner.You have heard a lot about this great stuff from me ..LOL
  2. Misha under eye brightening
  3. NYX HD eyeshadow base
  4. Maybelline the magnum waterproof mascara. New mascara that i`m testing out now
  5. Just miss eyebrow pencil. This is my current favorite eyebrow pencil. it's super duper cheap, less than IDR 5k / $0.5, but have a great quality and the cap has a brush too. so it's very convenience to travel with it.
  6. Wardah eyeshadow G. The size is very travel friendly and i like the colors. i can create  few look from natural to smokey with this mini palette.

LIPS products :
  1. Revlon lip butter sugar frosting.
  2. Revlon just bitten kissable lip balm stain`Sweetheart`. i'm using this product in case i need to wear a long lasting lip color.
  3. Maybelline baby lips
  4. Wet n wild megalast just peachy. My current favorite lipstick. i`m using it almost every single day, perfect with any cheek or eye color.
  5. Fanbo fantastic lipstick 13
  6. Revlon colorburst lipgloss buff
few of bobby pin, elastic tie and hair pin too. just in case if i want to make a hair bun in a very humid hot day

So that's the stuffs inside my daily makeup bag..thanks for reading and have a nice day and see yaon the next post...

Kamis, 07 Maret 2013

Makeup Haul : March 2013 Collective Haul

Hi friends, i just got back from local cosmetic store. a little bit break from my bored activity.. LOL and these are what i`ve got from that store :

1. Revlon Colorstay whipped creme foundation.

i`ve been wanting this foundation for a long time a go but it's just available in here from the last month. i bought in 320 warm golden, not exactly match with my skintone i think, but still give it a try.

2. Ranee r-matic eyeliner black.
Finally i found a retractable eyeliner from the Indonesian brand. Quite impressed with it and it's cheap. IDR 25k / $2.5 only.
i`m gonna make a complete review about this eyeliner i think.

3. Maybelline baby lips anti-oxidant `berry`.
This is an Asian version from maybelline baby lips. it's just a lip balm without tinted color in it like the US version. i`ve got this for IDR 15k / $1.5 only.

4. Face on face nourishing blush. on ` natural glow`.
This is the orange shade blush powder from face on face brand. I have ever made a complete review about the pink one in here (click).
so today i decided to bought the orange one. i hope it as well as the pink one.

5. few of nude lippies from Revlon.
Left to right :
- Revlon super lustrous lipstick almost nude 117.
- Revlon colorburst lipgloss buff.
- Revlon colorstay lipgloss nude lustre.

never get enough for the nude lippies and i`m still buying more and more for that.. LOL

so ya, i think that's all the stuff that i got from my local cosmetic store, really brighten up my day.. LOL.. hope you have a great day too.

Rabu, 06 Maret 2013

FOTD: IBB march 2013 Makeup Challenge - Marilyn Monroe Inspired Look

Hi friends, just a short FOTD post.
I created a vintage 50`s look with a short curly hair, define eye crease and red bold lipstick. i made this look to joining IBB (Indonesian Beauty Blogger) March 2013 makeup challenge.

The theme is Dazzling like Marilyn and this is my version of Marylin inspired look like :
eye makeup

products i'm used:

-Inez satin smooth liquid foundation
- NYX concealer in a jar medium
- Revlon new compexion twc
-oriflame eyeliner stylo
- Just miss eyebrow pencil
- Ranee white eyeliner
-Etude proof 10 eyeshadow primer
-Maybelline magnum waterproof mascara
- Urban Decay BOS IV
- Viva lipstick 49
- Rimmel bronzer sun bronze

thx for stopping here,
have a nice day