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Friday, November 9, 2012

Review: Batiste Dry Shampoo `Brunette`

Happy `late` november everyone..my first post on this november... Sorry, i`ve been missing in action for two weeks.. i have been very busy... i have to do lot of things and didn't have enough time to take a picture or write a review.. but now i`m back.... hehe..

Today i`m gonna make a review about `Batiste coloured dry shampoo`... this product is one of my favourite products of october..This stuff really did great work to savior my day.. haha...
I really need this stuff! especially for travelling.. I quite often going out of town and when on travel, i do not have much time to wash and dry my hair.. I hate to have bad hair day.. My hair feel greasy and oily all day long...so this stuff is definetelly be my solution....

what's this?
Batiste dry shampoo for Brunette Hair, specially formulated for brunette hair tones to dry and cleanse and complement your hair colour with no powder residue, revitalises greasy, dull and lifeless hair between washes. Quick and convenient to use wherever you are...

how to use it? 
It's very easy to use... you can use this stuff everywhere and anywhere... when  your hair starting greasy or oily..just spray this dry shampoo..The liquid turns into a grey powder, but simply run your fingers through your hair and leave for a few moments, it will absorbs very well  ..and then brush your hair. Violaaaa... your hair is become have more volume and fresh.. as simple as that...
Shake well before use

price? idr 55rb / $5.7 .. you`ll get 5.5 oz..it's quite cheap..

my opinions 
I love the smells of this stuff..it leaves my hair really nice smells .. like a candy smells mixed with some citrus or floral something. This stuff is really great to absorb the oil from my hair..since i have this stuff, i never have a panic day anymore when i have no enough time to wash my hair..
this stuff definetely will not cleaning up your scalp.. so I would not recommend to replace dry shampoo with your regular shampoo and conditioner. only use this product when you needed it..
 I tried spraying it into a paper,the liquid turns into a gray powder
the grey powder..

-smells good
-easy to use..
-completely remove that  oil on my hair..
-add hair volume



  1. wah boleh dicoba nih, kbetulan bgt lagi cari recommended dry shampoo :)
    boleh tau sis Rani beli nya dimana??

    1. di Raya dear, ada kok.. di bagian depan nya counter pixy...

  2. beli dimana mbk di malang? asik nih, buat traveling, gak perlu bawa hairdryer buat ngeringin rambut habis keramas,,

    1. Beli di Raya say, coba aja ke saa.. iya enak buat d bawa travelling... gak perlu paik buru2 keringin rambut d saat darurat :p

  3. Baru nyobain dry shampoo yang PInk nya :), itu juga pas kemaren lagi abis lahiran :)