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Sabtu, 25 Mei 2013

Nail Polish Haul : Revlon nail Enamels New Colors

Hi Girls, if you are following my instagram account, i guess you already knew that i did posted about nail polish lately. yes it's true that i'm currently obsessed with nail polish hihi

it's around the latest two months, i'm starting curious to trying a nail polish brand such like an O.P.I, china glaze, or essie but since i'm not expert to applying nail polish and the finish result is still look messy, i think i should start practice applying a nail polish with the cheapest one first LOL

so now, i'm on my mission to finding a cheap & fun nail polish. last Saturday night, i went to the department store with my hubby, FYI i live in a small city so there is only 3 brand counters in here which selling the nail polish such as pixy, revlon, and l`oreal. pixy is the cheapest one, it's only cost $1,5 but they didn't have a lot of color selection.
l`oreal have a lot of fun color selection, especially for they candy / neon line but it's still too expensive for me. so i decided to dropped by at the revlon counter directly. revlon nail polish is quite cheap in here, only cost for IDR 37rb ($4).

When i arrived on the Revlon counter, the Beauty assistant asked me what kind of the nail colors that i need. as long as i remember, Revlon didn't have some fun or neon color since the last time i visiting their counter. they only have a lot color selection from the nude, red, or brown colors range. however, when i saw their nail polish display, i was surprised, i saw a lot of fun color on their display. let's named them such neon pink, pastel, turquoise, blue, etc.
the beauty assistant told me if there is a lot of new & fun colors available in Indonesia now uh..uh.. i'm so excited.
no wonder when i'm starting "kalap", then picks 8 colors from the display an the the color i've chosen are :

L-R: Charming, Bewitching, Flirt, Mischevous, Chic, Black Lingerie, Sweet tart

oh ya, the Beauty Assistant told me if there is more of fun color which are still currently out of stock such as mint, shocking green, yellow, orange, even the glittery one whoaa it sounds so interesting to have all of them wahaha. I asked her to call me when the more color is back in stock.

i'm not doing any swatches on this post, maybe i will do "nail of the week" post every Monday *pinky promise*.so if you curious about the swatches, please back in here every Monday.

thank you for visiting my blog, please share with me if you have any ideas about the cheap nail polish that i should try. i do love to hear from you.

have a nice and colorful day everyone.

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  1. I have one in red color! As a gift from my best friends!

    Sist, please visit and follow me back :)