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Jumat, 15 Juli 2011

review: sleek blush on `santorini`

After attempting to try sleek blush on `pan tao` and I am very happy with the color, it looks like I started mad crazy on sleek blush..*fiuuh*
This time I decided to try another sleek blush on : santorini. i bought this blush at e-bay for $11. This blush is part of the limited edition Mediterranean Collection.

At the first time I opened this blush, I was very surprised. The color was look scary on the pan...hahaha... This is a matte blush of bright/neon pink-fuschia color with blue undertone.

I think this color may not looks good on my cheek but I was wrong! Although it looks very pigmented, it has great finish pink colors (semi-opaque). I applied the blush with E.L.F stipling brush and buff with flat top kabuki brush. sooooo, the results look very nice on my cheek

the swatch:
the results on my cheek:

- nice and compact packaging (santorini has a picture of some harbor or city view printed on it)
- not transfer and last all the day on my cheek.
- not chalky

2 komentar:

  1. Waaakkss... nice color. Tadinya mau pesen ini,, tapi wrnnya jreng jadi ngeri sendiri. eeehh ternyata cakeepp yaaa...

  2. cakep kok say, asal colek nya light handle.... andalan pakai duo fibre, kalo ketebelan emang ngerii.... :p