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Senin, 26 Desember 2011

FOTD : `cat eyes` liner on simple natural look.........

my new FOTD post.... my new favourite daily look ( its really make my big round eyes look  smaller)

what i`m use? 
- Daiso Royal jelly lotion ( as moisturizer)
- Acnes UV Tint (sunblock)
- Benefit Porefessional ( my current HG primer!)
- Physicians Formula strenght conceal RX ( in green, its perfect for covering my redness &acne scars)
- Inez satin smooth liquid foundation
- Tarte natural cheek stain in `flush` ( just 1 light swipe, then blend it well on the cheekbones)
- Benefit Hoola on benefit powda wowza box powder ( light swipe too, under my cheekbones)
- LT pro contouring kit ( use the highlighter on nose bridge)
- ELF shimmering facial whip `lilac petal` (use small tiny ammount as under eye highlighter)
- Palladio Rice Powder (as setting powder)


- MAC amplified lipstick ` chatterbox `
- NYX Round lipstick `pimpkin pie`
- NYX sheer Gloss

i apply  shimmery nude brown color on my eyelids and the darker shade on my crease ( really2 in light swipe)and then.. blend it well...
i used gel liner & individual falsies in outer corner lashline, to get the effect of `cat eyes` n make my eyes look smaller but in natural way....
smudge the gel liner ( sheer apply) on lower lashline
- Skin 69 oriental eye lifting serum ( for under eye base)
- ELF under eye conceal &highlighter ( for covering my dark circles)
- Urban Decay potion Primer `eden` (as eyeshadow base)
- Urban Decay Cream shadow `whipped` (light apply on my eyelids)
- Sleek i-divine eyeshadow `sunset` palette ( i used the `x` shade, lighter on my eyelids, the darker shade on my crease)
- Viva eyebrow pencil ( use lightly to feel my eyebrow to get natural look)
- ELF duo regular &waterproof mascara
- Bobbi brown gel eyeliner `balck ink`
- Jolly individual lashes

Sabtu, 24 Desember 2011

review: ELF studio 85 piece complete the look palettes

Today i`m back with this review of ELF studio 85 pieces complete the look palettes. This is beautiful palette i purchased for idr 240k or approx $27 ( actually this palette is sale from $40 to $15 at ELF web, but i must paid for extra shipping & handling cost, because the items really bulky... :lol:).This is pretty limited edition palette from E.L.F. This convenient make up collection for your eyes, lips, and face. A great value for any makeup lover.This palette includes:
- 60 eyeshadow colors
- 20 lip colors
- 3 blushes
- 2 bronzer

my first impression??i`m  really2 impressed with this palette,these palettes will give me a lot to work with, without i`m carry to much beauty items on my traincase for MUA works. Its good enough for how much you cost...

eyeshadow :
lot of gorgeous shades here

I love the wide variety of colors, they have gorgeous lid shades and a perfect highlighter for each.Some are matte and some do have shimmer to them. the pigmentation of the shimmer/glittery is better than the matte finish, but it`s ok! I always use an eye primer on the shadows if I want a vibrant, bright look( imo, its good enough for matte eyeshadow pigmentation).i love the the shades on this palette.lot of perfect colors and beautifull shade in it, you get the natural, pink, bright or dark shades in one palette.

swatch ( without and with primer underneath),some of colors... just to show you my favorite gorgeous shades in this palette.

lips colors:
its very pigmented, the texture very smooth,they're creamy, soft and shiny. not drying in my lips.lot of beautifull colors here..., and guess what? the staying power of this lip colors are really2 good...

blushes and bronzers:
the blushes come in light pink (for highlighter), pink, and peach colors.. and the bronzers come in shimmery and matte brown colors.i love the idea: blushes, bronzers, highlighter and darkest shade for contouring my face in one palette... the blushes and shimmery bronzers are very pigmented, but the matte bronzer not! i must apply over and over to get the perfect shades. unfortunetelly me not likey the blushes shades... its come in very2 `standart` colors ( i dont know how to say?? ) its mean nothing specials with the colors of the blushes.

the blushes
the bronzers

overall, this stuff are good enough, I would reccomend this to a newbie at make-up, someone looking for a wide variety of eyeshadow colors, or someone on a small budget.

