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Friday, September 23, 2011

Review: Daiso multi colors cheek blush (pink,beige,brown and orange)

yaaay.... this week i`m totally  in love with the new beautiful blush from daiso... :lol:. i have this blush in  pink, beige, brown, and orange, its mean i have all the colors ( yeah, Daiso only have 4 colors for multi cheek blush)

. okay lets start the review....
Really, is it safe to expect much from a $3 (approx idr 27k) blush? I admit I didn’t expect a lot. But with this daiso blush?? it`s give more than i`m expected.
What i`d like?:
- the texture was so great, it gives very natural and nice glow on my face.
- high pigmentation, but it`s very easy to blend... :love:
- i love the basic colors in pink, beige, brown, and orange...
- very good staying power ( at least for 8 hour, without setting spray)
- very cheap ( the prices same with the elf essential blush... but the quality?? Daiso give a more )
- its come with the brush.
- less powdery

what i dont like?? nothing! i give this blush A+ ratting..... so gorgeous.For $3, the Daiso  Blushes are tough to beat, and they’re possibly the best cheap blushes I’ve seen in a while.

the swatch :


  1. sukaaa... brown nya bagus.. :D

    ran, follow back gw dong hehe..

  2. aaaaa, i saw your review di blush on thread, bener2 sukses membuat saya ingin membeli ini.. mendingan po atau nitip temen di spore yah?

    it looks really goooood :D

  3. halo gitaaa, hehe.... teracuni ya..... mending nitip temen aja, kan bisa lebih murce.... hahaha

  4. ahirnya aku menitip di temaan ;p
    mesen yang pink sama beige, hehehe

    izin save as gambarnya ya buat dikasih ke temenku itu, thankieee

  5. iya gapapa, save aja...hehe.... btw... follow blog nya donk Git... wehehehe

  6. :D wahhh bener-bener bikin racun nih blushnya.. jadi pengen cobain ^^ hehehe

  7. cobain aja say.... baguuus kok, buat yang murah2 patut d coba... hahaha

  8. Replies
    1. Di daiso SG say... hehe, nitip yang lagi ke sana... :P