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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Review : Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner ( Black )

Hi friends, this is my first post on February. It's about maybelline eye studio liquid eyeliner in` black`. If you read my 2012 beauty favorite, you already know that my HG eyeliner is pixy gel liner. It's cheap and amazing but as a makeup junkie, i can't deny to tried another new items and collect them especially when i saw a sale offers on a beauty counter.. LOL
About this eyeliner, i really curious to tried since a long time ago. I have read a lot of good reviews for this gel liner but i think for the drugstore price, this gel liner is quite expensive. It's about IDR 100k ($10) and i`m not gonna spend $10 for a drugstore eyeliner..hihhi.. But lucky me, i bought this gel liner when the maybelline counter offering 30% disc for this eyeliner.. haha..quite a good deal.. so here is my review

Product name :
Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner (Black)
Product claims : 
The long wearing creamy gel texture provides the desired intense lines with a smooth, even application.

Price :
RRP IDR 98k / $10 .. but i`ve got this item on sale price IDR 65k / $6.5.

Packaging : 
Its come in a tiny glass jar, with a screw top cover
An eyeliner brush is  include
Its contains 2.8gr of gel liner
Color : 
Black, but not a blackest black eyeliner color
Matte finish, looks so natural

Pigmentation : 
It's good enough, i only need 1-2x swipe to get an opaque color actually but i always apply on 3-4 swipe to get an super black color since the colors is not so deep black.
Texture : 
Very creamy. i think the texture is more have a cream texture than a gel texture
Glides on very smoothly
It takes a long times to dry. so it's not good enough when you apply this eyeliner in hurry.

The brush : 
The bristles is very soft
Handy size, thin and tapered. so it's good to control and precise lining.

Staying power : 
It last for 7-8 hours perfectly on my oily lids, very good
It's smudge proof too

Waterproof test : 
I`m doing a waterproof test comparing with pixy gel liner. as you can see here, they both are waterproof.
i rubbed my hand very hard, pixy gel liner is still stay very well but the maybelline one is a little bit fade, as long as i don't rubbed my eyes very hard, the maybelline will stays on my eyes very well.

Can you see the color comparasion? thats why i loved pixy gel liner so much...hehe

Swatch on my eyes :

Overall : 
This gel liner is a good option for you if you`re looking for an creamy texture, natural black color, easy to use and good staying power eyeliner. The brush is a plus, you can created from thin to the thick eyeliner easily with this brush..
Thx for reading...


  1. hola dear, saya suka bgt review product kamu, singkat, padat dan jelas informative.

    eniwei, right now saya adalah pengguna maybelline gel liner and ur right, it's very easy to apply dan hasilnya juga bagus, tpi ya itu, aga lama utk kering. And karena review kamu juga-lah, sekarang saya jdi ikut2an beli si Pixy, and after read this, i'm so sure im gonna love it..

    thanks ya dear ;)

    1. Hai Anggie... thx yah udah mapir2 di sini.... iya si pixy emang bagus..aku udah gak nyari2 gel liner lagi..hehe.... senang bisa membagi informasi ..hihihi