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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Maybelline cheeky glow blush ` peachy sweetie ` Review

I think i`m gonna have a lot of maybelline stuff reviews later, because i shop a lot of maybelline stuff on 30% off sale.. hehe...I hope you are not gonna bored with that. Today is about they newest blush, it's called `maybelline cheeky glow` blush in the shade : peachy sweetie.
When i looked at this blush, i think this blush is an asian version from the maybelline bouncy blush which is sell in US but i was wrong. although they have similar shape and packaging but the texture is completely different. the asian version is a powder blush, and the US version is have a cream or mousse something texture.

so here is the blush review ,
Product name :
 Maybelline blus studio cheeky glow in `peachy sweetie`

Price :
 IDR 49 k / $5 for 7gr, quite affordable right?
Packaging :
very cute
plastic material
comes with white tiny compact with a transparent cover. so you can see the color easily without opening the cover

Color & finish :
it's a peachy pink color with a hint of coral, very pretty.
suit for every skintone, it looks warm on the pan but if you swatch it, it more has a neutral undertone.
have a very subtle shimmer
almost matte finish  with a little bit of sheen effect.

Texture :
silky and smooth
not powdery
Pigmentation :
very pigmented
need a light handle if you love a natural result
build able
Staying power :
weak. it only stays on my cheek for 2-3 hours

Swatch :
Overall : 
I quite like this blush, the price is affordable, easy to find on my local store and the texture is good and not too powdery like another drugstore blushes. the colors is look pretty on my cheek, my everyday blush color.

the downside for me is only the weak staying power.

so have you ever tried this blush?
thx for reading..


  1. warnanya baguuss bgt say, tpi diriku pingin yg staying powernya ok, krn males kalo musti re-applying every 2-3 hours..but im willing to give it a try untuk lucu2an ;) tq for the review

    1. hihi...iya..ini blush teenage banget..tapi warna nya cakep.. not bad lah..hehe

  2. hai mbak ranii
    suka deh review-reviewnya..
    mbak rani kalo beli make up yang belum available di INA semacam elf, mac atau nyx dimana ya mbak ?
    aqu follow blognya mbag
    feel free to follow mine ^^

    1. haiii..makasih udah mampir sini..hehe... iya nanti ku follow... ikutan pre order yg buka dari US biasanya, atau kadang aku beli sendiri dari web US..hehe

  3. Peachy sweetie,, nama shade-nya spt kepunyaan blush maybelline yg angelfit.. bener sama kah? Dulu yg angelfit itu blush andalanku.. :)

    1. hi dear, sayangnya aku blm pernah coba yg angelfit..hihi.... thx udah mampir sini yaaaaa