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Senin, 28 Januari 2013

ELF Studio Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder ( Antigua ) Review

Hi Friends,
it's a new post. I try to post with my new style of reviewing products, it's shorter, view words but can answering all the questions like how about the colors, staying power, pigmentation, etc. I think this way is not gonna made you feel bored to read my reviews, i hope. You can get the essentials of the product review without reading lot of unnecessary words LOL . It doesn't mean i'm too lazy to write but i'm still doing my review with a purpose to give you a complete information about the beauty product. so yaa, i hope you can enjoy it..
Today is a review about ELF studio blush & bronzing powder duo in 'antiqua'. Over 2 month ago, ELF website launched lot of the new item and colors for their current products including more 2 colors for the e.l.f. Studio Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder.
I take my time to choosing what their newest product that i wanting so much.
I know the e.l.f. Studio Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder concept is similar with NARS blush/bronzer duo. it's like a dupe for NARS angelika/laguna duo. the NARS angelika/laguna duo is awesome. lot of beauty blogger rave about that and i'm so curious and wanting to try the colors combo like NARS angelika/laguna duo, but since i don't wanna spending over $40 just for a blush/bronzer, i choose this similar stuff that cost much cheaper than NARS duo. finally i bought this e.l.f. Studio Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder in antiqua'.
Product name :
e.l.f. Studio Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder
IDR 60rb
Whats this? ( elf claims) :
Create a healthy and natural glow all year long with the Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder. The Blush highlights the cheeks to add a flush of color, while the Bronzer accents and contours cheekbones for beautiful definition. This convenient compact has just what you need to achieve a gorgeous glow anytime, anywhere.

Packaging :
ELF put blush n bronzer together in a shiny black plastic packaging,
the plastic looks sturdy and it comes with a mirror in it..
the size is quite bulky but its thin and sleek..

The pigmentation is great,
The colors are really opaque. you can get the colors like on the pan with a very light handle..

The colors & Finish:

  • The bronzer color is a dark reddish brown. i choose this antigua because i thought can using the bronzer part as a contouring powder but i was wrong, the color is too orange.
  • The blush color is bright pink with a blue undertone. i love the kind of this color, it makes my face brighter with a natural pink flush.
  • It's really flattering when i'm pairing this blush with an bright pink lipstick too.
  • I think this elf blush/bronzer would look good on medium dark skin-tone, with cool undertone.
  • Both of the blush or bronzer is have a shimmer finish, this stuff contains tons of silver glitter in it.
The blush
The bronzer

it's soft but a little bit powdery.

Staying power:
it stays for 4-5 hours on my cheek.

The bronzer on my cheek
the blush on my cheek
Overall, this blush have a average quality. it's not super amazing considering for the cheap price but it's quite ok. the texture, pigmentation and staying power is ok! i don't like the bronzer color which is too orange and hate the shimmery finish. i imagine if this duo is a matte, i'll definitely love it.
Thx for reading...

Senin, 14 Januari 2013

Review : Maybelline Master Liner -Dark Brown`

I kept my promise to write this review, it's about 'maybelline masterliner'.
Yes, after my haul post (click)  about this eyeliner over three months ago, i received quite lot of request to write review about this eyeliner. They asked me about the quality of this eyeliner and i always answer with "i'll do the review soon dear" haha, deeply sorry for my laziness answering all the questions . so, i hope this review can answered all your question ladies. hope your all enjoying.

as far as i know, this eyeliner is an Asian version from the 'Maybelline master drama' liner which sell in US. I read lot of good reviews about the US version, so when i look this Asian version on the maybelline counter, i was curious, did this eyeliner have the same quality with the US version?
so i decided to bought it. i have it in dark brown colors and here is my opinion about this eyeliner.

Product name :
maybelline master liner in 'dark brown' 

Price :
RRP iIDR 30k / $3.5 but i got this eyeliner on a sale for IDR 19k / $2

Where to buy?
this eyeliner is available on maybelline counter. you can find maybelline counter at department stores or hypermarkets such like a Giant, Carefour..etc.. very easy to find.

Packaging :

this eyeliner comes with a plastic stick retractable packaging, with a hologram label printed on it. looks so classy. i always like the eyeliner with a twist up packaging, it's very travel friendly and very easy to use, you don't need to sharpening. just twist-up the bottom of the stick.


