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Kamis, 05 Januari 2012

review : ulta extreme wear gel liner & mousse blush

Another review with eyeliner n blush again :lol: . and now i`m gonna review this ulta extreme wear gel eyeliner in `dublin` & Ulta extreme wear mousse blush in pink & peach.
ulta extreme wear gel eyeliner in `dublin

from the web:
-Creamy gel formula applies smoothly with eye liner brush and designed to last all day and night!
-gel based
-not animal tested

im obssesed with eyeliner, i`ve tried so many eyeliner (liquid, pencil, gel) from Urban Decay, MAD minerals, Milani,l'oreal,etc ( i`ve tried local product too) and now i decided to try this ulta gel eyeliner (I've been searching for a nice dark green eyeliner, and ulta have dark green colors seems like what i want).

my first impression?wow...the pot is huge!am i get lot of quantity in it??,so sadly not! i`m looking the label again to see the quantity.. oooh, just the same with another gel liner (3gr or 0.1 oz)... :lol:.

my review:
-I really like the formula, it glides on so easy.I find the texture very creamy so its very easy to apply it.
-The colors just so nice dark green with sparkle glitter on it ( the glitter very subtle), but sometimes it`s come a little bit ashy on my lids.....
-the staying power really  great! i`m so surprised....its can stay on my oily lid for 7 hours without smudging.

- it can`t stay last long on my waterline..
- for under $5 product? i don`t have any serious complain at all......... :lol:
you can buy this gel liner on www.ulta.com ., now this gel eyeliner cost for $10... i bought for only $2 each (on sale, my lucky day... )

Ulta extreme wear mousse blush in pink & peach

from the web: ULTA Extreme Wear Mousse Blush is easy to apply and easy to blend.  The soft creamy formula goes only where you want it and stays in place for an all day natural glow.

my review
- the texture really soft and you`ll get matte finish altough they have lot of glitter in it...
- this stuff can be your perfectly match  if you like the shimmery blush on, without looking like a disco ball....the pink one have a gold glitter, and the peach one have a silver glitter.... very subtle, not chunky at all...
- how `bout the colors? in my opinion, they are really close dupe for benefit coralista and bella bamba..., so i used this blush for daily for replace the benefit blushes....
- i`m impressed with staying power of ulta product... this stuff have a good staying power too.
Direct sunlight L-R : pink-peach

with flash L-R: pink-peach

close dupe to benefit coralista (left) and bella bamba (right)

- its not too pigmented, especially if you have dark skin tone. i`m N30 and i must build this blush over and over to get the colors like what i want. and beware! do not apply with your finger! use a duo fibre blush to avoid the cakey looks.

i think this blushes will be good if you have light or pale skintone...

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