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Sabtu, 28 Januari 2012

review n swatch:Wet n wild coloricon eyeshadow collection in `comfort zone`

happy weekend  girls... this time i will give you an eyeshadow pallete review.realizing that there are few reviews in my blog since i'm not big fan of eyeshadow.owning 2 or 3 palletes is enough because i use the same color range daily, so there's no reason to keep several palletes :D. it becomes worse to buy another eyeshadow palette,when i just purchased ELF studio 85 pieces complete the look palette. but  i just want  to this one, since watching wing's review from divamakeupqueen on youtube :
there are main reasons why i have to get this pallete. firstly, it's really suitable  on my make-up case to different occasions. secondly, it's great for your create variety look, from sweet daily look, sexy smokey or even dramatic look. its 8 color combination is awesome therefore you can explore the beauty of you.

so, this is my review...
product name: Wet n wild coloricon eyeshadow collection in `comfort zone`
whats this: a stunning of 8 silky, ultra pigmented day-to-night colors, mix and match for a variety of looks from sweet to wild! all day, crease- resistant colors.
The left side is ivories/ browns
and the right side is olive greens
the right side (with flash)
the left side (with flash)
-The colours are very gorgeous, super pigmented and blendable.
-The shadows are labeled for suggested placement of “crease”, “brow bone”, “define”, and “eyelid” so you know exactly which shade goes where.
-The texture shadows are buttery smooth.none are chalky
-I get all day wear without creasing, fading, or fallout.
swatch (right side-without flash)
with flash
swatch (left side-without flash)
with flash
the only problem that I find with it is that it very fragile, i recieve my palette with cracked on the left definer.

ratting: 4.5 from 5

Jumat, 06 Januari 2012

Sariayu Trend Warna 2012 Etnika Nusa Tenggara

Review lokal produk lagi ya... dan review pake `bahasa` lagi.....hohoho, kali ini haul terakhir sebelum malem tahun baru 2012 kemarin sih.. pas jalan2, kebetulan ngelihat produk terbaru Sariayu yang terbaru udah ada yang dijual....
 Tahun 2012 Sariayu masih konsisten ngeluarin Trend warna yang berasal dari budaya asli Indonesia. Kali ini edisi Etnika Nusa Tenggara ini pun punya 2 koleksi seperti beberapa  Trend warna Tahun sebelumnya, yaitu koleksi seri Kelimutu dan seri Bena.  Seri Kelimutu yang terinspirasi dari danau 3 warna, dan Seri Bena yang terinspirasi dari kampung adat bena yang kaya tradisi. Masing-maing koleksi terdiri dari eyeshadow, lipstick dan duo lip function dan beberapa produk pelengkap.

pertama liat iklan ini, sebenernya yang pengen kubeli adalah shimmering powder nya yang bentuk bunga itu, bener-bener ide cemerlang untuk ukuran produk lokal... tapi sayang di kotaku belum masuk... akhirnya aku pilih 2 macem barang yang warna nya aku suka dan ada stok nya..haha.... eyeshadow dari seri kelimutu, dan duo lip function dari seri bena.
Eyeshadow seri kelimutu ini warna nya nuansa biru... cuman yang paling suka warna lemony green nya yag bawah sendiri itu bangeeeeet,dan  gak seperti palette sariayu sebelumnya yang cenderung shimmery/glitter finish, seri kelimutu ini cenderung ke satin finish dan satu warna yang navy blue malah matte finish.... (horeeee, akhirnya ada juga yang matte finish). kalo soal pigmentasi gak ada komplain soal ini.... satu2 nya komplain adalah aplikatornya yang kasar dan jelek.... hihi.

Duo Lip function Bena nya juga bagus... aku penggemar warna2 nude, makanya aku pilih warna ini yang paling nude di antara pilihan yang ada... buat harga 54k ( kalo gak salah inget) udah dapet lipstick+lipgloss dalam 1 kemasan worth it banget... dan ini ternyata gedeee dan panjang.... jadi kayak double size gitu.... sayangnya pas aku beli lipsticknya belum ada testernya, jadi pas aku coba pakai warna nya kurang opaque di bibir aku, mesti apply berkali2 untuk dapet warna yang pas.... dan tone orange nya bikin muka undertone pink jadi rada kusem....tapi kalo udah di tumpuk sama lipgloss nya jadi cakep...

sekarang selamat menikmati swatch dan pict nya ya.....
duo lip function Bena dan Eyeshadow seri Kelimutu

seri Kelimutu ini warna nya navy blue,teal, dan lemony green(sayang yang ijo kurang nangkep di kamera gambarnya)

