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Monday, November 12, 2012

Review: NYX HD Photogenic Concealer in `Beige`

I`m using ELF Studio Under Eyes Concealer & Highlighter for over 6 months.. It`s a great under eye concealer..but i  almost finished up this concealer.. so,  it`s time to looking for something new...and this is my new one...

Name: NYX HD Photogenic concealer in `Beige`

Where to buy? i bought this concealer at cherry culture.com but you can buy this stuff by pre order on many local online shops that offer NYX products

Price ? $4.5 at cherry culture website, idr 65rb shipping & tax included at local online shop

What it is?
This lightweight cover-up obscures imperfections, discoloration and under eye circles, and it does without ever looking cakey or obvious too. Little wonder the Concealer Wand is one of our best-sellers. The concentrated, emollient-rich concealer formula goes on like a dream, and creates medium to heavy coverage. Available in 12 shades. Use the lavender for sallow skin, the green tone neutralize redness and the yellow for under-eye darkness.

 It comes in a clear plastic tube with a dot wand applicator.. its very easy to use.. but i wish it comes with a squeeze tube packaging for hygienic purpose..

The HD Photogenic Concealer is available in 12 shades, from the  white porcelain to deep colours for very dark skin including three color corrector shades (green, yellow, violet).
i choose the `beige` shade.. it's slightly lighter for my face, but i use it for covering my dark circle only..so, it's perfect for brightening my undereyes area...
How to use it?
 I just apply three dot on my under eyes area (in a little amount) and then blending out using my finger with tapping motion..but sometimes i`m  using a concealer brush to blending out if i`m in hurry.. this concealer definetely can use on other face area to covering your acne, dark spots, redness..
Texture & Pigmentation : 
This concealer has a different texture if i compare with ELF under eyes concealer.. NYX has thicker texture.. but it's still creamy and easy to blend.. it's not look cakey like if i`m wearing cream concealer..but it dries quickly.. so ya, i need to work faster to blending out..

i love the pigmentation.. i think this is the best pigmentation from the cheap range price concealer.. you only need a little ammount to hide the imperfection.. it does amazing job to covering my dark circle...it has slightly powdery finish..


Swatch :

Overall, this concealer really makes me happy... i`m not interested trying NYX concealer again since i`m dissapointed with NYX concealer in a jar packaging.. but this HD concealer is definetely different.. it did a great job..My current favourite concealer at this moment.. i want to repurchase another shade that perfectly match for my face skintone..maybe the shade `tan` is suit for me..

- cheap
- creamy texture, very easy to blend
- pigmented..
- paraben free, talc free

- it dries quickly
- powdery finish
- wand packaging

Thx for reading, have a nice day....


  1. minta swatch di bawah mata donng dear ^_^


    1. ya..ya... nanti kalo sempet ku update yak..hehe....

  2. why do you dislike the wand applicator?:p

    just asking because I'm curious


    1. Hi, kalo aplikator wand kan mesti oles2 dari wand nya ke kulit langsung, terus d masukin lagi ke dalem tube nya.. imho itu gak higienis.. hehe.. kalo kemasan yang do pencet gitu kan concealer d dalem kemasan masih gak kesentuh apa2...

    2. hihihi iya yak ^_^

      makasih pencerahannya :3

  3. wah ini bagus ya concealer nya?
    btw kamu nc berapa?

    1. N30-35 an dear... tapi kadang kalo abis panas2 an cepet banget gosongnya..hehehe

  4. jadi kepengen *___* tapi concealer masi banyak hahaha :D

    1. hehehe, tapi bagus loh ini.. nutup nya oke di banding conce2 lain skelasnya... :p

    2. Mau tanya, dibandingkan maybeline, revlone, sama elf lebih bagus yang mana ya untuk menutupi bekas jerawat?
      Thanks a lot

  5. kulit aku kering, pakai ini di under eye bakal keliatan fine linesnya ga? cakey ga?

    1. kalo kering banget di kasih pelembab atau eye serum aja dulu di bawahnya, kalo udah moist gak kelihatan cakey kok..