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Sabtu, 20 Oktober 2012

FOTD: Brown& Grey Eyes with Peachy Red Lipstick

my Face of The Day:
Brown&Grey eyes with peachy red lipstick..
here is the look:
Brown&Grey Eyeshadows
Peachy Red Lips
What i used:

The Face shop lovely ex makeup base
Wardah Luminous Liquid foundation
NYX HD concealer `beige`
Maybelline shine free cake powder
Benefit box powder `Dallas`

ELF essential eyeshadow primer
NYX eyeshadow base skintone
Urba Decay Naked Palette (Smog,darkhorse,creep)
Pixy bold to the last gel liner
Maybelline hypercurl mascara
Inez eyebrow pencil brown
Belle madame eyeliner pencil

Maybelline lipbalm cherry
Tony moly cherry pink tint
Revlon Matte lipstick `mauve it over`

Have a nice weeked everyone

Rabu, 17 Oktober 2012

Review&Swatch : Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hours `Classic Beige201`

If you ever read my older post about my makeup wish list on this post, i have mentioned that i want to try this Rimmel lasting finish 24 hour foundation... and finally i have it now and tried...yaay. i`ve been testing out this foundation for few weeks... and it's time to make a review.... Lot of reviews said that this Rimmel foundation is Revlon Colorstay dupe which is my all  time favorite foundation..hmm.. let see...

What this? 
from Rimmel london: Why 25 hours? Because you want your makeup to last as long as you do. Face it. Your day is stressful. Early mornings, late nights. And we all want our makeup to look fresh and feel comfortable all day long. Rimmel London introduces Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation, our first foundation that is sweat, heat, humidity and transfer-proof for up to a full 25 hours. The revolutionary formula, complete with a revitalizing mineral complex and moisturising aqua primer, helps to reenergise overworked skin. Feels hydrating all day. No sign of make up fatigue for up to a full 25 hours. It's time to demand more!

$7.29 at ULTA.com 


 I like the packaging, it's hygienic  tube and travel friendly. the small hole make easier to use, dispensing the perfect amount of what i want. You can see the product's shade through clear part on the front..

I really like the consistency. The creamy texture feels lightweight on the skin, although it has matte finish... it's very easy to blend, even only with my fingers... it's not dried easily before i finish blending the foundation.. let me tell you, my only problem with Revlon Colorstay is, it's dry very quick.. so i really need a short time to blend the foundation.. but Rimmel did better...

Rimmel has medium - high coverage categories... they can cover imperfection on my face ..but i think Revlon colorstay did better job to cover my imperfection.. i still need a good coverage loose powder or concealer when i`m using Rimmel foundie.

 it really gives matte finish on my face, it's not cakey or sink into my fine lines.

 They have 10 shades..i choose the classic beige (201) it's for medium ( arround N30-35) skintone.. it's slightly too pink on my skintone, i think it's more suitable if you have a cool undertone.. since i bought online, i can`t try this product before buying.. so, it's acceptable if the shade doesn't match perfectly with my skintone.. haha

Staying power:
  Really good.. this foundie has better oil control than Revlon Colorstay.. of course i didn't use this foundie for 25 hours.. hahaha... but it lasting over than 12 hours on my face.., although it's still look oily by the end of the day, but this foundie didn't melting and gone.. loovee this part...

Final thoughts: 
 this foundie is good enough..it has very good staying power as they claimed..has good texture and packaging. You might like this foundie if you didn't have a lot imperfection and if you're looking for some foundie which has great staying power. but i still love my Revlon Colorstay because of its high coverage and match on my skin tone..

- travel friendly packaging..
- very creamy texture, easy to blend
- it's not dry quickly before you finish to blending it
- matte finish, not cakey..
- medium-full coverage (but i still need extra coverage from powder or concealer to cover imperfection on my face)
- good staying power & oil control..

- it doesn't contain SPF
- it's not available on the store.. so i must buy through online shop.. so it means i can't try which the most matched shade on my skintone.

repurchase? hmm.. maybe not.. i prefer to repurchase my Revlon colorstay foundation.. hihi..

thx for reading..
have a nice day Friends

Jumat, 12 Oktober 2012

Review & Swatches : Ultima II Creamy Powder Blush `Ruby Dawn`

Hi Friends, as you can see at my older post here, i just bought a Ultima II blush two weeks ago.. and today i wanna share with you my opinion about this blush..maybe some of you looking for a good quality blush, but you can`t afford to buy some MAC or NARS blush. This blush maybe can be an alternative for you..
This is my first time trying the product from Ultima II brand... and  i`m quite impressed with this stuff...so, let me show you my first immpression about this  blush..

product name:
Ultima II Creamy Powder Blush in `Ruby Dawn`

price: idr 110rb/$12,you can get 10gr of blush.... ooh, its a big blush.. and the packaging quite bulky too. i think its quite cheap for the quantity and the quality of you get.

where to buy: This brand is available on local beauty store.. you can buy this items at Ultima II counter at Departement store such like Matahari, centro,etc.

the brush so useless.......
The blush comes in a silver compact with a mirror and brush inside the compact.. I love  that this comes with a mirror...,its make me easier to touch up my face on the midle of the day.. but i really hate the brush... the bristles so rough..its make my face itchy.. so yeaah, this brush is useless for me...

the color: its bright shimmery coral pink blush on with warm undertone..  yes,  the blush is shimmery and have tons of gold glitter *oh nooo*.. so its unacceptable for my imperfection face.. its  made me feel like a disco ball at the noon  *lol*. but if you are big fans of NARS orgasm or super orgasm blushes.. i guess you will love this blush... actually, the color of this blush turns into pretty warm pink on my cheek..its such a pretty color blush.. but i just hate the gold glow effect on my cheek..

the pigmentation is A+++... you can get the opaque color only with one swipe...so if you want to apply natural color on your cheek, you really need a light handle swipe.. then, blending it perfectly on your cheek.. since its over pigmented, the girls who have a darker skintone can easy use this blush too...
The texture is smooth enough, a little bit chalky,but its not powdery if i apply with a soft bristles blush brush...

staying power: I think this is the best part from this blush...it last up to 10 hours (even more) on my oily cheek... its amazing... it`s better than my MAC blush..i really impressed with the staying power of this blush...


overall..this blush is a good quality blush.. you might like it if you looking a good staying power blush with a average price..

