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Rabu, 17 Oktober 2012

Review&Swatch : Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hours `Classic Beige201`

If you ever read my older post about my makeup wish list on this post, i have mentioned that i want to try this Rimmel lasting finish 24 hour foundation... and finally i have it now and tried...yaay. i`ve been testing out this foundation for few weeks... and it's time to make a review.... Lot of reviews said that this Rimmel foundation is Revlon Colorstay dupe which is my all  time favorite foundation..hmm.. let see...

What this? 
from Rimmel london: Why 25 hours? Because you want your makeup to last as long as you do. Face it. Your day is stressful. Early mornings, late nights. And we all want our makeup to look fresh and feel comfortable all day long. Rimmel London introduces Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation, our first foundation that is sweat, heat, humidity and transfer-proof for up to a full 25 hours. The revolutionary formula, complete with a revitalizing mineral complex and moisturising aqua primer, helps to reenergise overworked skin. Feels hydrating all day. No sign of make up fatigue for up to a full 25 hours. It's time to demand more!

$7.29 at ULTA.com 


 I like the packaging, it's hygienic  tube and travel friendly. the small hole make easier to use, dispensing the perfect amount of what i want. You can see the product's shade through clear part on the front..

I really like the consistency. The creamy texture feels lightweight on the skin, although it has matte finish... it's very easy to blend, even only with my fingers... it's not dried easily before i finish blending the foundation.. let me tell you, my only problem with Revlon Colorstay is, it's dry very quick.. so i really need a short time to blend the foundation.. but Rimmel did better...

Rimmel has medium - high coverage categories... they can cover imperfection on my face ..but i think Revlon colorstay did better job to cover my imperfection.. i still need a good coverage loose powder or concealer when i`m using Rimmel foundie.

 it really gives matte finish on my face, it's not cakey or sink into my fine lines.

 They have 10 shades..i choose the classic beige (201) it's for medium ( arround N30-35) skintone.. it's slightly too pink on my skintone, i think it's more suitable if you have a cool undertone.. since i bought online, i can`t try this product before buying.. so, it's acceptable if the shade doesn't match perfectly with my skintone.. haha

Staying power:
  Really good.. this foundie has better oil control than Revlon Colorstay.. of course i didn't use this foundie for 25 hours.. hahaha... but it lasting over than 12 hours on my face.., although it's still look oily by the end of the day, but this foundie didn't melting and gone.. loovee this part...

Final thoughts: 
 this foundie is good enough..it has very good staying power as they claimed..has good texture and packaging. You might like this foundie if you didn't have a lot imperfection and if you're looking for some foundie which has great staying power. but i still love my Revlon Colorstay because of its high coverage and match on my skin tone..

- travel friendly packaging..
- very creamy texture, easy to blend
- it's not dry quickly before you finish to blending it
- matte finish, not cakey..
- medium-full coverage (but i still need extra coverage from powder or concealer to cover imperfection on my face)
- good staying power & oil control..

- it doesn't contain SPF
- it's not available on the store.. so i must buy through online shop.. so it means i can't try which the most matched shade on my skintone.

repurchase? hmm.. maybe not.. i prefer to repurchase my Revlon colorstay foundation.. hihi..

thx for reading..
have a nice day Friends

4 komentar:

  1. Aku udah lama ngecengin rimmel, Ran. Tapi ya itulah, bingung sama shadenya --"

    1. Staying powernya okeh lo Ruum, iya emang resiko beli online pasti salah shade..hehe

  2. Oh i must try this. You and I have the same skin tone and I have a cool undertone. Great review! Thx!