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Minggu, 25 November 2012

Review ( Sponsored) : Wet n Wild Coloricon Eyeshadow palette `Petal Pusher`

Hi Friends..., if you a beauty junkie and live in Indonesia.. Maybe some of you already knew that wet n wild cosmetics is available now in Indonesia. This company starts to selling their product in Indonesia directly via online webstore, so you can buy the wet n wild product easily.

Wet n wild is a popular drugstore makeup brand in US. they selling lot of good quality products in a cheap price ranges. About two weeks ago, the company sent me some of their products to be reviewed (Thank you Wet n wild). And today, here is my review about one of their product : Wnw coloricon petal pusher. This is not my first wet n wild eyeshadow palette actually, i already have the `comfort zone` palette and made a review about it here (click)

Product Name : 
Wet n Wild Coloricon eyeshadow 8 pans in `petal pusher`

Where to buy?
go to website http://www.wetnwild.co.id/ 

IDR 149.000, you`ll get 8.5gr amount of 8 eyeshadows


This eyeshadow comes in a plastic compact with the clear cover so you can easily see what you are picking up. It also comes with dual ended applicator (one side is a sponge applicator and the other is a brush).
Description on the back side...


Petal Pusher has 8 purply-pink (cool undertones) shades with two columns (left-right) each splitted into browbone, eyelid, crease, and definer

Browbone : a light ivory pink with shimmery finish
Eyelid : soft mauve pink with satin finish
Crease : not quite-deep purple with blue undertone-satin finish
Definer: light bluish purple with silver sparkles-glittery finish


Browbone : frosty light pink-shimmery finish
Eyelid : plummy purple with golden sparkles-glittery finish
Crease : brownish black with pink sparkles-glittery finish
Definer : black with silver sparkles-glittery finish


Mostly, the colors have a good texture, they are less powdery or chalky, smooth enough and easy to blend, esspecially for the darker colors.
 They have mixed quality about pigmentation. I expected this palette have same fabulous results as the WnW comfort zone palette, but it doesn't. i little bit disapointed with some of the colors, they  have sheer pigmention, it doesn't have a good colors payoff. i have to pick-up more the colors to get the opaque color.
But i don't need to dissapointed entirely. the other colors also have a good pigmentation with using eyeshadow base before, the colors will show up quite well and guess what? I found something unique about these lighter colors. it seems like a duochrome eyeshadows. you can see different colors when you are looking from different angle, very pretty natural. you don't need much the colors pay-off but the colors will show very pretty on the eyelid. you can see my swatches bellow :
see what i mean? it is like a duochrome eyeshadow colors..so pretty..
actually, the IRL colors is more pretty. i wish my camera can capture the colors better.
 left column
right column

Very Good. i tried this palette without a primer, it last about 4-5 hours. i always recommend to use an eye primer or eyeshadow base before apply your eyeshadow. it will makes your eye makeup much last longer, the colors will show more vibrant too.

Overall,this palette is okay. they don't have awesome quality as the comfort zone palette but this palette is still quite a bargain. If you want to experiment with purples and dramatic colors, this is definitely a good idea. You can create so many different looks with it, from the natural look to sexy purple smoky eyes. see the suggestions how to use the colors on the back of packaging. Just make sure to use a eyeshadow base before you apply this palette.

- cheap for the amount of product you’re getting
- very easy to buy it
- the colors are super, super pretty. esspecially if you love the eyeshadow which have a duochrome effects
- good staying power

- not every colors have a good pigmentation
- i think the packaging quite flimsy

thx for reading, see ya on my next post

Senin, 19 November 2012

Review: Cosline Strawberry Yogurt Pack

I just checking up my blog post list..., and guess what? i just realized that i didn't have any single post about skincare review...wuahaha...
Yes, i am a makeup freak..and mostly my blog post is about cosmetics review, but it doesn't mean i never trying any skincare stuff..
i just feel i don`t have a proper skin to showing how good or bad the skincare stuff on my skin.. but today i`m trying to make a review about skincare product..
i`m not gonna show you my skin before or after using this product, but i will share  all the information and my experience using this stuff..
ok let's get started..

product name : 
Cosline Strawberry Yogurt pack

price :
idr 59k/ $6.10 for 170ml 5.7oz

where to buy: 
this product is available at sasa.com

what's this :
COSLINE Yogurt Strawberry Yogurt Pack is a wash off mask which contains strawberry extract (850g), yogurt (170mg) and Vitamin C and E.
COSLINE Yogurt Strawberry Yogurt Pack promotes metabolism rate of skin, smoothes skin and increases skin brightness. The nourishing COSLINE Yogurt Strawberry Yogurt Pack also helps to keep skin elastic and moisturized.

how to use it:
Apply an appropriate amount on clean face, spread evenly and gently massage on the whole face beside eyes and lips. Wait for 15-20 minutes to absorb nutrient. Rinse thoroughly with luke warm water.

country of origins:
i guess this product is made in korea, because they printed the product description in korean words..
is it korean words??

