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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Review&Swatch : Fanbo Fantastic Lipstick no.13

I want this lipstick since a long time ago...it's  a pretty cheap lipstick, according to many Indonesian beauty blogger who have talk about this one on their blog.
Really hard to find this stuff in my town..it's always out of stock everywhere..
i`m back to the local beauty store every 2 weeks just for looking this lipstick only. hope this lipstick will be back in stock.. 
and finally.. after long long journey *ah lebay.. haha*
this color is available by last week.. and i have it now... so... here is my opinion...

Product name : 
Fanbo fantastic lipstick no.13.. have you ever heard about Fanbo brand? Fanbo is an Indonesian cosmetic brand.. they have very cheap range prices.. 

price :
idr 14k/ $1.5 , it's pretty cheap right??

Packaging :
Like another Indonesian cosmetics stuff, the packaging is not so cute. it's come with a red tube, have a golden logo and accent wrapped around the compact... looks not elegant packaging in my opinion.
Another pinky nude lipstick again... glad i have this shade... i`m described it as a milky nude pink colors with  some peachy undertones...
i think this color is suites for any skintone.. since it's not have too warm or cool undertone in it..
looks great with dark smokey eyes or as a neutral every day lippy because it won’t give you dead lips but rather create a  natural look .

texture & pigmentation:
 This lipstick has a good quality texture.. it's creamy.. soft and glides on easily on my lips.. it's really opaque too...Love how the color shows pretty well on my pigmented lips...
Staying power?
 this lipstick last on my lips only for 3 hours..without eating or drinking..not bad at all.. considering how cheap the price...

is it make my lips dry? 
nay!... After testing out this lipstick for a few days.. i didn`t feel my lips dry... and don't forget to use lip balm before you apply a lipstick..

My bare lips

Fanbo Fantastic lipstick no.13

overall, i like this lipstick.. but i`m not falling in love like crazy with this.

- cheap..
- creamy texture, smooth, and pigmented
- beautifull pinky nude colors..
- it's not drying

- bored packaging
- bad staying power

so.. that's my opinion about this lipstick.. hope this review useful for you..
have a nice day..


  1. aku juga punyaaaaaaaaa mbak :DD
    Bagus, pigmented. Di aku lumayan awet sih, cuma agak ngeringin.

    1. iya warnanya unyuuuuuuuuuu, untungnya di aku gak ngeringin.. di banding wardah loh yaaa...

    2. oh, kalo dibanding Wardah emang mending si Fanbo :DD

  2. bagus warnanyaaa, kemarin beli fanbo yg no. 10 jatohnya jelek di bibir malah bikin muka pucet.. yang ini bagus ya nude-nude gitu ^^

  3. Aku punya lipstick ini. Persis nomor 13. Emang bagus warnanya. Lumayan untuk ukuran lipstick lokal. Sip sip. Nice ripiu Jeng. :D

    1. iya, warnanya cakeeep.... jarang ada di merk lain... thx youuuuu

  4. Raniii, ini lipstiku bangeettt. Udah repurchase berkali-kali. Cinta mati. Hihihi...

    1. hihihi... ini juga keracunan kamu,puput, yosin yg ngomongin ini dimana2 kayaknya... sukaaa, nambah lagi koleksi nude lipstick saya.... hehe.. cuman gak yakin bakal abis.. nggilir e bingung...

  5. ªƘΰ jg bru beli lipstik ini minggu llu di Raya, murmer, wkta tnya pgn wrna bibir, ma mbaknya langsung disodorin lipstik ini.
    akhirnya beli deh, murah bgt cm 13.200.
    Kt tmnq sih trlAlu pucet d ªƘΰ ,trs ªƘΰ cmpur lipgloss jdnya cakep wrnanya.


    1. eh di aku malah sedikit ketuaan.. tp emang kalo d timpa lipgloss jd cakep banget..hehe... wah sama2 orang malang ya..malang nya mana say?