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Monday, January 14, 2013

Review : Maybelline Master Liner -Dark Brown`

I kept my promise to write this review, it's about 'maybelline masterliner'.
Yes, after my haul post (click)  about this eyeliner over three months ago, i received quite lot of request to write review about this eyeliner. They asked me about the quality of this eyeliner and i always answer with "i'll do the review soon dear" haha, deeply sorry for my laziness answering all the questions . so, i hope this review can answered all your question ladies. hope your all enjoying.

as far as i know, this eyeliner is an Asian version from the 'Maybelline master drama' liner which sell in US. I read lot of good reviews about the US version, so when i look this Asian version on the maybelline counter, i was curious, did this eyeliner have the same quality with the US version?
so i decided to bought it. i have it in dark brown colors and here is my opinion about this eyeliner.

Product name :
maybelline master liner in 'dark brown' 

Price :
RRP iIDR 30k / $3.5 but i got this eyeliner on a sale for IDR 19k / $2

Where to buy?
this eyeliner is available on maybelline counter. you can find maybelline counter at department stores or hypermarkets such like a Giant, Carefour..etc.. very easy to find.

Packaging :

this eyeliner comes with a plastic stick retractable packaging, with a hologram label printed on it. looks so classy. i always like the eyeliner with a twist up packaging, it's very travel friendly and very easy to use, you don't need to sharpening. just twist-up the bottom of the stick.


I do not know how many colors are available for this Masterliner in Indonesia, but i only seen two colors at the maybelline counter here, black and dark brown.
Remembering i have lot of black eyeliners on my vanity table, i choose the dark brown color.
in my opinion, the dark brown is almost look like a black colors on my eyelid because this eyeliner doesn't have any red tones in it. it's more like taupe or gray something, not exactly brown..
Texture & Pigmentation :
This eyeliner have a kohl eyeliner texture but it's little bit clumpy and not so creamy. so when i applied this eyeliner on my eyes it's like tugging my eyelid. it doesn't glide as smooth as liquid or gel liner because the texture. I don't recommend using this eyeliner for a tight line method. it's definitely will hurt your eyes before you get the opaque color.
just using this eyeliner for your upper-lash line (eyelid) or underline. the pigmentation is not good enough, it's quite difficult to get a opaque color but it's very build able. I need 4-5 strokes to get the color payoff but 2 strokes is enough for the natural result.
Swatch :
maybelline masterliner on my eyes. it's more like a black colors than a black brown

Staying power:
this eyeliner is waterproof enough, i did the waterproof test bellow
- washed with water
- then i rubbed it. look, it stays quite well although a little bit fade. so, when you are crying and you don't rubbed your eyes, this eyeliner will be stay in place nicely.

this eyeliner is smudge-proof too, it doesn't make you look like have a raccoon eyes, at least for 5-6 hours, quite decent.

overall, this eyeliner have a decent quality.. i didn't hate either loved too. i keep this eyeliner on my makeup pouch since i liked to used to touch up my under eye liner with this stuff. you will not like it if you are a fans of dramatic eyeliner but if you like an natural eye look, i suggest to use this eyeliner.

- cheap
- easy to find
- travel friendly packaging, and very easy to use
- waterproof
- quite smudge-proof

- clumpy texture, and not so creamy
- bad pigmentation

thx for reading
have a nice day..


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