Kalo soal pigmentasi, Sariayu gak ada yang ngalahin untuk ukuran produk lokal, ini aku sekali colek aja... teksturnya juga buttery banget, sayangnya yang navy blue rada chalky...mungkin karena dia matte finish ya... ( ini juga alasan suka karna sariayu di sini  bikin matte finish)

coba pakai di mata, maap itu alisnya lagi gak rapih..huhuuu

Swatch (direct sunlight): finishnya sekarang lebih cenderung satin finish ya, gak yang glitter/shimmer heboh kayak koleksi Sariayu yang sebelumnya

Swatch (with flash)

Kamis, 05 Januari 2012

review : ulta extreme wear gel liner & mousse blush

Another review with eyeliner n blush again :lol: . and now i`m gonna review this ulta extreme wear gel eyeliner in `dublin` & Ulta extreme wear mousse blush in pink & peach.
ulta extreme wear gel eyeliner in `dublin

from the web:
-Creamy gel formula applies smoothly with eye liner brush and designed to last all day and night!
-gel based
-not animal tested

im obssesed with eyeliner, i`ve tried so many eyeliner (liquid, pencil, gel) from Urban Decay, MAD minerals, Milani,l'oreal,etc ( i`ve tried local product too) and now i decided to try this ulta gel eyeliner (I've been searching for a nice dark green eyeliner, and ulta have dark green colors seems like what i want).

my first impression?wow...the pot is huge!am i get lot of quantity in it??,so sadly not! i`m looking the label again to see the quantity.. oooh, just the same with another gel liner (3gr or 0.1 oz)... :lol:.

my review:
-I really like the formula, it glides on so easy.I find the texture very creamy so its very easy to apply it.
-The colors just so nice dark green with sparkle glitter on it ( the glitter very subtle), but sometimes it`s come a little bit ashy on my lids.....
-the staying power really  great! i`m so surprised....its can stay on my oily lid for 7 hours without smudging.

- it can`t stay last long on my waterline..
- for under $5 product? i don`t have any serious complain at all......... :lol:
you can buy this gel liner on www.ulta.com ., now this gel eyeliner cost for $10... i bought for only $2 each (on sale, my lucky day... )

Ulta extreme wear mousse blush in pink & peach

from the web: ULTA Extreme Wear Mousse Blush is easy to apply and easy to blend.  The soft creamy formula goes only where you want it and stays in place for an all day natural glow.

my review
- the texture really soft and you`ll get matte finish altough they have lot of glitter in it...
- this stuff can be your perfectly match  if you like the shimmery blush on, without looking like a disco ball....the pink one have a gold glitter, and the peach one have a silver glitter.... very subtle, not chunky at all...
- how `bout the colors? in my opinion, they are really close dupe for benefit coralista and bella bamba..., so i used this blush for daily for replace the benefit blushes....
- i`m impressed with staying power of ulta product... this stuff have a good staying power too.
Direct sunlight L-R : pink-peach

with flash L-R: pink-peach

close dupe to benefit coralista (left) and bella bamba (right)

- its not too pigmented, especially if you have dark skin tone. i`m N30 and i must build this blush over and over to get the colors like what i want. and beware! do not apply with your finger! use a duo fibre blush to avoid the cakey looks.

i think this blushes will be good if you have light or pale skintone...

Rabu, 04 Januari 2012

Top 10 Blog Award

Yaaaay,my first post in 2012....happy new year all.....i would say  thank you so much to gorgeous beauty blogger : shella from polishwonderland.... , she gave me "Top 10 Blog Award". Lot of reviews of nail polish,nail art, and make up at her blog...its awesome........ so you may visit her blog...

Top 10 Blog Award

Rules are :
1. Thank for being tagged.
2. Put in the link to the blog of a person who tagged you.
3. Put on your blog the logo Top 10 Blog Award.
4. Choose 10 bloggers to be tagged by you.
5. Put links to their blog. 
6.Inform them about it.
7. Create the list of your top 10 cosmetics. 

So these are bloggers i decided to tag :
9. nicola

and this is my top 10  favourite cosmetics :
 1. Sariayu 25 tahun eyeshadow palette
2. Bobbi brown shimmer powder blush
3. Urban Decay Eyashadow primer potion `eden`
4. Max factor bronzing powder
5. Pureluxe erasers
6. E.L.F under eye concealer& highlighter
7. E.L.F mascara duo regular&waterproof
8. Bobbi brown gel eyeliner
9. Maybelline moisture extreme lipstick
10. Revlon Colorstay foundation

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