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Thursday, December 27, 2012

My New Hair Look & Ryuuta Wig Review

How's your days friends? i always hope you have wonderful days. Today i wanna talk about my new hair look ..yaaay...
If you are on my facebook friend list, some of you maybe knowing that i have uploaded some pictures from my mobile phone few days ago and i mentioned about my new hair look. its brown, long and i love it so much.

After i uploaded a picture, lots of my friends asked me personally, everyone that ever meet me are know that i have a medium black hair with unhealthy condition
so when they all see my picture, or meet me with my new hair look. they complimented my hair and asked lot of questions like where did i get hair treatment and coloring? because it's really looks so healthy and the color is gorgeous, did i put a hair clip or a hair extension since the hair looks thicker and longer?
no..no.. it's just a hair wig ..hihi.. YES, i was wearing a hair wig.  I just got a new hair wig from Ryuuta Wig, Hair Extension &  Accesories  shop, this is my first hair wig ever and i`m so happy with it.. 

I always wanting have a long, curl and light colored hair. it's quite difficult happen on me, considering i have a dry and super frizzy hair now, it's my bad too much applying a chemical hair product and hot styling product before.
so how can i get my dream hair without all that abused tools? i think, using a hair wig is a best answer now. so, say goodbye to hair straightener, curling iron, styling hair product, chemical hair colored product ..haha..

This is the chosen wig from ryuuta shop page, its curly,brown  and very long (80 cm). the code is VW2026

this is the wig looks on me..
it's look more blond on the picture because of the room light but the color is more brown on the real life, very pretty brown color.

the IRL color is more like on this pict, sorry for bad quality pict.. i took this pict with my ponsel cam only..
i'm super excited with my new hair, just love it to the max

i'm sorry if i can't compare with another wig brands because i never worn or owning another brand. however, in my honest opinion. this wig is not too shiny, so it doesn't look the fake one. this wig is have a fake scalp too. it's quite fluffy and thick. my friends didn't noticed if i'm wearing a hair wig until i said it's just a wig ..haha.. and they are shocked. it's look natural doesn't look fake.
this is the fake scalp look like
the wig cap is like on this picture, lot of airspaces.. hihi, so it feels comfortable to use it.. doesn't feel so hot.

Ryuuta wig strands is a synthetic, if you touch it, you can feel this is not a real hair strand, it's quite soft. Since this is a synthetic wig, it's tend to tangled. i have to combing it with my finger quite often ..hihi..
this wig is quite satisfied me.. i don't have lot of complain about it. by the way, i really want to try popular hair wig brand such like a pinkcoco's, just to compare.
if you interested with this hair wig, you can buy it on ryuuta page here. the prices are very affordable.

it's only IDR 150.00 - 175.000, depends what model that you liked.

- very affordable
- easy to buy
- not too shiny, looks natural
- love the color and curl
- heat resistance

cons :
- it's tend to tangled easily.

just leave any question on the comment box bellow.
thx for reading
have a nice day. 


  1. wow at first i thought you are going blonde! xD but it was just a wig~ and yes it looks really natural and good

  2. Replies
    1. yang lurus belum tak foto.. hihi, nanti ku bikin post sendiri ya...

  3. Kak apa jenis punya kakak ini yang for daily ?
    Mudah kusutnya itu kaya gimana kak ?
    Bener2 kusut atau ??

    1. iya yang for daily, gak kusut banget kok..kalo di sisir masih bisa. asal gak kena angin kenceng-kenceng