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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Inside My Makeup Pouch

Today's post is not about a product review or an haul but it's about my makeup pouch.
Showing what kind of makeup items that i brought for daily activity.
This is my makeup pouch looks like, the brand is Estee Lauder:
 I owned this pouch over 4 month ago but i didn't use it.
Since my old makeup pouch has broken, the zipper didn't worked anymore, i decide to use the estee lauder one finally. The size is very handy, it looks small but very roomy inside. i can bring lot of cosmetics to make a complete makeup look.

I bring lot of makeup on my daily activity.It's not only for touch-up purpose but i can doing a new makeup look with all the stuff in my pouch, in case i have to go on any special occasion suddenly. I don't rotate the stuff in my pouch very often but sometimes i add some new products that i'm testing out.
so ya, take a look inside my makeup pouch.

FACE products :

  1. Ovale face paper. it's my number 1 emergency kit to touch up.
  2. MAC blot powder : This is my magic powder, keeps my face matte instantly for over 5-6 hours without touch up but since this powder is really expensive, at least for me, i only used it in a special occasion, not in a daily basis. however i always brought this powder on my pouch.
  3. Maybelline clear smooth shine free cake powder.i'm enjoying so much this powder lately. i think this powder will become my new powder foundation HG. i love the texture on my skin, oil free and the coverage is good enough to hide my acne scars. i use is powder if i need some extra coverage on my face.
  4.  The balm down boy blush.i always bring 2 blushes for touch up purpose. this is the pink one.
  5. Maybelline cheeky glow `peachy sweetie`.
  6. Kryolan supra color foundation. i`m depoting the foundation on a tiny jar, this foundation is very creamy, full coverage, and easy to blend.
  7. Unbranded blush brush.This brush is unbranded but it's soft and dense enough and short, so this brush can easily fit into my makeup pouch.

EYES products :

  1. Pixy gel liner.You have heard a lot about this great stuff from me ..LOL
  2. Misha under eye brightening
  3. NYX HD eyeshadow base
  4. Maybelline the magnum waterproof mascara. New mascara that i`m testing out now
  5. Just miss eyebrow pencil. This is my current favorite eyebrow pencil. it's super duper cheap, less than IDR 5k / $0.5, but have a great quality and the cap has a brush too. so it's very convenience to travel with it.
  6. Wardah eyeshadow G. The size is very travel friendly and i like the colors. i can create  few look from natural to smokey with this mini palette.

LIPS products :
  1. Revlon lip butter sugar frosting.
  2. Revlon just bitten kissable lip balm stain`Sweetheart`. i'm using this product in case i need to wear a long lasting lip color.
  3. Maybelline baby lips
  4. Wet n wild megalast just peachy. My current favorite lipstick. i`m using it almost every single day, perfect with any cheek or eye color.
  5. Fanbo fantastic lipstick 13
  6. Revlon colorburst lipgloss buff
few of bobby pin, elastic tie and hair pin too. just in case if i want to make a hair bun in a very humid hot day

So that's the stuffs inside my daily makeup bag..thanks for reading and have a nice day and see yaon the next post...


  1. lengkap banget koleksinya...
    blogwalking :) sama2 aremania salam kenal


    1. Hai vindy.. salam kenal juga..maksih udah mampir sini... ahh senengnya ketemu orang malang lagi..nanti kumain2 d blog nya ya... thx u

  2. Wah.. pengumpul lipstick nude pucat ya mbak? warnanya hampir-hampir begitu semua :D

    1. hihihi..iyaaaa..... emang suka nya warna yg begitu2..hehe

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    have blessed day!

  4. Revlon just bitten kissable lip balm stain nya beli dmn di Indo ya??aku uda lama bgt pgn beli..

    1. ah, maap baru balas... di indo udah avail kok sekarang say..hehe

  5. Revlon just bitten kissable lip balm stain beli dmn ya klo di Indonesia??aku uda lama bgt nyari..

  6. Revlon just bitten kissable lip balm stain di Indonesia beli dmn ya??aku uda lama bgt pgn beliii..

  7. Revlon just bitten kissable lip balm stain di Indonesia beli dmn ya??aku uda lama bgt pgn beliii..

  8. Revlon just bitten kissable lip balm stain di Indonesia beli dmn ya??aku uda lama bgt pgn beliii..