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Sabtu, 24 Desember 2011

review: ELF studio 85 piece complete the look palettes

Today i`m back with this review of ELF studio 85 pieces complete the look palettes. This is beautiful palette i purchased for idr 240k or approx $27 ( actually this palette is sale from $40 to $15 at ELF web, but i must paid for extra shipping & handling cost, because the items really bulky... :lol:).This is pretty limited edition palette from E.L.F. This convenient make up collection for your eyes, lips, and face. A great value for any makeup lover.This palette includes:
- 60 eyeshadow colors
- 20 lip colors
- 3 blushes
- 2 bronzer

my first impression??i`m  really2 impressed with this palette,these palettes will give me a lot to work with, without i`m carry to much beauty items on my traincase for MUA works. Its good enough for how much you cost...

eyeshadow :
lot of gorgeous shades here

I love the wide variety of colors, they have gorgeous lid shades and a perfect highlighter for each.Some are matte and some do have shimmer to them. the pigmentation of the shimmer/glittery is better than the matte finish, but it`s ok! I always use an eye primer on the shadows if I want a vibrant, bright look( imo, its good enough for matte eyeshadow pigmentation).i love the the shades on this palette.lot of perfect colors and beautifull shade in it, you get the natural, pink, bright or dark shades in one palette.

swatch ( without and with primer underneath),some of colors... just to show you my favorite gorgeous shades in this palette.

lips colors:
its very pigmented, the texture very smooth,they're creamy, soft and shiny. not drying in my lips.lot of beautifull colors here..., and guess what? the staying power of this lip colors are really2 good...

blushes and bronzers:
the blushes come in light pink (for highlighter), pink, and peach colors.. and the bronzers come in shimmery and matte brown colors.i love the idea: blushes, bronzers, highlighter and darkest shade for contouring my face in one palette... the blushes and shimmery bronzers are very pigmented, but the matte bronzer not! i must apply over and over to get the perfect shades. unfortunetelly me not likey the blushes shades... its come in very2 `standart` colors ( i dont know how to say?? ) its mean nothing specials with the colors of the blushes.

the blushes
the bronzers

overall, this stuff are good enough, I would reccomend this to a newbie at make-up, someone looking for a wide variety of eyeshadow colors, or someone on a small budget.

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