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Jumat, 12 Agustus 2011

Review: Rimmel Fix&Perfect Foundation Primer

Since i think that a makeup primer can make my make-up long lasting, i always wondered to try a lot of primer to find the best one for me....I love pureluxe erasers at the moment... but i still curious to try another. especially for daily. I don't use pureluxe erasers for daily basis.. since its tough enough to get it. (pureluxe pre-order is rarely open, then if i want to buy by my own on the website, the shipping cost is too expensive) so, i`m still looking for the alternatives.After looking for some primer product on drugstore.com.. I decided to bought rimmel primer by preorder on Femaledaily seller... it's cheap.. the web price said $6.99, but i have to paid about $10 shipping and tax included ..
so, this is the primer:
what's this? skin perfecting primer smoothes and evens out your complexion-prolongs the wear of your foundation.
First time pushing this primer from the tube,i little bit surprised..
the texture is different with another primer that i have tried, it's more watery and not as thick as primer in general, the color is also brown-orange.. it's more like a tinted moisturizer than a face primer..

my experience after use this primer:

- it makes my face smoother.. so, it makes the fondation glides on too...
- love the packaging, comes in tube with a tiny hole.. so.., say goodbye un-hygienic
- it keeps my foundatian stay little bit longer...
- have matte finish

- it doesn't filling my pore and finelines at all
- i hate the colors, it makes my face turns into orange tone...
- it caused me breakout... hiks...

so, will i repurchase it? i don't think so.. i prefer using pureluxe erasers or monistat.. they both do a perfect job to filling and covered my gigan pores..

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