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Sabtu, 06 Juli 2013

Review (Sponsored): D`eyeko Syahrini Eyelashes merak & Surya Kencana

Today i`m gonna make a post about false eyelashes review which i`ve got from d`eyeko company. Actually this is my very first time trying in reviewing any `branded` eyelashes. Before having these lashes, i only bought and use cheap and random eyelashes from local cosmetic store.LOL so, when the company send me their items, i really excited to play with them.

About the company, D`eyeko is the popular eyelashes factory in Indonesia, they made their false lashes from 100% human hair. They have a wide variant of false eyelashes. beside of they regular collection, they also came out with lot of interesting collection line which collaborating with Indonesian celebrity, such like Olga Lydia and Cherrybelle and the latest one, they collaborating with Syahrini.. a phenomenal Indonesian singer which is also famous  with her `bulu mata anti badai` ( i don't know how to translate it in English, may i said "stormproof" like..wuahahaha`). d`eyeko give me opportunity to tried 2 from 5 variant Princess Syahrini collection. their 5 variants is:
Surya Kencana

and mine are Merak and Surya Kencana, here is the lashes look like :

Surya Kencana

ok, so let's get started to my opinion about these lashes.

ID 50K / $5. it's quite pricey right? but it's really worth for the quality

where to buy?:
i lived in small city and as far as  i know these lashes are available on Matahari department store but i think they are available on another big department store.
packaging :
Purple and sparkly..

the mini clear tray, to restore the lashes

- the design of whole packaging looks so nice and pretty. comes in hard plastic with purple glossy paper printed with Syahrini's photo and some sparkly things, made this lashes really looks so premium .
- a mini clear tray inside the big box to restore the lashes.
- on the back side of the packaging u can see the directions how to use this lashes. it's really helpful.
- the downside about the packaging is quite bulky. so, i need more space to store them.. haha.. although these lashes come with a mini clear tray inside, it doesn't have the cover on it. so i can`t take the tray only to restore it on my vanity.

 Directions how to use it

Directions how to remove it

The Glue

The type :
This is my favorite so far, when i saw all the 5 Syahrini lashes variant, i really curious to tried this, and lucky me d`eyeko sent me this. Merak in English mean peacock. the name is really representative the type..hihi.. this lashes have a unique design, it has double layer from the middle part to the outer. so i think this lashes is perfect for everyone to created a longer and dramatic eye look, perfect for any special occasion. i have using this lashes maybe two or three times to attending an wedding party and of course i received a few compliments that this lashes look good on me.

Surya Kencana

The idea of this variant is to create an natural dolly look. the strands is long and thin. when i wore it, it is not made my eyes look dramatic like the Merak type but it's definitely lift my eyes and make it looks bigger and fresh. however, i think this lashes a little bit too longer and `lebay` (too much) for everyone who have a small eyes. i have a big round eyes, so this type of lashes still looks pretty natural on me.

my verdict :
- all the lashes have a very lightweight feel on my eyes and it's so comfortable. i think it's because they made from 100 % human hair. although the Merak type have an double layer on the outer corner, it still feels lightweight too.
- it's very easy to use because the bends are so thin and flexible. so you can really easy to have control when you apply it.
- it comes with a good quality glue. it can makes the false lashes stick very well for a long hours. the bad thing is the packaging of the glue, it's like an disposable packaging because i can not closed it back. 
- i have using the Merak type for over 4 times but it still looks good. i think i can re-use this lashes for more times as long as i cleaned up the glue on the bend and store it on a proper way.

so these are my pictures using d'eyeko Syahrini's eyelashes Merak & Surya Kencana
Without false eyelashes

using merak eyelashes

Using Surya Kencana Lashes

so, which one is your favorite? hope this review will helpful for you.. have a nice day..

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