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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Collection : Nude Lipsticks (Part 1: Revlon,ELF,Maybelline) Short reviews+ Swatches

Hi friends, maybe some of you already know that i really obsessed with nude colors lipsticks and they are really be my all time HG. Nude lipstick is the color that i can confidently wear everyday. i can paired it with many eye makeup look, from neutral, smokey, even the colorfull one, and it's never looks fail on me. I have tried a lot of colors range selection from nude, red, pink, coral, berry, and plummy before, but nothing worked best on me except that nude color. i don't know, i felt like if i`m wearing the other colors i tend to look 5 to 10 years older haha.

Choosing the right nude shades is really tricky for some people. it's really depend on your skintone. the basic tips is : use your own creation to find the perfect colors that suit on you, try to mixing it with the other colors, as simple as that. i did this too, haha. i have medium skintone, and some of the nude lipsticks are look too pale on me, so i have to mixed it with the darker shade to find the perfect color. I
personally prefer the nude color with pink or neutral undertone. 
I have a bunch of nude lipsticks from different brands, both western or indonesian brands, but I only have one high-end nude lipstick from YSL right now and it's super awesome. I really want to expand my collection with the high-end brands  but they are just so pricey..hiks.. Maybe i`m gonna save my money to buy few of MAC lipsticks, because MAC have a good selection of the nude colors.

so let's get started onto my nude lipsticks collection, i`m gonna making it as a serial post because it's gonna be a super long post if put all my collection  in 1 post only, so this is the first part, contains 4 lipsticks that i choose randomly,
left to right : Revlon Matte `Mauve it Over`, Revlon Superlustrous `Almost nude 117`, ELF Essential `Nostalgic` , Maybelline Color Sensational ` Totally Toffee`

1. Revlon Matte lipstick `Mauve it over`.
  • even the name is mauve but it's not mauve at all. it's a medium nude brown with a slightly peach undertone.
  • it's not too pale, so everyone which have dark skintone can wearing it.
  •  the formula is quite creamy, easy to apply, but it made my lips dry.
  • the pigmentation is great, i don't need to applying over and over to get an opaque color.
  •  price IDR 45rb


2. Revlon Superlustrous  `Almost nude 117`. 
  • Medium peachy nude color.
  • creamy, glides on smoothly.
  • semi glossy finish.
  • good pigmentation, but i need 2 or 3 swipes to get an opaque color.
  • price IDR 37rb

3. ELF essential lipstick `Nostalgic`.
  • a pale nude pink, i cannot wear this lipstick alone, usually mixed with a darker color.
  • super creamy, but its not to smooth.
  • semi glossy finish.
  • have strong fruity smell that i didn't like.
  • it's not too pigmented.
  • $1>>price IDR 45rb (note: depend on exchange rate)


4. Maybelline color sensational `Totally Toffee`
  • a neutral nude with hint of brown, great for everyday wear and suit for any skintone.
  • creamy, smooth.
  • glossy finish.
  • not too pigmented to cover my lips, i have to reapply 3-5 times to get the opaque color.
  • it didn't made my lips dry, have a moisturizing effect.
  • feels very light on my lips, it feels like wearing a lip balm.
  • weak staying power.
  • price IDR 70rb

that's my first part of nude lipsticks collection, stay tune girls :D
have a great day..

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