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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Review & Swatch : ELF HD Blush in Superstar

Hi Everyone, this is another ELF product review again.
ELF is one of my favorite US drugstore brand because they offer lots of good quality cosmetics in a cheap prices. So, never get enough for ELF stuffs. Maybe two or three month ago, ELF launched lot of new products on their website and made me so drolling. 
I want to grab all the new items that they have, but since i am in tight budget now, i have to choose what the new elf stuff that i really wanted to buy, so  i only picked ELF contouring blush & bronzing powder in  new shade 'antigua', and the HD Blush, I have it in Superstar.

Product name :
ELF HD blush in 'superstar'

$3 on the website, but if you bought via Indonesian online shop seller, it will cost about $7 / IDR 60.000, include shipping at tax cost, still a big deal.

where to buy: 
This blush is available at www.eyeslipsface.com (click), this website doesn't provide worldwide shipping, especially to Indonesia destination.
so, if you want this blush, you can buy via online seller that offers US cosmetics pre-order.

Whats this: (ELF claims)
Rich and creamy HD Blush naturally both sculpt and highlight the cheekbones for a soft-focus effect that is  great for everyday use.
The Vitamin E enriched formula conditions and hydrates the skin for a healthy, radiant glow. Velvety soft, lightweight and highly pigmented color creates a long-lasting result for all day wear.

If you are a makeup junkie, i bet you all know that ELF HD blushes have very similar packaging with Makeup For Ever (MUFE) HD blush.
look, how similar the packaging..
Yes, the Studio HD Blushes are supposed to be a dupe for the MUFE version but I have no experience with that product at all, so i can't compare the ELF one with the MUFE blush.

ELF blush comes in transparent bottle with black pump and cover. The bottle size is very tiny haha.
The the bottle design is very sleek and simple and it's very easy to work with the pump. It's definitely hygienic too. You can control the amount of the blush that you want but i suggested to pump this bottle very gently. I don't have any complain with the packaging.
The pump

ELF HD blush is available in 5 shades, these are the all shades:

I choose the Superstar.
Superstar is a medium coral pink. In my opinion, it has neutral undertone but a little bit warmer.
I liked to pair this blush with a pinky-nude lip colors. This duet is really flattering.
This blush has lot of golden shimmer in it but the shimmer is very subtle. it's not a matte finish, but the shimmer is not reflecting the light too.
after I'm blending it with the brush, the color on the right side is from the brush swipe.
ELF HD blush superstar on my cheek, pairing with pinky nude lip color
Texture & Pigmentation :
This blush have a liquid texture, not so creamy but it's more watery.
When i blend this blush on my hand, i can feel the smooth silicone texture in it. once you blend it, this blush texture will become like a stain something.
so, when you blending it directly on your cheek, you have to do it quickly before this liquid dry as a stain.

This is the stain
This blush is so crazy pigmented, i think this is the most pigmented blush in this universe haha.
Seriously! I never found the pigmentation of blushes like this. You only need the tiniest amount and you'll get a very opaque color.

Staying power:
Usually the blushes with a cream or liquid texture tend to melting/gone faster than a powder blush but this blush has pretty good staying power.
It can stay almost 8-9 hours on my cheek. i think because the liquid is turn over become a stain. so, this blush can stay much longer than another cream/liquid blushes out there.

Application tips:
Make sure you shake  the bottle up well before dispensing any product. For the first pump, it will came out lot of oil.
The second pump and rest is the blush liquid. Just pump in a tiny amount on your back hand, tap a blush brush to take the color from your back hand, then blending it on your cheek like if you use a powder brush. This way will provide a natural flush on your cheek.

If you love the over pigmented look on your cheek, you can put this blush directly on your cheek, then blend it with your fingertip. 
Put a tiny amount on your hand
tap with a blush brush
Blending your blush brush on your cheek

Overall, i totally impressed with this blush. For the cheap price, i got a great quality of blush.
packaging, pigmentation, texture, staying power, finishing, everything is great for me, but if you're a big fans of natural cheek colors, this pigmentation maybe will be the only down side because it takes a time to blending out if you want a natural look.

- Inexpensive
- crazy pigmented. for me, this is a pro side, because i love to used an over pigmented cheek color
- Good staying power
- almost matte finish
- sturdy and hygienic packaging
- no animal testing

- not available in natural shades. can you imagine the darker colors result? considering how crazy pigmented this blush
- it's not available in Indonesia.

thanks for reading,
have a nice day..


  1. uhhh very intresting^^ i really want it hihihi

  2. Replies
    1. pas itu nitip temen say yg adiknya balik dr US.. :p, tapi di olshop FB banyak kok yg buka ELF

  3. ah menggoda iman sekali :(((((((
    tapi seller disini ngepruk e harganya :(

    1. tapi kalo 60rb kan wajar jeng..mengingat ongkir dr US dan bea cukai sini kalo ngasih bea masuk ngepruk juga..hihi.. emang ada yg lebih mahal ya?

  4. nyata bgt warnanyaaa ! >_< bagus ~~

    follow back ya ~


  5. Aaaa kmren baru beli yg headliner, ini bener2 dupe blush mufe.. super pigmented, tahann seharian pdhl kulit mukaku rada oily. Hemat bgt a little goes all the way. Aku beli ready stock di fb Pinkerbelle Cosmetic. Mo coba yg encore n superstar :3

    1. iyaaaaa..... aku malah pengen coba yg headliner loh..kayaknya pink nya cakep gitu.. awetnya itu aku suka banget..hehe

  6. Ini blush baguss aku kmren beli di fb : pinkerbelle cosmetic. Ready stock kok. Skrg teracuni pengen yg superstarrrrrr