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Selasa, 15 Mei 2012

Surprisingly awesome! : amuse single eyeshadow square in deep cocoa, turquoise and silver

Just short review to share what  i thought `bout this awesome eyeshadow.Two weeks ago, i ordered some of amuse single eyeshadow and i completely satisfied... yaaaay....This is my first amuse product, and i really-really loveeeeeee this stuff.
L-R: deep cocoa, turquoise,silver
i bought only for $0.99 at cherry culture website (its mean less than idr 10k each, but i have to pay extra cost for shipping and tax). altought the packaging are bad (looks so cheapy), but the quality are the best!seriously! i have to say, the pigmentation of quite same like urban decay eyeshadows. I bought 3 from 12 shade they have (most of them are currently out of stock). i bought deep cococa, turquoise, and silver.
deep cocoa

what i like?
-quite creamy texture,most feels a little wet when you swatch and apply
-i give A++++ point for the pigmentation, its  amazing! i mean for $0.99 price?? the pigmentation are awesome! look at the picture,

what i dont like?
- the packaging...
- aren't very easy to blend
- poor staying power, with Urban Decay Primer Potion as a primer... it will last all day.

swatches (with and without primer)

amuse deep cocoa-urban decay `lost` (its pretty close dupe)
left: amuse `deep cocoa`, right: urban decay `lost` (see, the pigmentation are awesome.. and quite same like UD eyeshadow)
swatch (without primer underneath): UD lost (right) slightly darker than deep cocoa

- yes..yes... if the other shades are back in stock, i really want to grab it all... hahaha.

where to buy? here: cherry culture-amuse single eyeshadow...

4 komentar:

  1. wow,, pigmented bgt yak.. tapi bedanya sama UD, si amuse ini powdery bgt ya kayanya..

    1. iyaaa, super pigmented... tapi powdery nya gak banget2 kok,,, hehe

  2. huaaaa... kereeeennn...
    yang deep cocoa benar2 menggoda hati
    varian-nya cuman ada shimmer aja ya ran? ^^

    1. ada kok put yang seri matte, tapi pas mau beli itu oos semua.... jadi ambil yg ini deh...colek2 nya bikin hepi..hahaha