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Kamis, 27 Desember 2012

My New Hair Look & Ryuuta Wig Review

How's your days friends? i always hope you have wonderful days. Today i wanna talk about my new hair look ..yaaay...
If you are on my facebook friend list, some of you maybe knowing that i have uploaded some pictures from my mobile phone few days ago and i mentioned about my new hair look. its brown, long and i love it so much.

After i uploaded a picture, lots of my friends asked me personally, everyone that ever meet me are know that i have a medium black hair with unhealthy condition
so when they all see my picture, or meet me with my new hair look. they complimented my hair and asked lot of questions like where did i get hair treatment and coloring? because it's really looks so healthy and the color is gorgeous, did i put a hair clip or a hair extension since the hair looks thicker and longer?
no..no.. it's just a hair wig ..hihi.. YES, i was wearing a hair wig.  I just got a new hair wig from Ryuuta Wig, Hair Extension &  Accesories  shop, this is my first hair wig ever and i`m so happy with it.. 

I always wanting have a long, curl and light colored hair. it's quite difficult happen on me, considering i have a dry and super frizzy hair now, it's my bad too much applying a chemical hair product and hot styling product before.
so how can i get my dream hair without all that abused tools? i think, using a hair wig is a best answer now. so, say goodbye to hair straightener, curling iron, styling hair product, chemical hair colored product ..haha..

This is the chosen wig from ryuuta shop page, its curly,brown  and very long (80 cm). the code is VW2026

this is the wig looks on me..
it's look more blond on the picture because of the room light but the color is more brown on the real life, very pretty brown color.

the IRL color is more like on this pict, sorry for bad quality pict.. i took this pict with my ponsel cam only..
i'm super excited with my new hair, just love it to the max

i'm sorry if i can't compare with another wig brands because i never worn or owning another brand. however, in my honest opinion. this wig is not too shiny, so it doesn't look the fake one. this wig is have a fake scalp too. it's quite fluffy and thick. my friends didn't noticed if i'm wearing a hair wig until i said it's just a wig ..haha.. and they are shocked. it's look natural doesn't look fake.
this is the fake scalp look like
the wig cap is like on this picture, lot of airspaces.. hihi, so it feels comfortable to use it.. doesn't feel so hot.

Ryuuta wig strands is a synthetic, if you touch it, you can feel this is not a real hair strand, it's quite soft. Since this is a synthetic wig, it's tend to tangled. i have to combing it with my finger quite often ..hihi..
this wig is quite satisfied me.. i don't have lot of complain about it. by the way, i really want to try popular hair wig brand such like a pinkcoco's, just to compare.
if you interested with this hair wig, you can buy it on ryuuta page here. the prices are very affordable.

it's only IDR 150.00 - 175.000, depends what model that you liked.

- very affordable
- easy to buy
- not too shiny, looks natural
- love the color and curl
- heat resistance

cons :
- it's tend to tangled easily.

just leave any question on the comment box bellow.
thx for reading
have a nice day. 

Sabtu, 22 Desember 2012

Review (Sponsored) : Wet n Wild Megalast Lip Color - Pink Suga` -

This is a sponsored review again and still from wet n wild cosmetics. today is about wet n wild megalast lip colors in 'pink suga'.
this is the lipstick look like:

I am a huge fan of nude lippies and just can't get enough of them. So when the company sent me this lipstick, I feel so glad, thank you so much wet n wild and this is my honest opinion about this lipstick, enjoy.

product name: 
Wet n Wild MEGA LAST® LIP COLOR in 'pink suga'

where to buy :
 You can buy this lipstick here (click)

What's this (WnW claims):
 Lips take center stage! This 4-hour, long-wearing lip color leaves a semi-matte, crème finish in one stroke.  Glides on easily with rich, velvety color that doesn't cake, feather, or bleed.  Made with hydrating skin-care ingredients: Hyaluronic Microspheres provide extraordinary adhesion to lips, an exclusive polymer complex offers cushion-like feel and texture and natural marine plant extracts Coenzyme Q10 and Vitamins A & E help smooth lips.

Price :
 IDR 79.000

Packaging : 
The lipstick comes packed in a sleek black tube with a clear (transparent) lid cover. It has the Wet n Wild wording printed on the cover, looks so classy.

the bad things about the packaging is it feels kind of cheap and fragile and there is a part of the product sticking out of the tube. so you have to be careful in removing and replacing the cover to avoid it hit the lipstick.

Color & Finish :
This wet n wild color available in more than 10 shades actually, but they only available in 3 shades in Indonesia. i wish the website will be selling another soon sincethe wet n wild have a wide range beautiful colors out there hehe
I described 'pink suga' as a honey-colored nude lipstick. The name is not exactly represent the color, I don't think they named this 'pink suga' since it's not pink, more into light nude peach than a pink color. I think it may be more flattering for warm-toned people with a fair-medium skin tone.

