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Monday, November 19, 2012

Review: Cosline Strawberry Yogurt Pack

I just checking up my blog post list..., and guess what? i just realized that i didn't have any single post about skincare review...wuahaha...
Yes, i am a makeup freak..and mostly my blog post is about cosmetics review, but it doesn't mean i never trying any skincare stuff..
i just feel i don`t have a proper skin to showing how good or bad the skincare stuff on my skin.. but today i`m trying to make a review about skincare product..
i`m not gonna show you my skin before or after using this product, but i will share  all the information and my experience using this stuff..
ok let's get started..

product name : 
Cosline Strawberry Yogurt pack

price :
idr 59k/ $6.10 for 170ml 5.7oz

where to buy: 
this product is available at sasa.com

what's this :
COSLINE Yogurt Strawberry Yogurt Pack is a wash off mask which contains strawberry extract (850g), yogurt (170mg) and Vitamin C and E.
COSLINE Yogurt Strawberry Yogurt Pack promotes metabolism rate of skin, smoothes skin and increases skin brightness. The nourishing COSLINE Yogurt Strawberry Yogurt Pack also helps to keep skin elastic and moisturized.

how to use it:
Apply an appropriate amount on clean face, spread evenly and gently massage on the whole face beside eyes and lips. Wait for 15-20 minutes to absorb nutrient. Rinse thoroughly with luke warm water.

country of origins:
i guess this product is made in korea, because they printed the product description in korean words..
is it korean words??

The packaging is cute enough.. it has strawberry picture printed on it.. it's more look alike food product than a beauty product....This mask comes in bulky white jar.., with a big top and hole..so you have to dipping your finger to take the mask out from the jar..of course it's not hygienic at all... but i recomend to use a table spoon or a mask brush..it's more hygienic than dipping your finger..

texture & smells:
The texture is very smooth and soft. It's not sticky at all.. This mask has very creamy gel texture..so you don’t need a huge amount to spreading it on your face. This pack have a very strong smells, the smells just like strawberry yoghurt and very similiar with activia strawberry yoghurt..which is really tempting to eat...hehe

my opinion after use this mask:
 I think this mask is fine for the $6, i got 170ml of this yummy mask.. it's cheaper than any korean pack brand (wash-off mask) such like baviphat or skinfood.
This pack smells amazing, very easy to use.. and make my face really clean and fresh..
i love the cooling sensation when i`m using it on a very hot day.. (especially if i keep it on refrigerator first) it's very relaxing and hydrating.
the down side is i can't see any brightening effects on my face like they claimed..
so, yaa.. i enjoying this mask for relaxing and hydrating my skin only..

- cheap
- yummy smells
- nice texture, creamy and not sticky at all
- hydrating and relaxing my skin
- it contains lot of vitamin C

- un-hygienic packaging
- i can't see any brightening effects on my skin

so, have you ever try this pack?
thx for reading
have a nice day..


  1. Ahh mirip banget sama strawberry yoghurt.. kalo gag tau bisa salah maem hehe..
    Tapi maskeran pake yoghurt beneran juga enak loh, walo rada lengket sih pas dibersihi,


    1. haha, iyaaa.... aku juga pertama kali buka langsung bawaannya pengen makan.. hihi..., mau coba ah pakai yogurt nya, merk apa biasanya?

    2. Apa aja sih merknya, tapi biasanya aku yg plain dan tektsurnya tidak terlalu cair. Nanti bisa dicampur evoo/madu/pala/kayu manis/oatmeal macem2 lah.