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Friday, December 16, 2011

10 cheap but great products from indonesian cosmetics brand

1. two way cake/powder : inez precious powdery cake

I was curious to try this powder due to excellent reviews in the FD forums.
I use this powder has been approximately a year ago
after trying this powder I really fell in love and never intended to try another powder.
yaay, This powder really really has become my Holy Grail product
what i`d like about this powder:
- high coverage
- The fine texture
- not cakey or oxidize on my skin ( apply with duo fibre)
- long lasting
- The shade `beige` perfectly matches my skin tone ( N30 )
- its very cheap $2.5 (idr 23k) for the reffil and $3.5 (idr 30k) for the full size with the blue packaging.
The things I don't like about this powder is the smell and the packaging looks very cheapy.but you can ignore these two things..haha

2. make up remover : wardah pure olive oil
This is my fav eye makeup remover of all time! not only does it remove the best and not irritate,but helps my skin condition on eyes area.
I've been having very dry skin lately (especially under the eyes)  so this is a wonderful natural moisturizer for my under eyes area.
i`ve used different types of makeup removers. some were too heavy, others were too runny and drying my under eyes area.

what i like?
- its great to removes all my eyes&lips make up, even it waterproof eyeliner or mascara.... so easy...so gentle....
- extra benefit to helps condition my lashes as well and this is a wonderful natural moisturizer for my under eyes area.
- i love the smell...., it seems like aromatheraphy to relaxed your mind before you go to sleep,
- the price?very cheap... $1.9 ( approx idr 17.000 ) for 50ml.

3. body scrub : wardah olive soft scrub

Believe me, this scrub is so amazing....it works a lot  to remove dead skin and keep the skin feeling soft, glow and moisturised
price? $2.5 (IDR 23k) for 240ml, its huge!!
what i like?
- the smells so nice
- the granules smooth enough... but the texture not so creamy..so, in my opinion..this is the perfect scrub to exfoliates dead skin really well.
- not too harsh
- the packaging cute enough.... but its not travel friendly.
- i`ll get instanly glowing n smooth skin.... so lovely.....

4. liquid eyeliner : PIXY liquid eyeliner in `black`

thanks to my FD friend : Mada Foe, she was told me that this product so great...
and this is true.... i`m so in love with this stuff and i`ve stop to spend a lot of money seeking for the great liquid eyeliner.

what i like?
- The black shade is very true to black and I absolutely love the pigmentation of this liner
- waterproof
- It stays put all day without smudging  (good staying power but melts off easily with make-up remover)
- this product lasted on me for min 10 hrs ( i have extremely oily lids)
- it dries quickly
- It does not flake like another cheapy liquid eyeliner
for the $3 (idr 27.000) cost of eyeliner, this product just so amazing

5. face mask: ovale lemon face  mask
 (sorry i forgot to take the picture of this items)
another amazing and cheap product for acne prone skin.I use this once or twice a week.
 what ilike?
-Inexpensive $0.5 ( idr 4.000) / sachet
-smells wonderful (it smells exactly like lemonade)
-easy to use
-not only leaves my skin soft and fresh ,but it also cleared up and dry out pimples faster.
-doesn't dry skin out like another face mask

6. foundation: caring stay true foundation

i have the review about this foundation in here, this is a good foundation for daily use, especialy for a woman who haves oily skin like me.
what i`d like:
- it had a pump
- medium to full coverage
- long lasting, great oil control
- matte finish

7. body lotion/butter : mustika ratu zaitun body butter

If you don’t know what body butter is, it is like lotion only quite a bit thicker.It actually does sort of have a texture like butter, only it is not at all like greasy like butter.
what i like?
-This product smells amazing, without being overpowering but very fresh and clean.
-I love the soft feel of this lotion .the texture totally smooth. so this is very moisturizing.but   However this  butter tends to be a little thick in the humid sunny day.
- I love olive as a beauty product, so I was excited to try this body butter.
- It's a great basic moisturizer,keep my skin glowing all night long .This is my must-use body moisturizer in the night! (i`m not use this stuff on the sunny day,just because this lotion dont have any SPF at all)

the best time to apply moisturizer is when you get out of a evening shower and your pores are still open and your skin is moist so the moisturizer applies better.

