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Friday, September 28, 2012

My Latest Mini Beauty Haul... (Bought on Local Cosmetic Store)

Last week, i recieved an email from someone, she is from Turkey and told me that she really enjoy my blog. She wishes that I wrote all my post in English.
Since i read her e-mail, i think it's time to start writing my post in english again. so the foreigner readers able to enjoy my blog too. haha, i know, my English is not good enough but i`ll try my best.
So, don`t ever judge my blog because of my bad english literary or grammar...hihihi

Ok, back to topic, this time i will post about my latest beauty haul...just a few item that i bought from a local cosmetic store here..

so, here is a list of what i purchased:

1. four bottles of Nivea Hand and body lotion ( Uv whitening, uv extra whitening and night whitening)....the price is only IDR 11rb/bottle or approx $1.1.
i bought this lotion when the store has a promo BOGO free.. so, it's really a big deal.. haha..i only paid $2.2 to get 4 bottles of nivea body lotion.. i heard lot of good reviews about this lotion on femaledaily forum. They said this lotion can brightening the skin..so yaaay, i can`t hardly wait to see the result on my skin..

2.Hadalabo Ultimate anti aging (retinol) series.
Hadalabo was recently launched  in Indonesia .. i`ve tried the gokujyun (SHA) series 2 month ago. Altough i have a `breakout` experience with the gokujyun (SHA) series, I still  want to change my skincare routine with another hadalabo series *nekat..haha* ,its so tempting when i read the ingredients are fragarance and colorant free..  so i decided to buy these items:   Hadalabo Ultimate anti-aging lotion (idr 45 rb/ $4.7) and Hadalabo Ultimate anti aging milk (idr 54rb/$6)..
it's been a week i`m using this retinol series and my face is getting better so far. i only use this lotion at night before going to sleep.. i don`t have any breakout with this series..i`ll do the review soon when i have a good result with this retinol series..
Hadalabo Ultimate Anti Aging-Lotion
Hadalabo Ultimate Anti Aging-Milk

3. a few of cheap lips product...
- Viva lipstick no.10 ( IDR 8900 / less than $1)...i was little bit bored with my nude lippies..i wanna try something new color. this is my first time i have a lip color like this.. it's bright peachy orange with a  hint of pink colors... and guess what? it doesn`t suit on my skintone at all..but it`s very cheap.. so it`s not fair to me to regret buying these items..hihi...

- Silkygirl lipgloss in barely nude (IDR 19k / $2)..i ran out of my nude lipgloss..so, i decided to try this lipgloss..it's cheap and has a pretty nude color.. but it`s not too pigmented if you want to wear this lipgloss alone...

- Fanbo matte lipstick no.09. (IDR 14k / $1.5)
actually, i`m not intend to buy this lipstick..when i come to fanbo counter, i just looking for the moisture lipstick no.13.. but it's always out of stock.. so the beauty advisor insist me to buy this matte lipstick, she said this one has a similiar color with the moisture lipstick no.13, but slightly brown and darker.... ok, since this lipstick is cheap enough.. i decided to buy it... but when i try to apply it on my lips, this color turn out look more orange on my skintone... and it's look too dark on my lips... ouugh, i don`t like it..., but honestly, the texture of this lipstick is good, it's pigmented and very smooth...

here is the swatch of the lippies :
From Top-Bottom : Silkygirl lipgloss-Viva Lipstick no.10-Fanbo Matte lipstick no.9
Fanbo no.09
Viva Lipstick no.10
Silkygirl lipgloss `barely nude`

So, that's my latest beauty haul... hmm.... thank you for visiting my blog
have a nice day.... 


  1. Wuah si vivanya cakep bangeeetttt.. huwaaa..

    Sama si fanbo aku juga baru beli tuh, teksturnya enak banget buat harga segitu, warnanya juga baguss, gampang lagi ratanya.. heheheeh

    1. iyaaa, fanbo emang bagus..tapi si viva itu susah ratanya loh di bibir.. :(