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Kamis, 11 Agustus 2011

review: urban decay lip primer potion

What it is:
A primer that keeps lip color from fading or feathering with SPF 15.

What it does:
Prepare your lips for the day ahead. This invisible primer lays a silky foundation for your favorite lipstick or gloss. You'll find color is truer, applies smoother, and lasts longer with this easy-glide formula that does not have the drying effect often associated with long-lasting lip color.

What else you need to know:
A roll-up tube and slanted bullet make for precise, easy application.

price: $20 on regular price, but you can get cheaper on `BOX OF POTION` value sets
my opinion:

-It makes any shade of lipstick blend well and look nice (more vibrant)
-smooth and soft formula, not clumpy or chalky on my lips
-very cute packaging... ( Urban decay??? you can`t deny it)
-the formula also has a SPF 15


 ( after 3 hours)

-its drying,drying...and drying
-it helps a bit to keep my lipstick on longer, but it didn`t works a lot .

 (its good for special occasion (3-5 hours party), but not recomended for daily use.

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