Jumat, 23 Desember 2011

FOTD: Benefit Bella Bamba on my cheek

hoollaaaaaa..... , i`m back again.... kali ini mau posting FOTD (sebenernya di ambil udah beberapa waktu lalu sih), mau pamer cantiknya benefit bella bamba di pipiku aja... :lol:, kemaren2 sempet males banget colek2 lenongan.... abis kedatengan bella bamba, nafsu melenongnya muncul lagi.... dan ini tersangka utamanya (sori aku ambil pict nya dari karlasugar ya.... soalnya pas ku foto sendiri warna nya gak mau keluar2...huhuuuu):

deskripsi warnanya si watermelon shimmery pink, dan ini pigmented banget.... aku applynya pakai duo fibre, terus di buffer pakai flat top brush yang udah dicocol face powder dikiit, soalnya kalo gak gitu jatohnya bakal pink banget+lot of shimmer... which is....me not likey..., dan ini setelah di pipiku....

aku pakainya emang super tipiiiiis, cuma mau ambil efek semu2 pink gitu, dan maap kalo di foto jadinya white cast... rada oon poto malem2 pake foundie ber-spf.... :lol:

-Daiso Royal jelly lotion
-Benefit Porefessional ( OMG! this primer just so awesome!!)
- Revlon Colorstay `True Beige`
- Inez loose powder
- Marcks loose powder as setting powder
- Benefit Bella bamba
- ELF.Shimmering facial whip `toasted`

- Urban Decay Primer Potion in `original`
- Inez eyeshadow palette in `vienna`
- Physicians Formula gel liner `black`
- ELF.Shimmering facial whip `toasted` for browbone
- PIXY liquid eyeliner
- ELF Waterproof Mascara duo (my current HG!  its really2 and totally waterproof&smudgeproof)
- Viva eyebrow pencil

- NYX round lipstick Thalia
- Maybelline Moisture extreme ` natural nude`

Rabu, 21 Desember 2011

Quick review: My current HG for pencil eyeliner : Milani Liquif-eye Metallic Eyeliner Pencil

product description:
Extremely smooth eye pencil with the application and feel of a liquid liner that delivers true color payoff, in a metallic finish with a long-lasting wear

my opinion:
 I've recently reviewed my HG pencil liner here,but...so sadly the Urban decay `perversion` no longer available in store, so i decied to look another option for my pencil liner.. and this is it! my new HG pencil liner :Milani Liquif-eye Metallic Eyeliner Pencil

what i like:
-This liner is really nice, The texture is silky and smooth.It applies very smoothly with no tugging.
-The color is very intense and black (ther is nothing metallic about the color Just a matte color).. It's the blackest and most opaque eyeliners I've ever used.

-This stuff have same quality (even better) with Urban decay perversion eyeliner.for the price you are paying,you will get the same quality (even better) of Urban Decay eyeliners.
-I have extremely  oily skin. so sometime my eyeliner has a tendency to smudge and move around. But This eyeliner lasts all day (at least for 7 hours) in my lids with no fading (with or without primer).But unfortunately, this eyeliner  a little bit smudge in my lowerlash line,but still have a goodstaying power in my waterline... (but i`m still looking for liner that can stay all last day in my waterline... ;lol: )

i`ll  give you the picture, too proof that the staying power of this stuff really2 nice...
swatch (only 1 stroke),very opaque and pigmented.....

I've rubbed the swatch and... the colors still intense... really2 waterproff and good staying power
the only thing i hate : it is hard to sharpen to a point.
repurchased : yes

Jumat, 16 Desember 2011

10 cheap but great products from indonesian cosmetics brand

1. two way cake/powder : inez precious powdery cake

I was curious to try this powder due to excellent reviews in the FD forums.
I use this powder has been approximately a year ago
after trying this powder I really fell in love and never intended to try another powder.
yaay, This powder really really has become my Holy Grail product
what i`d like about this powder:
- high coverage
- The fine texture
- not cakey or oxidize on my skin ( apply with duo fibre)
- long lasting
- The shade `beige` perfectly matches my skin tone ( N30 )
- its very cheap $2.5 (idr 23k) for the reffil and $3.5 (idr 30k) for the full size with the blue packaging.
The things I don't like about this powder is the smell and the packaging looks very cheapy.but you can ignore these two things..haha

2. make up remover : wardah pure olive oil
This is my fav eye makeup remover of all time! not only does it remove the best and not irritate,but helps my skin condition on eyes area.
I've been having very dry skin lately (especially under the eyes)  so this is a wonderful natural moisturizer for my under eyes area.
i`ve used different types of makeup removers. some were too heavy, others were too runny and drying my under eyes area.

what i like?
- its great to removes all my eyes&lips make up, even it waterproof eyeliner or mascara.... so easy...so gentle....
- extra benefit to helps condition my lashes as well and this is a wonderful natural moisturizer for my under eyes area.
- i love the smell...., it seems like aromatheraphy to relaxed your mind before you go to sleep,
- the price?very cheap... $1.9 ( approx idr 17.000 ) for 50ml.

