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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Review & Swatch: NYX powder blush `Angel`

Happy December everyone....
fiuuuh...Time passes so quick...Just can not believe that 2012 will be over sooner and i`m so excited facing this December.
December is a fun month to me (maybe to you all also) really like December atmosphere, beautifull lights and decorations at every shopping mall, watching lot of good favourite movies at television and the most interesting is the year-end discount in the cosmetic counter and website.

Today is my first post on December. I have a few new drugstore blushes by last month. This is one of them : NYX powder blush in shade "Angel". so, let's enjoy my opinion about this blush. hope this review will helpfull to you.

product name :
NYX powder blush in 'Angel'

NYX claims :
Our pressed powder blush delivers sheer, silky color that glides on, blends beautifully and creates a natural glow. The formula is richly-pigmented and lasts for hours.

Where to buy? : 
This blush is available at cherryculture.com  if you are living in Indonesia, you can buy this item via online shop that offers US cosmetics pre-order.
IDR 70rb / $7.5 you will get 5.2 gr blush

Packaging :

The design looks simple, it comes in a square clean black packaging with the clear cover. So you can see through the color inside. The bad thing about the packaging is, if you touch the clear cover, you can feel the packaging is quite flimsy. It can broke easily when you dropped it. so, remember being careful with it.

Color & Finish :

NYX  blush has wide range of shades on the website, it available in 27 shades.
I discribed NYX powder blush angel as a shimmery peach-beige color on the pan.
It’s kind of like blush and highlighter in one. when i do swatch on my finger, it looks very shimmery beige color too,but when i try to blend this blush on my cheek, the color turns into a light shimmery dusty pink color. it surprised me, a pretty unique color.

this color is a pretty natural color actually. if you have a medium-light skintone, this color will looks very pretty on your cheek, it will be flattering your face and this color can reflect the glow on your cheek very well but it doesn't work on me..

first, i love to look 'over-do' on my cheeks but this blush doesn't showing much the color (i'm NW35 now). This color just gives my cheeks a nice natural glow. it's almost like a highlighter color.
second, the shimmery effects showing up my imperfection skin more and more.
NYX blush `angel` on my cheek :
Texture and Pigmentation :
The formulation is pigmented. this blush has a nice color pay-off and the color are buildable too.
the down side from this blush is the texture that little chalky and powdery. It can be quite messy especially when you use wrong brush or in a rush to dab it.

Application Tips  : 
Use the small and pointed brush to dab the powder on the pan. ELF studio blush brush is the best choice for this purpose. It's less messy and takes the powder very well. After you swipe it on your cheek, blending out with a buffing brush or a powder brush.
Staying Power : 
Decent, it lasts for 5 hours on my cheek.

Overall, this blush is good... If you like a natural and glowing effect on your skin, you should have this blush.
It's  a gorgeous and perfect blush for daily use especially if you have a medium-fair skintone but if your skin is medium-darker, I'm not sure if this Angel is going to show up on your skin as cheek colors but it would be perfect as a highlighter.

pros :
- Inexpensive
- Beautiful natural color for daily use
- the colors are buildable
- It’s like a blush & highlighter in one

cons :

- flimsy packaging
- powdery & chalky texture

so, whats your favourite NYX powder blush?
thx for reading..
have a nice day...

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  1. Aakhhh.. angel ternyata pink pucet ya Ran
    untung kemaren ga jadi mesen yang itu

    bener banget deh, Desember tu bulan diskon dimana2
    *kekep dompet*

    thx reviewnya yaaahh
    btw, eyelinernya baguss ^^