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Kamis, 17 Oktober 2013

Review: Maybelline Master Drama Eyeliner in `Midnight Master` (black)

Hi Friends, today i`m back with another beauty stuff review.  If you ever read my post here (click), i put this item on my makeup wishlist for over a year ago. However, i don't know why i always ended up to trying another eyeliner.  I decided to bought it on last month and after testing out this eyeliner for a while, today i`m gonna reviewing it.

Product name :
 maybelline master drama eyeliner in `midnight master` (black)

Claims :
Master Delivery - applies corner to corner with a skip-proof, creamy glide
Master Intensity - Creates dramatic eyes with rich color payoff
Master wear - lasts 24 hours for smudge-resistant wear
Ophthalmologist tested
Safe for sensitive eyes
Contact lens safe

Where to buy :
 This eyeliner is available at US drugstore, such like an cvs, target, walgreens, etc . if you are live in Indonesia, you can buy this eyeliner by preorder.

Price : 
 it's $7.99 on the US store / IDR 80k - 90k include shipping  and tax.


Packaging :
- comes in black and twisted up packaging but doesn't retractable, so be careful. ones you twisted up the pencil, you can not retract it back.
- it doesn't have an sharpener.

Shade availability :
-its comes in 6 shades.
Sapphire Strength,
Midnight Master (black)
Bold Brown
Coal Commander(dark gray)
Vibrant Violet (purple)
Made of Steel (silver)

Color & finish :
- matte deep black. it doesn't have shimmer or glitter in it.
- it sets on eyelid very quick, just wait for a few seconds and this eyeliner will stay very well like an liquid eyeliner or gel liner

Texture & pigmentation :
- the texture is really soft, creamy, glides on, smoothly on your eyelid without tugging it.
- if you ever tried the milani liquif eyeliner, the master drama almost have a same texture with milani.
- the pigmentation is great. it's super rich and opaque. a light handle is enough to get the color.
- i need 1 swipe only each time i apply it.


Lasting power :
- it stays pretty well on my eyelid. although it claims for 24 hours staying power, for sure i would not used the eyeliner for 24 hours. i put it on 7 a clock and it stays until 6 pm.
- sometimes  if i`m doing a lot of outdoor activity, this eyeliner will be little bit smudge on my lower lash line.

Waterproof test:

 -this eyeliner is waterproof enough,
-mid pict : it stays very well before i rubbed it. right pict: a little bit fade after i rubbed my hand

My verdict :
Having this eyeliner is really made me happy. it such an great eyeliner. I love Milani liquif eye before but milani comes in standard pencil packaging and i hate to sharpened that milani very often. it is like i`m wasting a lot of product while i`m sharpened.
The twisted up packaging of this maybelline is a plus point, it's really travel friendly and easy to use. I would not suggest to have this if you love to having an pointed eyeliner since this eyeliner doesn't come's with a sharpener,but it doesn't matter to me because i like to have an bold liner than a thin and precise liner.
the best part about this eyeliner is the texture and pigmentation. it's super smooth, creamy and deep black. makes me really easy to apply it.
so, have you ever tried this master liner?
have a great day, thx for reading

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  1. Wahahahaa, ngilerr. Penasaran sama yang purple.. :D

    1. bagus loh iniii, yang purple juga cakep kayaknya...