- easy to find.. since its sell locally..
- good pigmentation
- awesome staying power
- its comes with the mirror inside.

- bulky packaging
- too shimmery on my skin
- the brush is bad.. really hate it

repurchase? maybe if they have the matte blush, i`m gonna buy it..
thx for reading... have a nice day..

Kamis, 11 Oktober 2012

Mail Day: My order from testerkorea.com

Hi Friends... what a lovely day... yuhuuuuu, today i recieved a package for my order from testerkorea.com .. finally it's arived.. *fiuuh..fiuuh*
This is the first time i order beauty items from south korea directly ..i`ve been waiting more than a month.. actually, this package arrived at Indonesia post office about 3 weeks ago, like usual the custom released my package very slow.. hiks... but it's okay...,
this is the package:

inside the package :

i just bought 5 makeup items... and i get one makeup wipes as a free bonus...

- Tony moly tint cherry pink 
The Face Shop Lovely Ex makeup base 
Nature Republic jelly drop gloss 
Etude house drawing eyebrow
Etude house styling eyeliner

so that's it... can't hardly wait to try them... i`ll make the review soon ...

have a great day Friends...

Jumat, 05 Oktober 2012

Monthly Favourites: September 2012

Whoaaaa, just realized it's October now.... i hope you are always happy and have a wonderful month...hehe.
today i`m gonna make a post about my September 2012 favorite... it's about what the most worn items at September 2012..
So these are the items :

1. Nature Republic Soothing & Moisture 92% Aloe Vera Gel 
This is a multi purpose aloe vera gel.. you can use it as a face mask, after shave cream, moisturizing your body, relaxing your swollen eyes or even you can mix it with your foundation or nail polish to give moisturizer effect. But i love to use this gel as a leave in hair treatment. it's softened my hair and made my hair less frizzy ( i have super dry and frizzy hair now...*nangis*)... and i use this gel as a face mask too.. i like the cooling sensation on it.. the texture very light, not sticky and the smell is very aloe vera..haha... 

2. Benefit Thrrrob
I like Benefit box powders, but i`m not use benefit powders for daily basis since the prices are quite expensive.. but at this month, almost everyday i apply benefit thrrrob on my cheek... i`m using it as a highlighter over my NYX peach blush...

3. Revlon matte lipstick `mauve it over`
This is a new thread on female daily forum.. the thread tittle is `NUDE-Natural lip Colors . When i read this thread, lot of FD members rave about this lipstick.. and yes! this lipstick has pretty nude color.. it's perfect for you if you have a medium-dark skin tone.. it looks pretty on me too...

4. PIXY bold to the last gel eyeliner
You can read my review about this product here (click).. i use this eyeliner almost on every single day in this month.. look, its almost hit pan.. hehe...i`m using it a lot.., i`m not intend to buy another gel liner since i have this eyeliner.. i have try bobbi brown eyeliner before, but sorry to say this cheap eyeliner are better ( this one is cheaper and almost have the same quality...)

5. Maybelline Clear smooth all in one shine free cake powder
I like to use this powder over my BB cream to give an extra coverage.. it contains SPF 25. This powder is smooth and has good coverage..it has decent oil control too..

6. Belle Madame kawaii hair Curler
my hair is super frizzy and dry now..huks...because i like to heating my hair for styling purpose very often... now i try to make my hair condition better.. so i prefer to keep my hair away from heat as far as i can... this product is good.. i bought this sponge curler at sasa.com less than $3.. it's very easy to use... i just  rolled my hair with this sponge curler before going to sleep... The balls are super soft, so i can go to sleep with them comfortably .. no pain at all... When i wake up on the morning, i just take off the curler sponge and then squeezed my hair with styling mousse... viollaa.. i have natural curl on my hair without heated....

So i think that's my September 2012 favorite... just let me know if you want to read the complete reviews about the products i mentioned above...

have a nice day, hope you`ll enjoy this month
thanks for reading

Selasa, 02 Oktober 2012

Swatches : Maybelline Lip Smooth Color Care `Strawberry& Cherry`

Hi Friends, i have ever made a review about Maybelline lip smooth color & care lip balm in `cherry` in this post. Today i`m gonna make a short review and swatches.. between the cherry and strawberry shades.

I`ve got the new shades in strawberry from Hypermart`s beauty sale a few days ago... i only paid for IDR 14k / $1.3.. i love the strawberry shade too... it still has the same quality like the cherry shade...this is my new strawberry one..
Swatches:Top: Cherry,bottom: Strawberry
My bare lips

i love both of those lip balms, but the strawberry one has a prettier color on my lips..

- Cheap
- contain of SPF16
- the light texture, not feel sticky or waxy
- build able color
- softens & smoothen lips
- nice smells

- so so staying power...

thanks for reading...
have a nice day..