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Sabtu, 25 Mei 2013

Nail Polish Haul : Revlon nail Enamels New Colors

Hi Girls, if you are following my instagram account, i guess you already knew that i did posted about nail polish lately. yes it's true that i'm currently obsessed with nail polish hihi

it's around the latest two months, i'm starting curious to trying a nail polish brand such like an O.P.I, china glaze, or essie but since i'm not expert to applying nail polish and the finish result is still look messy, i think i should start practice applying a nail polish with the cheapest one first LOL

so now, i'm on my mission to finding a cheap & fun nail polish. last Saturday night, i went to the department store with my hubby, FYI i live in a small city so there is only 3 brand counters in here which selling the nail polish such as pixy, revlon, and l`oreal. pixy is the cheapest one, it's only cost $1,5 but they didn't have a lot of color selection.
l`oreal have a lot of fun color selection, especially for they candy / neon line but it's still too expensive for me. so i decided to dropped by at the revlon counter directly. revlon nail polish is quite cheap in here, only cost for IDR 37rb ($4).

When i arrived on the Revlon counter, the Beauty assistant asked me what kind of the nail colors that i need. as long as i remember, Revlon didn't have some fun or neon color since the last time i visiting their counter. they only have a lot color selection from the nude, red, or brown colors range. however, when i saw their nail polish display, i was surprised, i saw a lot of fun color on their display. let's named them such neon pink, pastel, turquoise, blue, etc.
the beauty assistant told me if there is a lot of new & fun colors available in Indonesia now uh..uh.. i'm so excited.
no wonder when i'm starting "kalap", then picks 8 colors from the display an the the color i've chosen are :

L-R: Charming, Bewitching, Flirt, Mischevous, Chic, Black Lingerie, Sweet tart

oh ya, the Beauty Assistant told me if there is more of fun color which are still currently out of stock such as mint, shocking green, yellow, orange, even the glittery one whoaa it sounds so interesting to have all of them wahaha. I asked her to call me when the more color is back in stock.

i'm not doing any swatches on this post, maybe i will do "nail of the week" post every Monday *pinky promise*.so if you curious about the swatches, please back in here every Monday.

thank you for visiting my blog, please share with me if you have any ideas about the cheap nail polish that i should try. i do love to hear from you.

have a nice and colorful day everyone.

Selasa, 21 Mei 2013

ELF Studio Long Lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow ` Gala & Festivity ` Review &swatches

Hi friends, today i'm going to review another elf products. The name is ELF studio Long Lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow. I have tried these for a while and wanted to share my opinion. Elf always doing a good job to make any dupe for the hype makeup on the market, and these are like an dupe for maybelline color tattoo which is everyone rave about that maybelline. the concept is very similar, a cream eyeshadow which came in round jar packaging. so here is my review :

Product name :
ELF studio Long Lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow

price : 
$3 on the web
IDR 60k / $6 if you are buy this from Indonesian online shop, quite fair price, considering the expensive overseas shipping from US plus import tax.

size : 

whats this? (elf claim) :

Soft and fluffy, these vibrant, shimmering Long Lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow colors can be used as eyeshadow or a bold liner. The whipped gel texture is easy to blend and lightweight for lasting comfort and wear. Perfect for highlighting the brow bone and adding extra shimmer for a truly glam look
ingredients :

packaging :

- it's come in the mini round clear jar with the screw top.
- plastic material.
- the clear bottom jar makes you can see what the color inside clearly.
- the downside is, there is no sticker or label on the jar to show the name of the shade.

texture :

- it's totally different with the maybelline color tattoo, it's more dry like an mousse texture with the bouncy effect but i still can feel the creamy feeling on the texture.
- they are have own different texture, i never touch an product which have an feeling like this, it's kinda remind me with the maybelline mouse blush but way more smooth and wet.
- the texture makes this eyeshadow really easy to blend.

color & finish:

i have 2 color from the 7 shades they available :
- gala : is an dark browny color
- festivity:is an plum browny color
- it's super glittery and sparkling. Yes, lot of glitter not shimmer! i hate the glittery things especially for eyeshadow but believe me this kind of one is an exceptional. this eyeshadow have a super gorgeous glittery finish, i can wear it alone. it can make my eyes pop without looking like an disco ball even in the bright sunny day.
- i love the cream finish on my eyelid. it feels very lightweight

pigmentation :

- good pigmentation
- A rating
- one swipe is enough to cover all over the lid
- buildable, a tiny amount is perfect for daily basis uses but you can build more swipe to create a dramatic look for the night time wear.

staying power :
- good. without primer underneath, this eyeshadow can lasts for 6-8 without creasing although the color a little bit fade.

swatches :

my experience :
ELF is one of my most favorite drugstore product, so when they launch  this kind of eyeshadow, i really want to grab them all. however, since i promised not to be a makeup hoarder, i have to choose the most exciting color and eliminate the others. i'm so glad having this eyeshadow, especially for festivity one. the festivity is a very unique purple color, i never found similar color like this on the other brand. it's a perfect eyeshadow to grab when i'm in hurry, i just use my point finger then swipe and dab on all over my lid and up to the crease. i don't have any complain about these eyeshadow, everything is fine. I personally prefer these elf than a maybelline color tattoo since it's more have light feeling on my lids, blendable and buildable.
repurchase? maybe yes. i want to grab all the rest of shades.