3. body scrub : wardah olive soft scrub

Believe me, this scrub is so amazing....it works a lot  to remove dead skin and keep the skin feeling soft, glow and moisturised
price? $2.5 (IDR 23k) for 240ml, its huge!!
what i like?
- the smells so nice
- the granules smooth enough... but the texture not so creamy..so, in my opinion..this is the perfect scrub to exfoliates dead skin really well.
- not too harsh
- the packaging cute enough.... but its not travel friendly.
- i`ll get instanly glowing n smooth skin.... so lovely.....

4. liquid eyeliner : PIXY liquid eyeliner in `black`

thanks to my FD friend : Mada Foe, she was told me that this product so great...
and this is true.... i`m so in love with this stuff and i`ve stop to spend a lot of money seeking for the great liquid eyeliner.

what i like?
- The black shade is very true to black and I absolutely love the pigmentation of this liner
- waterproof
- It stays put all day without smudging  (good staying power but melts off easily with make-up remover)
- this product lasted on me for min 10 hrs ( i have extremely oily lids)
- it dries quickly
- It does not flake like another cheapy liquid eyeliner
for the $3 (idr 27.000) cost of eyeliner, this product just so amazing

5. face mask: ovale lemon face  mask
 (sorry i forgot to take the picture of this items)
another amazing and cheap product for acne prone skin.I use this once or twice a week.
 what ilike?
-Inexpensive $0.5 ( idr 4.000) / sachet
-smells wonderful (it smells exactly like lemonade)
-easy to use
-not only leaves my skin soft and fresh ,but it also cleared up and dry out pimples faster.
-doesn't dry skin out like another face mask

6. foundation: caring stay true foundation

i have the review about this foundation in here, this is a good foundation for daily use, especialy for a woman who haves oily skin like me.
what i`d like:
- it had a pump
- medium to full coverage
- long lasting, great oil control
- matte finish

7. body lotion/butter : mustika ratu zaitun body butter

If you don’t know what body butter is, it is like lotion only quite a bit thicker.It actually does sort of have a texture like butter, only it is not at all like greasy like butter.
what i like?
-This product smells amazing, without being overpowering but very fresh and clean.
-I love the soft feel of this lotion .the texture totally smooth. so this is very moisturizing.but   However this  butter tends to be a little thick in the humid sunny day.
- I love olive as a beauty product, so I was excited to try this body butter.
- It's a great basic moisturizer,keep my skin glowing all night long .This is my must-use body moisturizer in the night! (i`m not use this stuff on the sunny day,just because this lotion dont have any SPF at all)

the best time to apply moisturizer is when you get out of a evening shower and your pores are still open and your skin is moist so the moisturizer applies better.

8. eyebrow pencil : viva eyebrow pencil

 this is the most popular eyebrow pencil in my country....almost every woman love this stuff!!including me!
what i like?
-Its very inexpensive.its only cost $2 ( approx idr 15k)
-The texture is not too hard or soft, just right so that if you use a light hand you can get really natural strokes. I hate brow pencils that are too soft because its really hard to apply naturally.
-It lasts very well
the only thing people gripe about is the color selection.they only have 2 colors: black and brown (redish brown)

9. blush on: inez colour contour plus blusher in `gold dipped brick`

actually i love two shades of blushes from this brand; autumn rose and gold dipped brick, but i choose `gold dipped brick`because its really2 give me a natural warm glowing cheek, without looking overpowering..
what i like?:
-high pigmentation.is very pigmented gives the same color payoff as the NARS blush....
-A very nice texture,soft and easy to blend
-The shimmer is not chunky
-You get a lot of quantity in the pan
- good staying power...

10.eyeshadow base : aubeau eye make-up base

i have review of this product, click here..this is my daily eyeshadow base..its really great for the price....

