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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

FOTD: IBB march 2013 Makeup Challenge - Marilyn Monroe Inspired Look

Hi friends, just a short FOTD post.
I created a vintage 50`s look with a short curly hair, define eye crease and red bold lipstick. i made this look to joining IBB (Indonesian Beauty Blogger) March 2013 makeup challenge.

The theme is Dazzling like Marilyn and this is my version of Marylin inspired look like :
eye makeup

products i'm used:

-Inez satin smooth liquid foundation
- NYX concealer in a jar medium
- Revlon new compexion twc
-oriflame eyeliner stylo
- Just miss eyebrow pencil
- Ranee white eyeliner
-Etude proof 10 eyeshadow primer
-Maybelline magnum waterproof mascara
- Urban Decay BOS IV
- Viva lipstick 49
- Rimmel bronzer sun bronze

thx for stopping here,
have a nice day


  1. Aku maju mundur terus nih ran nyobain foundie inez soalnya mukaku oily, stay true di aku aja baru make upan terus buat foto aja udah kliatan mengkilat dijidat sama area idung .. padahal pengen nyobain satin finishnyaaa

    1. waduuh, klo stay true langsung mengkilat.. si inez bakal parah banget say.. coba deh pake setting spray.. emang mahal.. tapi beneran berguna klo buat acara2 yg penting2 gt..hehe