I do not know how many colors are available for this Masterliner in Indonesia, but i only seen two colors at the maybelline counter here, black and dark brown.
Remembering i have lot of black eyeliners on my vanity table, i choose the dark brown color.
in my opinion, the dark brown is almost look like a black colors on my eyelid because this eyeliner doesn't have any red tones in it. it's more like taupe or gray something, not exactly brown..
Texture & Pigmentation :
This eyeliner have a kohl eyeliner texture but it's little bit clumpy and not so creamy. so when i applied this eyeliner on my eyes it's like tugging my eyelid. it doesn't glide as smooth as liquid or gel liner because the texture. I don't recommend using this eyeliner for a tight line method. it's definitely will hurt your eyes before you get the opaque color.
just using this eyeliner for your upper-lash line (eyelid) or underline. the pigmentation is not good enough, it's quite difficult to get a opaque color but it's very build able. I need 4-5 strokes to get the color payoff but 2 strokes is enough for the natural result.
Swatch :
maybelline masterliner on my eyes. it's more like a black colors than a black brown

Staying power:
this eyeliner is waterproof enough, i did the waterproof test bellow
- washed with water
- then i rubbed it. look, it stays quite well although a little bit fade. so, when you are crying and you don't rubbed your eyes, this eyeliner will be stay in place nicely.

this eyeliner is smudge-proof too, it doesn't make you look like have a raccoon eyes, at least for 5-6 hours, quite decent.

overall, this eyeliner have a decent quality.. i didn't hate either loved too. i keep this eyeliner on my makeup pouch since i liked to used to touch up my under eye liner with this stuff. you will not like it if you are a fans of dramatic eyeliner but if you like an natural eye look, i suggest to use this eyeliner.

- cheap
- easy to find
- travel friendly packaging, and very easy to use
- waterproof
- quite smudge-proof

- clumpy texture, and not so creamy
- bad pigmentation

thx for reading
have a nice day..

Kamis, 10 Januari 2013

Review: NYX Eyeshadow Base `Skintone`

Hi beauties, if you have read my post about eyeshadow reviews, i always mentioned to use an eyeshadow base/primer before applying your eyeshadow. yes, eyeshadow base is one of the important thing on eye makeup. an eyeshadow base will make your eyes makeup more vibrant, pop and much more last longer. it made your eye makeup less powdery too because you don't need to apply lot of eyeshadow to get a vivid color.

I remember when i'm newbie on makeup things, i used a lip balm on my lids to make my eyeshadow looks more pop, LOL!  because i didn't have any idea what kind of product should i use. After i joined on a female forum, i get lot on info there. finally, i knew what kind of product that i should to used. Yes, an eyeshadow base or eye primer! there are lot of brand of eyeshadow base and primer out there and i have tried a lot since that day. One of them is eyeshadow base from NYX brand. It's a good stuff for you in case you want to start buying an eyeshadow base on a average budget. and today i'm gonna share with you an opinion about this eyeshadow base.

Product Name:
 NYX Eyeshadow Base in Skintone

What This (nyx claims) : 

Maximize the intensity, longevity and unashamed brilliance of your eye shadow statements with our eye shadow primer pots. Each of the three NYX Eye Shadow Bases—for vibrant, pearl or neutral tones—creates a smooth canvas for color, increases its durability and prevents fallout.

Price :
 IDR 60k - 80k

Where to Buy : 
I bought this eyeshadow base here (click)

Packaging :

NYX eyeshadow base comes in a tiny transparent jar with a white screw cover. Of course the packaging is not kinda hygienic because basically you must dipping a finger to take the product. That's why i always prefer tube packaging that much more hygienic.

Color & Texture:
NYX eyeshadow base is available in 3 shades. White, pearl and skintone, mine is skintone. Like the name, this eyeshadow color have a skintone color. light beige with a little bit tone of ivory, it's similar with concealer color. Looks so natural on my eyelids, even without eyeshadow over this base.

This eyeshadow base has a smooth & creamy texture, very easy to blend. You only need a tiny amount to covering all over eyelid. i think for the size,although it comes in tiny jar, this eyeshadow base will be last for a long time because you only need a tiny amount for every application.

My Opinion:
is it make eyeshadow vivid, pop and vibrant? absolutely YES. this eyeshadow base has amazing job to make eyeshadow much more pop and vibrant. This base can make un-pigmented eyeshadow will show up very-very well. I think nyx eyeshadow base is the best for make eyeshadow more vibrant compared with another brand. i never found another better than this.

is it waterproof? Yes. when you use this eyeshadow base and then you go for swimming or washing face, this base will hold your eyeshadow very well from the water.

is it make eyeshadow last longer? Yes. it can make my eyeshadow stays for 5-6 hours. quite well.

is it crease proof? unfortunately it's not so, since this eyeshadow base has very creamy texture. It doesn't have a silicone texture like an eye primer. Eye primer will do a better job to hold an eyeshadow from creasing but i think primer doesn't doing much to make un-pigmented eyeshadow become a vibrant like an creamy base.

if you have a super oily eyelid (like me) i suggested to use an primer too underneath this base, such like a $1 ELF eyelid primer. it's a perfect combination. still get the super vibrant color and my eyeshadow is still crease-less, but if your eyelid not so oily, this base will work great on you.

overall, this eyeshadow base is quite a good deal for the price. considering it does amazing job to make eyeshadow much more vibrant..
 pros :
- creamy texture and very easy to blend
- decent price
- does amazing job to make eyeshadow much more vivid, vibrant and pop
- only need a little amount
- waterproof
- make eyeshadow stays quite longer.

