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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Makeup i`ve hit pan or finished up

Today i`m going to talk some makeup products that i have used up or hit pan on.
 I have few items on this post. some of them are my favorite products and i definitely will repurchase them.
when i start writing this post, i felt so guilty. i don't know why i always keep buying more makeup stash, if i can use the same product everyday, kinda make me frustrated actually because it's so hard finishing one product if i have a lot alternative for it. but yay, i`m a makeup junkie, i loved to trying lot of makeup stash and i still can finished up some of them. so, no need to worry anymore LOL just let's get started to the product list :

- Essence matifying powder

i never talked about this powder before, i just realize that i`m using this a lot when i look i almost finished up this powder. this is a good alternative for the expensive MAC blot powder and  doing a good job to matifying my face but i`m not gonna repurchase it i think, because i wanna try matifying powder from another drugstore brand. maybe i will give it a try to rimmel stay matte one.

- NYX powder blush peach

i feel like hitting pan on a blush is kinda like impossible. especially when i looked up on my blushes collection LOL but i finally hitting pan on one blush. this is the NYX powder blush in peach. this blush is my 2012 favorite blush. i really love it  and i`m using it on my regular basis, gonna repurchase it soon.

- Revlon color stay Liquid Foundation.
 This is my third bottle that i`ve finished up and i still wanting to buy the new one. it's affordable, easy to find and the quality just so amazing, at least for me. great staying power and oil control, have a full coverage to hide my face imperfection, very blendable, that's all what i need. this is the best foundation i`ve ever try so far..

- Pixy bold to las gel eyeliner
 I have repurchased my second one now and i guess you guys knew why i loved this gel liner so much. so ya, i`m not gonna talking about this gel liner anymore. just click here, here, and here.

- ELF under eye concealer and highlighter.

did i ever talked about this stuff before? i didn't think so. but this stuff is one of my elf favorites. i loovvve this product so much but for the under eye concealer part only, please ignore the highlighter part. it's totally a mess LOL. the concealer feels very lightweight, easy to blend and can covering my dark circle very well. what is the best part from this eyeliner? it doesn't sink into my under eye fine lines & wrinkles like the other brand does. sometimes the other brand concealer tends to cakey after few hours application and it's looks terrible on me.

- ELF regular & waterproof mascara duo
 this is the cheapest mascara that i`ve ever tried. it's only cost IDR 25k / $2.5 and i think the quality is not bad at all for the price, especially for the waterproof side. it's not clumpy, volumizing my lashes but still looking natural. the downside is it's dried fast but i finished up this mascara before its become dry. will i repurchase it? hmm. i don't know.

- NYX round lipstick `thalia`
 NYX round lipstick is one of my favorite drugstore lippies, i have a few colors of that round lipstick but this is the only one color that i have used up. it's a perfect nude pink lip color for my daily basis. this is my second one i think, but i`m not gonna repurchased it again. i don't know, just kinda felt bored with it.. hihi.my current favorite NYX round lipstick is tea rose now, look similar with the thalia but tea rose is slightly lighter.

so, thx for reading..
have a nice day...


  1. toss dulu mac blot powder mania.. :D
    Aku udah coba rimmel stay matte ran.. ga suka.. jauh deh sama mac blot.. dia bikin matte doang tp oil control nol besar (di aku).. aku malah pengen coba maybelline dream matte.. banyak yg bilang ga kalah sama mac blot, km uda coba blm?

    1. ini punyaku baru dateng dari valen rimmel stay matte nya... belum kucoba seharian sih, cuman sore sampe malem aja.. lumayan sih emang bikin matte... Maybelline dream matte udah coba...menurutku lebih jelek oil control ama efek bikin matte nya daripada rimmel...walopun aku pakenya sore/malem yg gak panas2 an..haha... gak beda ama pake compact2 biasa kalo di aku itu maybelline... kayaknya kalo buat oil control emang harus nyisihin duit buat MAC blot.... skr lagi ngincer the balm sexy mama... udah coba si sexy mama?

  2. Asik ya make up pada abis/ hit pan aku yang selalu habis itu lipbalm soalnya dipake daily :D

    1. aku lip balm malah gak abis2.... selalu lupa pakai...

  3. concealernya elf bagus kah sai? brapaan?

    1. kalo aku sukaaa, soalnya gak cakey.. dan smooth gitu...belinya 60rb an deh pas itu..ehehe

  4. Say nyx tea rose drying ga? Dibanding revlon gimana? :)

    1. lebih drying revlon say... tapi kadang bikin kering juga, tapi gak separah revlon... :p

  5. Pake foundation utk muka yg bermasalah gt gpp kah say? Soalnya selama ini aku slalu pake produk2 dokter, ga brani pake foundation kecuali ke kondangan.. ga memperparah muka kah? Maaf ya kalo lancang nanyaaa... :))