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Sabtu, 23 Juli 2011

Brush Cleanser from `make up tool shop`

I have two pieces new beauty items for this week that i bought from makeuptoolshop on facebook.. these new items are blender it sponge and brush cleanser and today i`m gonna make a brush cleanser review...this is the items :
I love the smell of this brush cleanser.. the smell is very nice, it's like a baby shampoo mixed with body wash. really fresh.. the texture of the liquid is thick, it's not so watery..and ya, can`t hardly wait to see the result of the brush cleanser...
i take all my dirty brushes.. look, it's super dirty... yuks.., so this is the step by step to clensing my dirty brushes:
1. prepare a bowl filled with water .. better use warm water .. because I'm lazy, I use cold water..wuahaha
2. pour a few drops of brush cleanser into the bowl, mixed it..
3.put all the dirty brushes into the bowl..actually, you should wash your brushes one by one .. because I'm too lazy (again??) .. I put all the brushes together in... hihihi
4. wait for a minute... while you`re waiting.. you can rub your brushes gently..
see the water, all the dirt are shed... yuks...
5.when you see the dirt has been shed and the brushes are clean enough .. take immediately the brushes out from the bowl and place them on top of tisue..let the brushes dry..

and this is the one as a result.. my duo fibre brush is clean now (and smells nice too).. it looks like new.. hihi...
overall, i like this brush cleanser product...

- it's quite cheap,
- have a nice smell,
- very easy to use..
- Really make all my brushes clean..


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