8. eyebrow pencil : viva eyebrow pencil

 this is the most popular eyebrow pencil in my country....almost every woman love this stuff!!including me!
what i like?
-Its very inexpensive.its only cost $2 ( approx idr 15k)
-The texture is not too hard or soft, just right so that if you use a light hand you can get really natural strokes. I hate brow pencils that are too soft because its really hard to apply naturally.
-It lasts very well
the only thing people gripe about is the color selection.they only have 2 colors: black and brown (redish brown)

9. blush on: inez colour contour plus blusher in `gold dipped brick`

actually i love two shades of blushes from this brand; autumn rose and gold dipped brick, but i choose `gold dipped brick`because its really2 give me a natural warm glowing cheek, without looking overpowering..
what i like?:
-high pigmentation.is very pigmented gives the same color payoff as the NARS blush....
-A very nice texture,soft and easy to blend
-The shimmer is not chunky
-You get a lot of quantity in the pan
- good staying power...

10.eyeshadow base : aubeau eye make-up base

i have review of this product, click here..this is my daily eyeshadow base..its really great for the price....


  1. Aww..cheap but great! No 1,2,5,8 aku juga pake and love it! Oh iya, si inez yg beige ama natural terangan mana? Aku pake yg natural (dipilihin SA dan main comot aja engga liat2 yg lain dulu), aga gelep dikit tapi engga bikin kusem malah berasa ngeratin warna kulit. Kalo ngaca muka udah pas banget, tapi pas liat ke leher jadi belang.

  2. nice blog kak...
    q seneng baca review produk lokal yg oke2... biar smangat hunting ^^
    q jg pke inez powdery cake, tp ga awet d aku...cpt ngilang...mungkin krn kulit q trlalu oily :(
    btw q udh follow blog kk lho..
    follow back yah


    makasih ^^

  3. @nachu : tosssss, ada yang samaan. hehe. terang yang natural say, beige paling gelap...

    @unie kitty : halooo, coba pakai primer d bawahnya... atau yang paling simple pakai acnes uv tint, dia kayak primer juga karna silicone based.... pasti jadi lumayan awet + gak oxi... makasi udah main2 ke sini, ku follback ya.....

  4. gantian diriku yang teracuni, pengen nyobain caring stay true foundie-nya :D

  5. coba ajaaaa maaaak, asal shade nya pas, dia bagus beneeeer, oil control nya top markotop deh... hehe

  6. Mbak Rani, salam kenal ya..

    Eh, aku mau tanya, Caring stay true sama BB Cream Caring itu bagusan mana ya? Dari segi coverage, oil control sama ringannya?

    eh, aku follow blog kamu yaa..

    mampir sini beautyunder100ribu.blosgpot.com

    1. itu beda sih say, tergantung selera.. kalo BB cream kan pasti coverage nya lebih sheer drpd foundie yah...jelas BB lebih ringan daripada foundie nya, kalo kamu BB caring pakai yg everlast dia oil control nya oke juga.. hehe. jadi kesimpulannya kalo kamu mau yg full coverage+berat pilih foundie, kalo mau yg ringan+sheer pilih BB, tapi dua2 nya oil controlnya okeee..hehe.

  7. Gara2 postingan ini tadi pas lunch aku lsg mampir ke LOTTE deh beli PIXY liquid eyeliner in `black` ^^. Tp disitu harganya naek jadi IDR 34.000 ^^.

    Semoga saja nanti dipakenya bener2 enak seperti reviewnya Mba Rani ya...

    Anyway... salam kenal ya dari sesama FD member ^^

    Silakan mampir di blog aku ya (tp cuma blog sehari2 dan bukan beauty blog^^)


  8. waaa, udah naek ya skr... hehe.. kalo awetnya mantep deh.. tapi ya itu td , kuas nya.. hehe.. makasih udah maen sini ya.. nati aku mampir blog nya.. hehe

  9. Hi! I'm going on a trip to Indonesia, amd I'd just like to ask what stores are the inez cosmetics available? Thank you! :)

    (I'm from the Philippines) :)

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