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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Review: Maybelline fruity jelly `tempting tofee` lip gloss

Hi friends, what a lovely day. today i have a spare time to making a new post. my latest post in this February. It's about another Maybelline product review, so let's get started.

Product Name : 
Maybelline fruity jelly in `tempting toffee`

Price : 
I forgot the RRP price but i got this item only for IDR 20k/ $2 for 10 ml.


Packaging :
- clear plastic material.
- squeeze tubes with a slanted end of applicator, easy to control.
- travel friendly.

Color :

- dusty rose pink with a little bit tone of brown.

Pigmentation :
- sheer pigmentation but it's still look good to wear alone without a lipstick.

Finish Look :
- medium shine gloss.
- it's not contain any shimmer or glitter in it.

Texture :
- thick enough but not sticky

Scents :
- caramel coffee.

Staying power :
- weak, needs reapplying after eating or drinking

Swatch :
My bare lips
maybelline tempting tofee gloss
My experience : 
This lip gloss is pretty nice i think, it's not too special but i enjoying using this stuff.
I bought`tempting toffee` because this is the only shade that doesn't contain any shimmer from they fruity jelly range. i hate a lip product which has a shimmer effect.
so this shade is a `yay` for me. I love wearing this gloss over my pale nude lipstick, it made my pale nude lipstick looks so wearable, feel so comfortable and didn't feel sticky.

 I personally prefer a lipgloss with a doe foot applicator because it's easier to applying a liquid or creamy texture but this maybelline fruity jelly comes in slanted tube applicator, so it's still easy to swipe and controlling the amount of the glosses on my lips.
The only thing that i don't like from this stuff is the strong smells, it's a little bit bothered me.

so ya, hope this review helpful for you.
thx for reading


  1. Ngebayangin aroma kopi.. ;)
    lip gloss ini andalanku pas SMA lho, dulu agak sticky, tp lembabnya long lasting.. bc review ini jd pgn nostalgia, hehehe...

  2. nice color...
    but... is it great for yellowish-fair skin?
    can you make a review of japanese cosmetic and where to buy it? pretty please?? ^^