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Jumat, 15 Juli 2011

review: maybelline unstoppable mascara curling extension

I'm still looking for a mascara that would give the results like I want and i have tried some maybelline mascaras such as volume express, XXL extensions, stileto, etc. and ...`the unstoppable` almost could be my daily HG  mascara, i think it's great for everyday use...

- The wand is perfect for my lashes and the brush was curved, not too big. so it made easier to apply on my lashes
- the texture not too wet, but not to dry too....it dries quickly
- It does very smoothly and does not flake-It separates my lashes nicely, no clumpy at all...so it looks really natural on me.
- Adds length to my lashes yet still looks really natural (i hate my lashes looks so thick, like wearing some falsies)
- held the curl all day

- I just don't like how by the end of the day, this mascara despite its waterproof claim starts to run down giving me raccoon eyes

This is the brush head

As you can see it definitely added  a length  to my lashes

2 komentar:

  1. waterproof kok say.... cuma kalo kamu lidnya oily banget, dia rada smudge...