Wet n Wild pink suga has a matte finish. i don't see any shimmer or glitter in it.

Texture & Pigmentation:
This lipstick has a full-coverage. This lipsticks will completely conceal your natural lip color. you will get an opaque and coverage colors with one swipe only.

the texture is quite thick and dry. it's not too creamy but it's creamy enough to glide on my lips without tugging them. so, just make sure you have to moisturize the lips first. i always applying a lip balm before a lipstick. so, this lipstick can glides on smoothly on my lips.

Staying power :
 Like wet n Wild claims, this lipstick is last for over 4 hours until meal time. i still can see the stain left on my lips after i eat or drink, good staying power.

Swatch :

Final thoughts :
I love this Wet N Wild Mega Last Matte Lipsticks. This is a great nude lipstick to compliment that sultry smokey. i don't have lot of complain with this lipstick except the packaging, i like the color, the staying power and the matte finish, but since matte lipsticks tend to accentuate dry, flaky lips, I would suggest to exfoliating your lips first. Also, after exfoliation, I'm happy to recommend applying a lip balm first.

- very opaque & pigmented
- long wearing
- love this nude color-looks natural on my lips
- doesn't melt easily
- easy to buy
- fragile packaging
- thick texture and slightly drying (but with lip balm underneath, there is no problem with it)

really want to try another colors, so have you ever tried this lipstick?
thanks for reading, hope this review will helpful
have a nice day...

Selasa, 18 Desember 2012

Review & Swatch : ELF HD Blush in Superstar

Hi Everyone, this is another ELF product review again.
ELF is one of my favorite US drugstore brand because they offer lots of good quality cosmetics in a cheap prices. So, never get enough for ELF stuffs. Maybe two or three month ago, ELF launched lot of new products on their website and made me so drolling. 
I want to grab all the new items that they have, but since i am in tight budget now, i have to choose what the new elf stuff that i really wanted to buy, so  i only picked ELF contouring blush & bronzing powder in  new shade 'antigua', and the HD Blush, I have it in Superstar.

Product name :
ELF HD blush in 'superstar'

$3 on the website, but if you bought via Indonesian online shop seller, it will cost about $7 / IDR 60.000, include shipping at tax cost, still a big deal.

where to buy: 
This blush is available at www.eyeslipsface.com (click), this website doesn't provide worldwide shipping, especially to Indonesia destination.
so, if you want this blush, you can buy via online seller that offers US cosmetics pre-order.

Whats this: (ELF claims)
Rich and creamy HD Blush naturally both sculpt and highlight the cheekbones for a soft-focus effect that is  great for everyday use.
The Vitamin E enriched formula conditions and hydrates the skin for a healthy, radiant glow. Velvety soft, lightweight and highly pigmented color creates a long-lasting result for all day wear.

If you are a makeup junkie, i bet you all know that ELF HD blushes have very similar packaging with Makeup For Ever (MUFE) HD blush.
look, how similar the packaging..
Yes, the Studio HD Blushes are supposed to be a dupe for the MUFE version but I have no experience with that product at all, so i can't compare the ELF one with the MUFE blush.

ELF blush comes in transparent bottle with black pump and cover. The bottle size is very tiny haha.
The the bottle design is very sleek and simple and it's very easy to work with the pump. It's definitely hygienic too. You can control the amount of the blush that you want but i suggested to pump this bottle very gently. I don't have any complain with the packaging.
The pump

ELF HD blush is available in 5 shades, these are the all shades:

I choose the Superstar.
Superstar is a medium coral pink. In my opinion, it has neutral undertone but a little bit warmer.
I liked to pair this blush with a pinky-nude lip colors. This duet is really flattering.
This blush has lot of golden shimmer in it but the shimmer is very subtle. it's not a matte finish, but the shimmer is not reflecting the light too.
after I'm blending it with the brush, the color on the right side is from the brush swipe.
ELF HD blush superstar on my cheek, pairing with pinky nude lip color
Texture & Pigmentation :
This blush have a liquid texture, not so creamy but it's more watery.
When i blend this blush on my hand, i can feel the smooth silicone texture in it. once you blend it, this blush texture will become like a stain something.
so, when you blending it directly on your cheek, you have to do it quickly before this liquid dry as a stain.

This is the stain
This blush is so crazy pigmented, i think this is the most pigmented blush in this universe haha.
Seriously! I never found the pigmentation of blushes like this. You only need the tiniest amount and you'll get a very opaque color.

Staying power:
Usually the blushes with a cream or liquid texture tend to melting/gone faster than a powder blush but this blush has pretty good staying power.
It can stay almost 8-9 hours on my cheek. i think because the liquid is turn over become a stain. so, this blush can stay much longer than another cream/liquid blushes out there.