The packaging is cute enough.. it has strawberry picture printed on it.. it's more look alike food product than a beauty product....This mask comes in bulky white jar.., with a big top and hole..so you have to dipping your finger to take the mask out from the jar..of course it's not hygienic at all... but i recomend to use a table spoon or a mask brush..it's more hygienic than dipping your finger..

texture & smells:
The texture is very smooth and soft. It's not sticky at all.. This mask has very creamy gel texture..so you don’t need a huge amount to spreading it on your face. This pack have a very strong smells, the smells just like strawberry yoghurt and very similiar with activia strawberry yoghurt..which is really tempting to eat...hehe

my opinion after use this mask:
 I think this mask is fine for the $6, i got 170ml of this yummy mask.. it's cheaper than any korean pack brand (wash-off mask) such like baviphat or skinfood.
This pack smells amazing, very easy to use.. and make my face really clean and fresh..
i love the cooling sensation when i`m using it on a very hot day.. (especially if i keep it on refrigerator first) it's very relaxing and hydrating.
the down side is i can't see any brightening effects on my face like they claimed..
so, yaa.. i enjoying this mask for relaxing and hydrating my skin only..

- cheap
- yummy smells
- nice texture, creamy and not sticky at all
- hydrating and relaxing my skin
- it contains lot of vitamin C

- un-hygienic packaging
- i can't see any brightening effects on my skin

so, have you ever try this pack?
thx for reading
have a nice day..

Rabu, 14 November 2012

Review&Swatch : Fanbo Fantastic Lipstick no.13

I want this lipstick since a long time ago...it's  a pretty cheap lipstick, according to many Indonesian beauty blogger who have talk about this one on their blog.
Really hard to find this stuff in my town..it's always out of stock everywhere..
i`m back to the local beauty store every 2 weeks just for looking this lipstick only. hope this lipstick will be back in stock.. 
and finally.. after long long journey *ah lebay.. haha*
this color is available by last week.. and i have it now... so... here is my opinion...

Product name : 
Fanbo fantastic lipstick no.13.. have you ever heard about Fanbo brand? Fanbo is an Indonesian cosmetic brand.. they have very cheap range prices.. 

price :
idr 14k/ $1.5 , it's pretty cheap right??

Packaging :
Like another Indonesian cosmetics stuff, the packaging is not so cute. it's come with a red tube, have a golden logo and accent wrapped around the compact... looks not elegant packaging in my opinion.
Another pinky nude lipstick again... glad i have this shade... i`m described it as a milky nude pink colors with  some peachy undertones...
i think this color is suites for any skintone.. since it's not have too warm or cool undertone in it..
looks great with dark smokey eyes or as a neutral every day lippy because it won’t give you dead lips but rather create a  natural look .

texture & pigmentation:
 This lipstick has a good quality texture.. it's creamy.. soft and glides on easily on my lips.. it's really opaque too...Love how the color shows pretty well on my pigmented lips...
Staying power?
 this lipstick last on my lips only for 3 hours..without eating or drinking..not bad at all.. considering how cheap the price...

is it make my lips dry? 
nay!... After testing out this lipstick for a few days.. i didn`t feel my lips dry... and don't forget to use lip balm before you apply a lipstick..

My bare lips

Fanbo Fantastic lipstick no.13

overall, i like this lipstick.. but i`m not falling in love like crazy with this.

- cheap..
- creamy texture, smooth, and pigmented
- beautifull pinky nude colors..
- it's not drying

- bored packaging
- bad staying power

so.. that's my opinion about this lipstick.. hope this review useful for you..
have a nice day..

Senin, 12 November 2012

Review: NYX HD Photogenic Concealer in `Beige`

I`m using ELF Studio Under Eyes Concealer & Highlighter for over 6 months.. It`s a great under eye concealer..but i  almost finished up this concealer.. so,  it`s time to looking for something new...and this is my new one...

