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Sabtu, 28 Januari 2012

review n swatch:Wet n wild coloricon eyeshadow collection in `comfort zone`

happy weekend  girls... this time i will give you an eyeshadow pallete review.realizing that there are few reviews in my blog since i'm not big fan of eyeshadow.owning 2 or 3 palletes is enough because i use the same color range daily, so there's no reason to keep several palletes :D. it becomes worse to buy another eyeshadow palette,when i just purchased ELF studio 85 pieces complete the look palette. but  i just want  to this one, since watching wing's review from divamakeupqueen on youtube :
there are main reasons why i have to get this pallete. firstly, it's really suitable  on my make-up case to different occasions. secondly, it's great for your create variety look, from sweet daily look, sexy smokey or even dramatic look. its 8 color combination is awesome therefore you can explore the beauty of you.

so, this is my review...
product name: Wet n wild coloricon eyeshadow collection in `comfort zone`
whats this: a stunning of 8 silky, ultra pigmented day-to-night colors, mix and match for a variety of looks from sweet to wild! all day, crease- resistant colors.
The left side is ivories/ browns
and the right side is olive greens
the right side (with flash)
the left side (with flash)
-The colours are very gorgeous, super pigmented and blendable.
-The shadows are labeled for suggested placement of “crease”, “brow bone”, “define”, and “eyelid” so you know exactly which shade goes where.
-The texture shadows are buttery smooth.none are chalky
-I get all day wear without creasing, fading, or fallout.
swatch (right side-without flash)
with flash
swatch (left side-without flash)
with flash
the only problem that I find with it is that it very fragile, i recieve my palette with cracked on the left definer.

ratting: 4.5 from 5

3 komentar:

  1. haloo mau nanya dong :)
    beli wet n wild nya dimana ya?
    trims ^^

  2. mau tanya,eyeshadow palette yg bagus menurut kamu apa yg pigmented gitu tp ga mahal mahal banget hehe

  3. haloo mau tanya menurut kamu eyeshadow palette yg bagus pigmented dan awet gitu merk apa ya, yg ga mahal mahal bgt hehe. thankyou