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Jumat, 28 Juni 2013

Tutorial : DIY makeup organizer

Its tutorial time.. yuhuuu, don't get me wrong girls, i'm not gonna do a post about makeup tutorial, i just not good enough to do that. it's a tutorial to make DIY makeup organizer, it's very easy, fast, and cheap. i always thinking about what kind of tutorial post that really useful for you? so i remember when i posted about my DIY makeup organizer on instagram. a lot of my friends from beauty community asked me how to make that. so ya, maybe this post can give you some idea how to make an DIY makeup organizer.

If you remember my post about my old vanity on this post (click) , i think it looks really bored and i'm on my project to make this look cute & nice without spending lot of money.. haha. Actually i really want to have an acrylic drawer organizer like most of beauty guru or vlogger own, but since i life in small city, it's quite difficult to have it. i can't found kind of acrylic things everywhere, and i guess the prices are quite expensive too. I would not spend a lot of money for it... so, i have to give up looking for an acrylic organizer and used my creativity to created another makeup organizer. I decided to made it from cardboard since it's quite cheap and easy..

so just lets get started, all you need is :
  1. Thick cardboard, i bought this on the books & stationary store,and  it cost for IDR 5800 / $0.5 only
  2. Black linen paper , or you can say it for 'asturo' paper
  3. Craft paper
  4. Ruler
  5. Tape
  6. Cutter
  7. Glue Gun
  8. UHU glue
  9. Pen
  10. Scissors
The thick cardboard 
 craft paper


for the box :

1. make shape like shown below, you can use the measurement i've stated. don't forget to name or sign each part. parts which named by words refers to inside section.

2. after you have all shapes and named them, you have to covered with asturo/black linen paper in order to have more tidy and nice look.

3. use the UHU glue or other proper glue (you ca use a glue gun) for this materials to have nice square box.

4. use tape around the corner in order to make the box strengthen, i may say to lock the section corner.

5. cover all the outside surface with craft paper to have more tidy and nice look.

6. make a shape with exactly the same measurement on asturo paper then attached back on the inside section to cover the paper craft fold.

7. and the box is done, you can proceed to make the divider.

for the divider :

1. cut the shape as shown below

2. cover all the small parts with black asturo paper.
3. cover the big shapes with asturo paper on the one side and craft paper on the other.

4. glued the small parts to the box and make the shape as shown below.

5. proceed to glue the big parts like the picture below.

done ! this is the DIY makeup organizer final result.

Maybe next time i will make another tutorial . I hope this posting will be useful for you. have a nice day...

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  1. bagusnyaaaa..... jangan2 yg laci kecil 3 susun itu bikin sendiri juga ya?

    1. iyaaa..hihihi.... kayak anak SD bikin prakarya.... hehe