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Sunday, August 14, 2011

DAISO: a brush for face

I love lot of daiso`s products at this moment.. They are cheap and have good qualities.. i`ll do lot of reviews of daiso`s products..Today i`m gonna do review about this face brush first..Actually, i`m obsessed to buy clarisonic,but it's too expensive and i can`t afford it.. so i`m looking for another and then i bought this face brush..

 SGD $2 or 5 RM, shipping and tax included (by pre-order) the price would be idr 35k / $4

where to buy? 
 This brush is available at DAISO store singapore or Malaysia.. but i bought this item by pre-order on Femaledaily Seller...

my experience using this brush:
I love my face cleansing routine since i`m using this brush.. it's so relaxing..the bristles is quite soft.. it's not harsh or make my face feel itchy..it's really make my face feel so clean after using it... it's very simple to use it..
This is the step by step :
  1. use a facial foam like usual...
  2. before you rinse your facial foam, rub your face with a daiso brush in a circular motion gently
  3. Rinse your face with water and its done then you can feel your face is really clean..
i love this brush..

- it's handy size....easy to held..
- it's have a cap to cover the brush.., so it keeps the brush hygienic..
- the bristles is soft enough..does not feel harsh or itchy on my face
- it's really make my face feel so clean and fresh

- a little bit hard to reach some parts of the face corner, such as a nose corner and undereyes .. because the brush diameter is large enough.

repurchase? yes...


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