- unhygienic packaging
- not so crease-proof for super oily eyelid like mine.. huks.

So, thats my opinion..
thx for reading and have a nice day friends...

Senin, 07 Januari 2013

Best Makeup Products on 2012

Happy New Year Friends..,
do i late for new year greetings? deeply sorry since i have lot of family activities to celebrate new year.
how's your party? hope everything goes fine.
happy belated new year my friends, hope this year will bring us the prosperity. so, let's get started this year with a new spirit.
I really want to made my first 2013 post by last week but i only can posted on draft by yesterday and this is my first beauty related post on 2013 is about my 2012  beauty favorites. The best makeup product on me in 2012.
Here is the product list, hope you enjoy it :

1. Setting Powder :

The winner is MAC blot powder. this is my all time HG setting powder i think. there is no product better out there can be compared with this powder as a blot powder, setting powder, or an oil control powder. this powder just work amazing on me.
the down side is the expensive price but for the result, it's totally worth it! anyway, this powder doesn't have any coverage. i'ts more like a transparant powder, so you can not use it alone without any foundation or twc underneath.

2. liquid Foundation :

Revlon Colorstay liquid foundation. This foundation is still the best and be my favorite for this year. in the same price range, no other product better than this foundation works on me. the coverage is the best, it can covering my imperfection face only with tiny amount. the color is match on my skin tone, easy to blend, good oil control, and the staying power is awesome.

3. Lip product :

I don't have the most favourite lipstick or lipgloss i use through this year. I love Maybelline Moisture extreme lipstick in 'natural Nude' but it's discontinued now. I'm still searching for the color & texture that exactly match with that maybelline but i'm not found yet..hiks.
so, when i'm thinking what kind of lip product that i always used almost every single day, the answer is : Maybeline smooth & shine color lip balm in 'strawberry'. This lipbalm is very mousturizing my lips, prep my lips well before applying a lipstick and the pink color is very good as a base color before i applying pale nude lipstick.

4. Blush :
it's very difficult to choose dear. i love every single blush that i have or tried. Fine! if i have to choose, i will choose a powder blush from NYX in 'peach' because this blush is never fail on me. it's always matched with any type of makeup that i apply. this blush flattering my face. i'm using it a lot. it's like my mood booster if my face look tired or dull. the color is soft pink with a hint of peach, matte and the staying power is good.

5. Eyeliner :

Absolutely i will give my award in this category to PIXY bold to the last gel liner. it's super black, awesome staying power, waterproof and the price is very cheap. so i really adore this gel liner. i'ts just waste my money to buy an high-end product if i can get a better quality in a much cheaper price. the down side about this gel liner is the texture that dry quick but i love this gel eyeliner to die for haha

6. Powder foundation :

Inez precious cake powder. this is the only powder foundation that i repurchased a lot on this year, maybe for 4-5 times. i always finished using it and always wanting the new one. What i loved about this stuff? the coverage of this product is the best. My go to powder when i'm in hurry, and the result is quite same with using foundation. The texture is very smooth and buttery. Some of my friends doesn't like this powder because it's tend to oxidize very fast and the oil control is bad altought they adore the coverage. but for me it's not a big problem since i have my 'magic' setting spray and blot powder.
7. Setting spray :

Skindinavia no more shine. I love this product from the first time i tried it. My face is extremely oily, i've been trying so hard to made my makep stays much longer on face before, with lot of oil free products, lot of expensive foundation or powder. It's just wasting my time and money until i heard and tried about this product. It's amazing work, keep my face less oily much longer, avoid an cheap foundation to oxidize on my face and made my make up stays very well for a few hours. This product has same result with Urban Decay De Slick actually but i choose this skindinavia for my favourite, considering this product is available in giant size bottle with a more cheap price.
8. Eyeshadow Palette :
Hmm.. this category made me think so hard LOL, i have 3 nominates from this category : Urban Decay naked palette, Wet n Wild coloricon comfort zone or a sleek palette au natural palette. These 3 palettes are wonderfull and work great on me, but the naked palette is very expensive and no surprise if everyone adore it and the Wet n wild coloricon colors come in all shimmery colors, so i cannot use it on my daily basis, finally i choose my  sleek palette in 'au naturel' for the winner 2012 favorite.. yaaay..

Sleek au naturel comes in mixed matte and shimmer finish. the color pigmentation is great especially for the black color. the staying power is awesome, altought without eye pimer as a base. The colors is suit for daily use, and the palette size is very handy & sleek (like the name.. hihi)
9. Mascara :
for this category, i have to choose 2 items. for the natural result the winner is : black radiance lash lengthening mascara, you can read my complete review here. and for dramatic result, my favourite is Maybelline volume express hyper curl waterproof mascara. it's made my lash more full, curl and thick. love it.

So, that's my best makeup on 2012 guys...
thx for reading and have a nice day..

see ya on my next post..