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Jumat, 22 April 2011

Review: Aubeau Eye Make-up Base

hmm... actually, i wanna make this post a long time ago.. but i always forgotten..hihi..really glad i found this stuff.. and now i almost finish it.. this product name is : Aubeau eye makeup base.. i heard about this stuff from Femaledaily.com forum.. lot of FD`ers rave about this eyeshadow base...

IDR 24k / $2.6 for 10gr

what this? Aubeau is an Indonesian local brand. basically this stuff is an eyeshadow base to make your eyeshadow more vibrant and much longer

it comes in a tube.. it's very hygienic because the hole is very tiny..just squeeze it the perfect amount of you want and no need to dip your finger on the product

this eyeshadow base texture like a lotion.. it's white and very creamy.. very easy to blend.. not sticky at all..

here is the picture, i made a comparison with Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion..
as you can see on this picture, Aubeau did a good job to made a eyeshadow more vibrant than UDPP

staying power:
of course the UDPP did a better job to made a eyeshadow much longer.., but Aubeau is not bad.. it stayed up to 6 hours on my lid without creasing..

final verdict:
- cheap
- very light texture, easy to blend.. not sticky
- it's good to make eyeshadow more vibrant
- hygienic packaging ( pointy and tiny hole)
- average staying power

- none..

6 komentar:

  1. hai ranii.. I dunno how I end up here, tapi jadi penasaran dan tertarik banget untuk beli eyeshadow base nya. Beli dimana sih? Di toko make up lokal kotaku ga ada soalnya.. :( Love your reviews!

  2. kamu tinggal dmn say? aku di malng soalnya..beli di toko kosmetik biasa gitu bukan di mall...hehe

  3. Huuuaa....
    ternyata ini bagus toooh. Tau gitu gw beli. Tapi ini gada pelsong-nya kan yaaah? Belinya di toko kosmetik gt kan yah..

    1. iya catra, di toko kosmetik biasa..kalo lokal gak ada palsunya deh kayaknya, apalagi murce..hehe

  4. woow keren... aq suka baca blog km Rani.. bnyk review tentang produk lokal yg bagus, gak kalah sama produk luar, and really2 worth to buy! thankss a lot.. those inspiring me so much.. :D already followed you..


    1. makasih gitaaa, thx udah main2 ke sini.. k
      aku main ke blog kamu juga yach.. hehe