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Sabtu, 29 September 2012

Review&Swatch:Etude House Fresh Cherry tint in `pink` (new packaging)

Hi, everyone.. i hope you are OK with my post about lip product.. haha. Lately, i feel like starting crazy about lip product.. i bought lot of new lip products.... hihi...because  i still looking for some new colors which are suit to my skintone.. not only from nude colors range.
and today, i`m gonna review this cute lip product from Etude brand..my first Korean brand lip product.

product name: Etude House Fresh cherry  in hot pink

price: IDR 65k / approx $6, its cheap enough for the 9 gr...

This is my first time trying a lip tint. it makes me courious, since my friend Intan Chen  told me how good this lip tint... she said it was very long lasting, feel so comfortable on her lips and look so natural... and yeaah, i decided to buy it...i have a new packaging version .. This lip tint available in 4 colors: red, peach, pink, and hot pink, 
but i choose the pink one.., i think the pink colors is more look great on my skintone...about the packaging, i love it.. it's more kawaii than the old one... so simple but pretty indeed... the aplicator wand is fine.., like another lipgloss wand... but i think, when i pull out the wand, the products is came out too much...but it's ok..

let me tell you, i always hate the lip product with strange smell...but this lip tint is not... it smells like a candy...
how about the texture? it feels very light on my lips... doesn`t feel heavy like if i`m wearing a regular lipstick, not sticky.. it feels like i`wearing nothing on my lips.. haha..it looks very natural..

now let's talk about pigmentation. i must say..this tint doesn't have a good pigmentation to cover my uneven lips... however, altough not so pigmented, this color is buildable.. you can add the layer to get more opaque colors.

so what about the color? i little bit surprised with the color on the aplicator wand... it looks very `milky` on the wand... not like a tint at all.. but when i swipe this milky tint, it turns out become a solid tint, look at this picture...

but honestly, i do not like the colors on my lips when this turned out into a tint.. i don't know why it becomes a peachy red colors, not so pink like what i want.. hiks.. here is the picture product on my lips:

staying power? it's decent.. this tint last for 3-4 hours on my lips.. not so bad, but it's not last for a day too...

anyway.. i`m still courious to try this lip tints from their old packaging, because i read lot of reviews that the old packaging have great staying power..
does it make my lips dry? Yes.. since this product is tint.. it doesn't have a moisture effect.. i always put a lip balm before i applying this lip tint...

overall.. this product is fairly ok! i`m not in love or neither hate too...

what i like?
- the cute packaging
- the light texture
- nice smells
- the buildable color

what i dont like?
- the color, it's not pink like what i want
- staying power is so so....
- it's drying

So, have you ever tried a lip tint before? i need your recomendation what kind of lip tint with good staying power..

thanks for reading,
have a nice day...

9 komentar:

  1. For all it's worth, I think the color looks good on you. :)

  2. I use this too, but my color is the peach one and i love it! ^^
    use lipbalm after applying this tint dear, it helps moisturize our lips.

    1. Hmm...i want to try the peach one...hehe

  3. I love this!! The longest lasting lip tint that i ever had

    1. Punya km yg kemasan lama apa baru? D aku ini gak tahan lama banget banget loooh :(

  4. laah menurutku malah cocok loh buat mbak warnanya, natural n fresh..*jadi kepengen kan >_<*

    1. Kok aku ngerasanya gak cocok yah..hehe...kayak kusem mukanya..gak se `pink` yg d harapkan..hehe

  5. It looks really nice on you dear. I tried a tester of this one but I'm still thinking whether I should buy it or not. Great review!