Jumat, 09 Desember 2011

best `lokal` foundation (in my opinion)

Belakangan, aku lagi seneng-seneng nya coba foundation lokal...  sebenernya sih kalo soal foundie, aku emang lebih suka ke yang lokal punya daripada brand luar.
  • Pertama, karna kalo foundie harus bener-bener bisa liat IRL nya sebelum beli, jadi mengurangi kemungkinan salah shade plus bisa ngecek tekstur.
  • Kedua, aku termasuk orang yang pakai foundie buat daily, jadi kalo pakai foundie yang beli di webstore luar, kadang suka keabisan dan panik karna kalo repurchase mesti lama nunggu-nya... dan yang
  • Terakhir, believe me, i`ve tried so many foundie dari brand2 luar... mulai dari yang murah kayak jordana-NYC, atau yang harga nya lumayan macem NYX, rimmel,maybelline,milani,naturactor sampe yang harganya pricey macem benefit, smashbox, MAC dan NARS (tapi ada beberapa brand yang belum sempet nyoba yang di rave bagus punya`nya estee lauder, MUFE sama channel) ....dan ternyataaa kualitasnya+hasilnya juga beda2 tipis sama foundie lokal  kalo adonan base+setting nya mantep.
oke..., ini perbandingan 4 foundie lokal yang menurutku bagus, dan udah repurchase beberapa kali (aku urutin nya acak aja ya, soalnya tiap2 foundie punya plus-minus nya masing2...)

1. La tulipe Perfect foundation

  • coverage : full- bener2 mantep coverage nya, even my gigan pores aja bisa ketutup semua... redness, blemishess.... tercover semua.
  • finishing : matte finish, smooth- not cakey or sink into finelines.
  • texture : creamy, tapi bener-bener thick. jadi rada sulit di blend. perlu extra waktu buat nge-blend nya. Tapi kalo udah nge-blend bakal bagus banget.
  • staying power : A ratting. awet seharian, paling cuma di blot2 aja biar fresh lagi.
  • oxidize : no
tips dari saya :
  •  foundie ini karena full coverage, dia berat kalo dipakai daily. tapi berhubung dia `plus` nya banyak banget, aku sering maksa buat di pakai daily. Jadi biasanya aku campur pakai foundie cair yang ringan banget, hampir kaya tinted moisturizer macem sariayu punya. jadi gak terlalu berat, coverage tetep dapet.
  • tools paling pas buat apply ini foundie adalah sponge lembab, aku biasanya pakai blender sponge, lumayan bikin mudah pas apply. gak terlalu susah banget, dan langsung nge-blend ke kulit. Kalo pakai brush (foundie brush, stipling, or powder brush) bakal memakan waktu lama dan hasilnya gak se flawless kalo pakai sponge.
  • -gak perlu concealer buat nutupin redness, dll.... karena ini udah nutup banget. Kecuali buat under eyes.

2. Inez satin smooth foundation

  • coverage: sheer to medium.. pas banget buat d pakai daily tanpa keliatan `berat`,lumayan cover imperfection wajah.
  • finishing:dewy to matte finish... ini foundi lokal yang imo finishingnya paling oke...kayak namanya, bener2 satin smooth... ngeblend bagus banget di kulit, keliatan kaya second skin deh... really2 love it.
  • texture: liquid, easy to blend... apalagi kalo pakai primer dulu di bawahnya
  • staying power ; C+, cepet bubar jalan kalau tanpa primer&setting spray. tapi kalo pakai primer,jadi aweet...
  • oxidize: yes, tergantung adonan di bawahnya..

  • best result kalo applynya pakai stippling/flat top brush, bener2 keliatan natural.....
  • buat hemat primer, belakangan ini aku pakainya di mix sama Caring stay true foundation . finish nya tetep inez, tapi oil control mantep banget karena caring nya....

3. Caring stay true foundation
-ini foundie udah pernah aku review di sini ya.... klik: http://pinkyrose21.blogspot.com/2011/08/review-caring-stay-true-foundation.html

4.aubeau true cover foundation

  • coverage: medium to full, tapi hasilnya gak berat di muka kaya la tulipe...
  • finishing: matte finish, a little bit powdery.
  • texture: creamy, gampang di blend kalo tools nya pas
  • staying power: B+, awet,good oil control
  • oxidize: no
  • best result apply nya pakai angled foundation brush, hasilnya bagus banget.... cover wajah tapi tetep natural look....,
  • sayang nya shade foundie aubeau cuman 4, jadi kalo gak dapet shade yang pas mesti nge-mix2 lagi....

Sekian share saya tentang foundation lokal yang menurut saya oke dan boleh di coba... thx udah mampir sini, have a nice day...