Rabu, 15 Mei 2013

FOTD Challenge : IBB MUC May 2013 `Dull to Doll`

Hi Friends, today i decided to join another makeup challenge.it's still held by IBB (Indonesian Beauty Blogger) Community and the prize is : "mystery box from Estee Lauder"

if you are interesting to join the challenge, you can check the info here...
The theme of may makeup challenge is :
Dull to Doll.. 
And of course i will show you my bare face before i'm wearing makeup. Actually, it's kinda made me nervous because this is the very first time i'm showing you my face without any make up on it, and yes, it's totally dull.. wuahahaha...
so this is my creation, hope you enjoying my pictures spaming LOL  

products used:
- Inez satin smooth liquid foundation
-ELF maxiumum coverage concealer
-Revlon Beyon Natural Powder
- ELF studio bronzer cool
-The Balm down boy blush
-ELF eyelid primer
-Viva eyebrow pencil
-Pixy gel eyeliner
- Maybelline hypercurl mascara
- The balm nude tude palette
- YSL rouge volupte lipstick #2
- Revlon colorburst lip butter `pink truffle`

Wish me luck.... hihi...

Selasa, 14 Mei 2013

Review & Swatches : PAC lipstick pencil in Frozen Rose & Glossy Bare

Good morning friends,i`m back with another lip products review and today it's time for the Indonesian brand called PAC .
If you live in Indonesia, i think you already familiar with this brand. PAC is an high-end Indonesian cosmetics brand and I have tried few of them. I like the blushes and powder, so a few months ago i decided to tried their jumbo lipstick pencil. so here is my opinion about this product.

Product Name :
 PAC Lipstick Pencil

Price : 
IDR 91.500 / $9, it's quite expensive right?
Packaging :

-jumbo pencil, with the clear cap
-need to sharpened
-wood material
-the design made this lipstick looks so `high-end`


Texture :
- it's super smooth &creamy
- glides on smoothly on my lips
- this is the best texture lipstick of Indonesian brand that i found so far.it doesn't feel like you wearing a lipstick, its feels very light
Pigmentation & Finish :
- good pigmentation & very opaque
- both of the color have a nice glossy finish, not over shinny
Staying Power :
- last for 3-4 hours, but i still can see the stain left after that
- need reapply after eat or drink
-frozen rose : medium pink,blue undertone (cool), with a hint of lilac
-glossy bare : medium brown, red undertone,
Frozen Rose

Glossy Bare

frozen rose

Glossy Bare

Frozen Rose
Glossy Bare

My Experience:
This brand is out of my radar actually.. LOL because i'm rarely visiting PAC`s counter. i dont know, i just felt they have over prices range, but since this brand speciality is for proffesional MUA stuff, the quality is worth for the price i think. spending $10 for just one piece Indonesian brand lipstick, sounds overwhelming for me but i give it a try finally. The texture for this jumbo lip pencil is really impressed me. it's much smoother than the other regular lipstick out there, even compared with international high-end brand. the pigmentation is great too, i loved how it feels very lightweight on my lips. I think it's gonna be great if it comes in retractable lip packaging. it's gonna be more easy to used it. the size is big and i think this lipstick gonna last for a long time. will i repurchase? hmm i don't think so if i have to buy it on the regular full price. Maybe if the counter held a big sale in the end of the year, i'm gonna buy for another shades.

so ya, that's my experience testing out PAC jumbo lip pencil
hope this review will helpfull for you

Sabtu, 04 Mei 2013

My Latest massive beauty Haul (april-early may 2013)

I`m back Friends, Uuuuuh, i am miss blogging so much.. feels so sorry , i`ve been missing in action for a month. such an bad blogger right? hahaha..i have so many personal activities and problems that really interupted my time and mood to write a blog post.. but yaa,the show must go on.. this is a new month..and i will keep my spirit on , hope this month will going better for me.
 At the first post on may, allow me to show you my latest beauty haul.. i have a lot of new stuff by last month.. and it`s officially made me bankrupt.. lol. I didnt tried it all yet.. yes, i`m a good makeup hoarder.. haha...but i`ve tried a few. some of them are work great on me, and the others are just a mess.. hihi... so ya, here is my beauty haul list :

-The Balm nude tude palette
-The balm frat boy
-Urban Decay Mariposa palette
-Real Techniques core collection set

- NYX blush in pinched & dusty rose
- Rimmel clean finish matte foundation
-Rimmel stay matte powder
- Rimmel natural bronzer
-Pixy Lipstick in `nudy pink` & *rosy pink`
- YSL rouge Volupte in `nude beige`
- Maybelline color sensational lipstick in make me pink,totally toffe, nearly there, pink me up

- MUA plumping out there lipgloss in nude,buff,peach, and pink
- MUA sheer lip gloss all shades
- MUA glitter eyeliner  
-MUA concealer stick medium

- ELF Studio blush blushing rose & twinkled pink
- ELF maximum coverage concealer
-ELF under eye concealer&highliter
- ELF long lasting Lustrous eyeshadow in gala & festivity
-ELF studio tone concealer
- ELF studio cool bronzer

-ELF flawless eyeshadow `sea escape`
- ELF tone corecting concealer
- ELF glossy shine lipgloss in candlelight&pink kiss
-ELF essential lipstick in nostalgic & flirtatious
-ELF blush with brush in blushing, glow, and flush

- 2 pairs of d`eyeko syahrini lashes, i did not bought this lashes actually.. this is what d`eyeko company send to me for a review purpose.

so, thats all my new beauty stuff by last mont.. see ya on my next post..