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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Review: Etude House Styling Eyeliner - White -

Happy weekend friends, today i`m gonna reviewing a white eyeliner. White eyeliner is a must have items on my makeup collection, and using a white eyeliner on my waterline is the perfect way to make eyes more bigger and brighter.
But it's not easy to find a white eyeliner that have good staying power, so i`m still searching for a good one..
and couple month ago i decided to  bought a white eyeliner from Etude brand..
let me share with you my opinion about this eyeliner...
Product name: 
Etude house styling eyeliner in white

from $3-$5 ... it depends on where you buy it. it's quite affordablle
Where to buy?
 you can buy this item on the online shop selling korean beauty products.., i bought this stuff directly from korea.. ( testerkorea.com).
This eyeliner is a retractable eyeliner.. so you only need to twist the bottom of the packaging and the eyeliner stick will came up... i like the eye products with retractable packaging... it's very easy to use.., no need to sharpened..oh ya, this packaging is cute too.. simple but pretty.. like another Etude house packaging...

The texture of the eyeliner is decent... it's not as creamy as urban decay 24/7 or NYX slide on eyeliner.. it's soft & creamy enough.. this eyeliner will not tug or hurt your eyes when you applied it.
 This eyeliner has pearly white colors.. it's shimmery and glittery too, more like a silvery colors. actually i prefer the matte colors than a shimmery one, because the shimmery effect will be showing up my undereye finelines. so, nay for this colors

this eyeliner is quite pigmented.. 1-2 strokes is enough to give brighter effects on your eyes..it looks very natural..but if you need a color pay-off, you should apply this eyeliner with 4-5 strokes..

Staying power:
...i hate this part.. hiks... this eyeliner has bad staying power.. it's smudge easily and not waterproof at all.. it only can stays on my waterline less than 2 hours...

overall, hmm..i don't like the silvery colors.. but if you love the shimmery eyeliner, this eyeliner will be look pretty on you...it's not bad to make my eyes pop for a few hours.. i`ll not use this eyeliner for daily basis since this eyeliner easily fade off .. but it's ok to used for my FOTD post or any occasion with 2-3 hours need me to attend..

- cheap
- cute packaging and easy to use
- creamy texture

- bad staying power..

thx for reading..
have a nice weekend....

1 comment:

  1. Hi, Rani^^
    U have complete review as usual.
    I really adore the cute packaging of etude products.
    Too bad this one has poor staying power.
    But the color is nice and quite pigmented too.
    thanx for sharing review. Actually I interested to buy white eye liner that I can use when I go to party.