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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Top 10 Blog Award

Yaaaay,my first post in 2012....happy new year all.....i would say  thank you so much to gorgeous beauty blogger : shella from polishwonderland.... , she gave me "Top 10 Blog Award". Lot of reviews of nail polish,nail art, and make up at her blog...its awesome........ so you may visit her blog...

Top 10 Blog Award

Rules are :
1. Thank for being tagged.
2. Put in the link to the blog of a person who tagged you.
3. Put on your blog the logo Top 10 Blog Award.
4. Choose 10 bloggers to be tagged by you.
5. Put links to their blog. 
6.Inform them about it.
7. Create the list of your top 10 cosmetics. 

So these are bloggers i decided to tag :
9. nicola

and this is my top 10  favourite cosmetics :
 1. Sariayu 25 tahun eyeshadow palette
2. Bobbi brown shimmer powder blush
3. Urban Decay Eyashadow primer potion `eden`
4. Max factor bronzing powder
5. Pureluxe erasers
6. E.L.F under eye concealer& highlighter
7. E.L.F mascara duo regular&waterproof
8. Bobbi brown gel eyeliner
9. Maybelline moisture extreme lipstick
10. Revlon Colorstay foundation