Application tips:
Make sure you shake  the bottle up well before dispensing any product. For the first pump, it will came out lot of oil.
The second pump and rest is the blush liquid. Just pump in a tiny amount on your back hand, tap a blush brush to take the color from your back hand, then blending it on your cheek like if you use a powder brush. This way will provide a natural flush on your cheek.

If you love the over pigmented look on your cheek, you can put this blush directly on your cheek, then blend it with your fingertip. 
Put a tiny amount on your hand
tap with a blush brush
Blending your blush brush on your cheek

Overall, i totally impressed with this blush. For the cheap price, i got a great quality of blush.
packaging, pigmentation, texture, staying power, finishing, everything is great for me, but if you're a big fans of natural cheek colors, this pigmentation maybe will be the only down side because it takes a time to blending out if you want a natural look.

- Inexpensive
- crazy pigmented. for me, this is a pro side, because i love to used an over pigmented cheek color
- Good staying power
- almost matte finish
- sturdy and hygienic packaging
- no animal testing

- not available in natural shades. can you imagine the darker colors result? considering how crazy pigmented this blush
- it's not available in Indonesia.

thanks for reading,
have a nice day..

Minggu, 16 Desember 2012

Review: Etude House Styling Eyeliner - White -

Happy weekend friends, today i`m gonna reviewing a white eyeliner. White eyeliner is a must have items on my makeup collection, and using a white eyeliner on my waterline is the perfect way to make eyes more bigger and brighter.
But it's not easy to find a white eyeliner that have good staying power, so i`m still searching for a good one..
and couple month ago i decided to  bought a white eyeliner from Etude brand..
let me share with you my opinion about this eyeliner...
Product name: 
Etude house styling eyeliner in white

from $3-$5 ... it depends on where you buy it. it's quite affordablle
Where to buy?
 you can buy this item on the online shop selling korean beauty products.., i bought this stuff directly from korea.. ( testerkorea.com).
This eyeliner is a retractable eyeliner.. so you only need to twist the bottom of the packaging and the eyeliner stick will came up... i like the eye products with retractable packaging... it's very easy to use.., no need to sharpened..oh ya, this packaging is cute too.. simple but pretty.. like another Etude house packaging...

The texture of the eyeliner is decent... it's not as creamy as urban decay 24/7 or NYX slide on eyeliner.. it's soft & creamy enough.. this eyeliner will not tug or hurt your eyes when you applied it.
 This eyeliner has pearly white colors.. it's shimmery and glittery too, more like a silvery colors. actually i prefer the matte colors than a shimmery one, because the shimmery effect will be showing up my undereye finelines. so, nay for this colors

this eyeliner is quite pigmented.. 1-2 strokes is enough to give brighter effects on your eyes..it looks very natural..but if you need a color pay-off, you should apply this eyeliner with 4-5 strokes..

Staying power:
...i hate this part.. hiks... this eyeliner has bad staying power.. it's smudge easily and not waterproof at all.. it only can stays on my waterline less than 2 hours...

overall, hmm..i don't like the silvery colors.. but if you love the shimmery eyeliner, this eyeliner will be look pretty on you...it's not bad to make my eyes pop for a few hours.. i`ll not use this eyeliner for daily basis since this eyeliner easily fade off .. but it's ok to used for my FOTD post or any occasion with 2-3 hours need me to attend..

- cheap
- cute packaging and easy to use
- creamy texture

- bad staying power..

thx for reading..
have a nice weekend....

Senin, 10 Desember 2012

November 2012 Makeup Haul

I have few of new makeup stuffs by last month...not so many, but these stuffs are enough to make me broke..huahaha...
Shopping make-up always bring a lot of happiness on me. Especially if i just bought a blush-on. in fact, I had promised to my self not purchase blush-on again but I really can not resist the temptation of these blushes..so ya...this is my new stuff on my collection :
SKINDINAVIA No More Shine 8oz Setting Spray-from the entire my new makeup stuff i only need this one actually. this setting spray is really my savior. my all time HG makeup stuff. i`m using this setting spray for over 2 years and i always repurchase. i decide to buy this setting spray in a huge bottle (8oz) considered the price is cheaper than you buy in a large size than a little one. the 80z price is $39 and the 4oz bottle size is $29..    
Maybelline Cheeky Glow in `Peachy Sweetie`
ZA Trans Powder for eye.. this is a semi-cream eyeshadow..very pretty olive color
Pixy Colors of Delight Blush-On ` Carnation Bloom`
ELF studio HD blush `Superstar`
ELF studio Contouring blush& Bronzer `Antigua`
Ktyolan Makeup Base `Mint`
ELF Essential Brushes Collection
I`ll do the reviews soon.. have a nice day...