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Jumat, 22 Maret 2013

Ranee R-Matic Eyeliner (black) Review

Hi Friends,
it's been long time since my last Indonesian cosmetic product review by last year and today i`m going to take another Indonesian local brand again.
before i start, i wanna say thank you so much to all of you my friends who supported me a lot to keep writing a products review, especially for Indonesian brands. it means a lot to me. i feel so honor if my reviews useful to other people to get an information about that product.
so ya, let's get started.
Today is an eyeliner review from Indonesian brand and yes, this is a retractable eyeliner from Indonesian brand.
The brand is called Ranee, sounds so excited right?? this is my first time i found a local eyeliner with retractable packaging, feel free to let me know  if you found another.
so here is my review, not a super long post but i hope u can get the necessary point about this product.

Product name : 
Ranee R-matic eyeliner black

Price : 
IDR 25rb / $2 k

- twisted up / retractable
- plastic material
- nothing fancy from the design just blue stick with product name and logo printed on it.
Texture :
- decent
- it's quite soft and creamy, not over creamy like a gel pencil texture but it's not too harsh like a pencil liner too.
- it's quite easy to lining your eyes without tugging your eyes but don't imagine this liner will glides on smoothly.
- the texture is better than maybelline master liner (click here)

Color & Pigmentation :
- the color is medium deep black. it's deep but not a blackest black like a milani liquid eyes or pixy gel liner.
- the pigmentation is good, you can lining your eyes with one stroke only, it's enough to created an opaque eyeliner

Swatch :
Left 3-4 strokes, right 1x stroke

Waterproof test : 
This eyeliner is quite waterproof. it's not gonna fade until you rubbed it hard. see the pictures below,
before i rubbed my hand- it stays very well
after i rubbed my hand gently
after i rubbed my hand very hard

Staying power :
- really good, this liner stays very well on my eyelid for 4-5 hours and last until 8-9 hours.
- pretty smudge-proof. i didn't look my eyes become a raccoon eyes when i'm using this liner but i still can see a little bit drip of the eyeliner on the outer corner eyes. see the pictures below, 

note : i took the last picture at 5 pm after i get a shower..

my experience :
i'm so happy found this eyeliner. it's totally cheap and the quality is good enough. i definitely prefer Ranee matic eyeliner than a maybelline master liner. it's more pigmented and creamy and the staying power is good. i'm happy too with the retractable packaging. I loved to use an retractable than a pencil eyeliner because it's easier to use and no need to sharpen for every application. So ya, i always keep this eyeliner on my makeup bag. it's very convenience to use it as a touch up purpose. i'm sure to always repurchase it.

thx for reading, have a nice day

13 komentar:

  1. Wah.. pas lagi cari eyeliner murah yang waterproof pas ada review ini. Makasih ya mbak.. :)

  2. Raann, aku juga habis nemu retractable eyeliner, tapi merknya Rivera. Tapi si Ranee ini kayaknya lebih murah marebu deh. Hehehe...

    1. berarti 30rebuan yaa... bagus kah rum? mau cobaaaaa...

  3. oh my God, Muraaaaah.. 25rebu doang >___<
    btw sama milani lebih creamy yang mana?

    1. lebih creamy milani..lumaya beda.. kalo ranee ini creamy nya lebih waxy.. kalo milani kan lebih soft hampir2 ke liquid gt ya..

  4. Wow gak nyangka ya produk indonesia itu banyak yang bagus.. Jadi pengen pixy gel liner sama ini.. hihihi..

    1. beli pixy gel liner duluuuuuuuuuu...ehehe.... beneran aweeeeet......

  5. Ini aku udah repurchase 2 kali hihi .. liquidnya ok loo ran, tapi saking awetnya bersihinnya harus usaha deh ..lebih suka ini dari pada liquid pixy soalnya gak glossy macam pixy :D

    1. kuasnya gimana vick? klo pixy kan kuasnya menyebalkan gitu..hahaha

  6. I love your eyes :)!
    Much love,

  7. Hello say, aq lagi cari2 eye liner ini, bisa di beli dimana ya? Thanks