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Friday, March 1, 2013

Review: Revlon Superlustrous Lipstick `pink in the afternoon` - 415

Hi Friends, I have a Revlon lipstick swatch & review today.The shade is 'pink in the afternoon', This is a popular Revlon lipstick in my country i think, because it's not hard to find, cheap and the color is very pretty, type of daily color lipstick.
Product Name :
 Revlon Super lustrous 'pink in the afternoon' - 415

Price : 
IDR 33rb / about $3.5

Packaging :

- Twisted up.
- Black and shinny with a golden Revlon logo printed on it.
- Name and number of the shade on bottom
Color & Finish :
- a medium rosey pink with a neutral undertone.
- it has a creamy finish with a little bit glossy effect.

Texture and Pigmentation :
- it's very creamy
- pigmentation is good, it's opaque enough with one swipe only but its build able in case you want a bold lip color.
- glides on smoothly.
Staying Power :
- weak, it stays not over than 2 hours.
- i have to reapply very often.

The downside :
- it made my lips dry although i was wearing a great lip-balm underneath.
- it tend to cakey and sink into the lip lines.

My experience : 
This lipstick is a decent cheap lipstick, everything is fine. except the staying power and drying effect on my lips but i`m not wearing this lipstick very often since this lipstick tends to make me look older...LOL

thx for reading
have a nice day


  1. suka sama warnanya, kebanyakan saya punya yang warnanya natural. pingin nyoba yang lebih ke pink pink gitu. XD

    nice review ^^

  2. hemm, saya juga punya mbak warna yang ini. . .tapi jadi keliatan pucet. . .jadi aku pakeknya tipis2 aja. .
    oh iyah salam kenal yah mbak saya juga blogger malang (n_n)Y. . .

    1. kalo aku yang suka warna pucet, warna ini masih ketuaan d aku..hihi.. salam kenal juga ya...