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Rabu, 27 Juli 2011

review: MAC blot powder/pressed

whats this? 
a unique pressed powder designed primarily to provide shine control without adding any noticeable colour or texture. sets foundation, finishes face, for frequent touch up. this blot powder contains mica n silica to absorbs excess oil and reduce shine on the skin`s surface.

i really fallin` love with this powder! I have the blot powder in `medium` before i tried this `medium dark`. this powder doesn't have any coverage at all..so you don't need to worry about choosin` the perfect shade for your face. They just did perfect job to mattifying my oily face..

what i like from this powder:
- love the packaging...its sleek and travel friendly..
- Perfect for sets foundation (apply after my urban decay de slick setting spray, and violaaa.... my make up trully lastall day)
- This stuff significantly reduces the oil enough, It really gives matte finish.
- Lasts long. I have to blot at least one time. This keeps shine at bay longer than most
- it doesn't get too cakey upon reapplication.

- hate the puff, too harsh on my face
- it's expensive (almost $30 / IDR 260.000 for .42 oz)

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