Name: NYX HD Photogenic concealer in `Beige`

Where to buy? i bought this concealer at cherry culture.com but you can buy this stuff by pre order on many local online shops that offer NYX products

Price ? $4.5 at cherry culture website, idr 65rb shipping & tax included at local online shop

What it is?
This lightweight cover-up obscures imperfections, discoloration and under eye circles, and it does without ever looking cakey or obvious too. Little wonder the Concealer Wand is one of our best-sellers. The concentrated, emollient-rich concealer formula goes on like a dream, and creates medium to heavy coverage. Available in 12 shades. Use the lavender for sallow skin, the green tone neutralize redness and the yellow for under-eye darkness.

 It comes in a clear plastic tube with a dot wand applicator.. its very easy to use.. but i wish it comes with a squeeze tube packaging for hygienic purpose..

The HD Photogenic Concealer is available in 12 shades, from the  white porcelain to deep colours for very dark skin including three color corrector shades (green, yellow, violet).
i choose the `beige` shade.. it's slightly lighter for my face, but i use it for covering my dark circle only..so, it's perfect for brightening my undereyes area...
How to use it?
 I just apply three dot on my under eyes area (in a little amount) and then blending out using my finger with tapping motion..but sometimes i`m  using a concealer brush to blending out if i`m in hurry.. this concealer definetely can use on other face area to covering your acne, dark spots, redness..
Texture & Pigmentation : 
This concealer has a different texture if i compare with ELF under eyes concealer.. NYX has thicker texture.. but it's still creamy and easy to blend.. it's not look cakey like if i`m wearing cream concealer..but it dries quickly.. so ya, i need to work faster to blending out..

i love the pigmentation.. i think this is the best pigmentation from the cheap range price concealer.. you only need a little ammount to hide the imperfection.. it does amazing job to covering my dark circle...it has slightly powdery finish..


Swatch :

Overall, this concealer really makes me happy... i`m not interested trying NYX concealer again since i`m dissapointed with NYX concealer in a jar packaging.. but this HD concealer is definetely different.. it did a great job..My current favourite concealer at this moment.. i want to repurchase another shade that perfectly match for my face skintone..maybe the shade `tan` is suit for me..

- cheap
- creamy texture, very easy to blend
- pigmented..
- paraben free, talc free

- it dries quickly
- powdery finish
- wand packaging

Thx for reading, have a nice day....

Jumat, 09 November 2012

Review: Batiste Dry Shampoo `Brunette`

Happy `late` november everyone..my first post on this november... Sorry, i`ve been missing in action for two weeks.. i have been very busy... i have to do lot of things and didn't have enough time to take a picture or write a review.. but now i`m back.... hehe..

Today i`m gonna make a review about `Batiste coloured dry shampoo`... this product is one of my favourite products of october..This stuff really did great work to savior my day.. haha...
I really need this stuff! especially for travelling.. I quite often going out of town and when on travel, i do not have much time to wash and dry my hair.. I hate to have bad hair day.. My hair feel greasy and oily all day long...so this stuff is definetelly be my solution....

what's this?
Batiste dry shampoo for Brunette Hair, specially formulated for brunette hair tones to dry and cleanse and complement your hair colour with no powder residue, revitalises greasy, dull and lifeless hair between washes. Quick and convenient to use wherever you are...

how to use it? 
It's very easy to use... you can use this stuff everywhere and anywhere... when  your hair starting greasy or oily..just spray this dry shampoo..The liquid turns into a grey powder, but simply run your fingers through your hair and leave for a few moments, it will absorbs very well  ..and then brush your hair. Violaaaa... your hair is become have more volume and fresh.. as simple as that...
Shake well before use

price? idr 55rb / $5.7 .. you`ll get 5.5 oz..it's quite cheap..

my opinions 
I love the smells of this stuff..it leaves my hair really nice smells .. like a candy smells mixed with some citrus or floral something. This stuff is really great to absorb the oil from my hair..since i have this stuff, i never have a panic day anymore when i have no enough time to wash my hair..
this stuff definetely will not cleaning up your scalp.. so I would not recommend to replace dry shampoo with your regular shampoo and conditioner. only use this product when you needed it..
 I tried spraying it into a paper,the liquid turns into a gray powder
the grey powder..

-smells good
-easy to use..
-completely remove that  oil on my hair..
-add hair volume