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Saturday, May 4, 2013

My Latest massive beauty Haul (april-early may 2013)

I`m back Friends, Uuuuuh, i am miss blogging so much.. feels so sorry , i`ve been missing in action for a month. such an bad blogger right? hahaha..i have so many personal activities and problems that really interupted my time and mood to write a blog post.. but yaa,the show must go on.. this is a new month..and i will keep my spirit on , hope this month will going better for me.
 At the first post on may, allow me to show you my latest beauty haul.. i have a lot of new stuff by last month.. and it`s officially made me bankrupt.. lol. I didnt tried it all yet.. yes, i`m a good makeup hoarder.. haha...but i`ve tried a few. some of them are work great on me, and the others are just a mess.. hihi... so ya, here is my beauty haul list :

-The Balm nude tude palette
-The balm frat boy
-Urban Decay Mariposa palette
-Real Techniques core collection set

- NYX blush in pinched & dusty rose
- Rimmel clean finish matte foundation
-Rimmel stay matte powder
- Rimmel natural bronzer
-Pixy Lipstick in `nudy pink` & *rosy pink`
- YSL rouge Volupte in `nude beige`
- Maybelline color sensational lipstick in make me pink,totally toffe, nearly there, pink me up

- MUA plumping out there lipgloss in nude,buff,peach, and pink
- MUA sheer lip gloss all shades
- MUA glitter eyeliner  
-MUA concealer stick medium

- ELF Studio blush blushing rose & twinkled pink
- ELF maximum coverage concealer
-ELF under eye concealer&highliter
- ELF long lasting Lustrous eyeshadow in gala & festivity
-ELF studio tone concealer
- ELF studio cool bronzer

-ELF flawless eyeshadow `sea escape`
- ELF tone corecting concealer
- ELF glossy shine lipgloss in candlelight&pink kiss
-ELF essential lipstick in nostalgic & flirtatious
-ELF blush with brush in blushing, glow, and flush

- 2 pairs of d`eyeko syahrini lashes, i did not bought this lashes actually.. this is what d`eyeko company send to me for a review purpose.

so, thats all my new beauty stuff by last mont.. see ya on my next post.. 


  1. aihh yampun itu banyak nya kebangetan >.< ,dipake sendiri kah?? LOL :D :D


    1. ahaha, iyaa...aku sendiri pas ngumpulin bau nyadar kalo sebanyak itu..... ho`oh d pake sendiri..hihi

  2. hwaaaaaaa, banyaknyaaaaaaaaaaa >w<
    swatch dong mbak swaaaaaaatttccccchhhhhh! >w<


    1. iyaaah, on process ya... ngumpulin mood nih..hihi

  3. aku non bagi dong atuuu.. haulnya banyak bangett .. mupeng :P

  4. wahhhhhh... banyaaaaakkkk
    seneng dehh liatnyaa ^^
    ditunggu ripiunya ran :p

    1. banyak=bangkrut, hiks.... iyaaa...ini lagi d jajah satu2, mana yg mau d review..ehehe

  5. Woooooaaaahhh...
    Suuuppppeeer sekali :D

  6. Aku nominasiin kakak di Liebster Awards~ check ya thank you