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Kamis, 18 Agustus 2011

DAISO: make-up corrector

Another trial and error stuff again. This stuff lying in my closet for several days, and finally I tried to use it yesterday. I bought it because I thought this looked like the Revlon makeup erasers. I  missed to bought the Revlon one, and now it's discontinued..so, no harm trying this corrector, probably daiso corector will be a good stuff ... hehe
This corrector comes with retractable packaging.. so, you only need to twist the stick.. very easy to use..
The first time I opened and twisted-up his stick, I saw this stuff has texture like wax. when i rubbed into my hands, it's really waxy texture and i feel a little bit cooling sensation on my hands.

how to use it? 
I only need rubbing gently the wax on the upper and lower eyelids or lips (on the makeup that need to be removed)  ... then wipe it with disposable tissue..

I tried the corrector in my eyes to remove the smudge eyeliner ... it's quite difficult, i have to rubbed in many times. hahaha ...and it made my eyeliner even more smudge... so mess..
the swatches:

after i rubbed with daiso corrector...
wipe it with a tissue... it's better but look so messy...

I would not repurchase this stuff, i think it doesn't work well on me... i prefer using a q-tips to correct my makeup (especially to correcting the smudge eyeliner).

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